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Tips To Find The Cheapest Plane Tickets

Updated on February 21, 2010

How to find cheap airfare and travel to a favorite destination!

Right about now the winter blahs begin to weigh heavily on many people's sunny dispositions. Thoughts vacation cross our minds as we scrape the ice off our cars, shovel snow from our walkways, and trudge through snow and ice to complete daily errands. Sunny beaches, green golf courses, and how to find the cheapest airfare tickets nag at the backs of our minds.

Barren trees, gray skies, and flannel sheets beware! You need a vacation! You want to feel the warm tropical breezes caressing your body, you need to feast your eyes on early morning sunshine and swim in clear blue water, filled with bright coral. Yes, tonight is the night you begin searching for low airfare tickets!

Sound familiar? Unfortunately, there is no shortcuts when it comes to finding the cheapest plane tickets. As with most purchases, you need to shop around to find and compare prices. Cheap airfare can be had by flexible travel dates, checking with many air travel websites, and be ready to purchase at a moments notice once you find the cheap airline tickets you've been waiting for.

Seems like a lot of work and planning, I know. But, if you're willing to put in time and effort, you can save big on airline tickets. It's not as difficult as it sounds, and cheap airfare can be yours. Here's some things you will need to think about and put into action.

  • Plan to Buy Early. During peak travel times, hoping to find cheap airline tickets may not be possible. Keep in mind that airline ticket prices typically are purchased 21 days, 14 days, and 7 days before flying. So, plan early and try to make reservations before the deadlines if you're hoping to find the cheapest plane tickets.

  • Buying Late. Often, airlines offer cheap airfare tickets when planes have not filled to their expectations. Many airlines offer low airfare tickets on newsletters that include last minute travel deals. If you're flexible with your travel dates, ready to take off quickly, you can find fantastic low airfare tickets to attractive destinations.

  • Try to avoid buying the first price you find. No matter how good it sounds, search around with several online travel providers. Taking the time to do your homework, will provide information as to what the going rate is and what restrictions might affect your final choice. Check the same flights directly with an airline to see if the price is the same, and while you're there you can check to see if they are offering any cheap flights to the destination of your choice.

  • Knowing exactly when to buy, when to stop shopping for cheap flights, and make the purchase is the hardest part of booking a flight. Some travel providers specialize in U.S. Flights, some to Canadian or Caribbean destinations. Some offer advise about expected fare changes, to help you decide whether to wait or whether the fare is expected to rise or fall. Most airlines offer low airfare tickets on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. So, if you make your purchase on Monday, you might be kicking yourself on Tuesday, if you learn you could have gotten your ticket for less money!

  • If you happen to be near more than one major airport, check the fares from each one. Most search engines ask if you are willing to depart from or arrive to an alternate airport. Being flexible with travel dates by a week or even a few days can help you find the cheapest plane tickets. Remember, low airfare tickets and the best deals are usually offered for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday travel.

  • If you have frequent flier miles you can fly free. Redeeming these miles has become more difficult in recent years, but it's still a good option to consider, especially if you are able to book early. Airlines designate a group of seats on every flight that are eligible for flier miles travelers, but these seats go quickly.

  • If you find the fares to your destination have gone down after you made your purchase, don't be shy, ask for a refund! There's no guarantee that you will get one, and every airline has their own policies, but it can't hurt to ask.

  • If you are a senior citizen or traveling with children, always check for deals and cheap airfare that is often offered for these types of passengers.

The cheapest plane tickets can be yours, by taking time to plan and research the resources available on the Internet or with your favorite travel agent. Great trips and cheap airline tickets need not compromise your long awaited vacation.

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