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Tourism Industry Across the World

Updated on September 7, 2020

Travel to Beauty of Punjab

If you can't do anything, get out, look at the world, learn from it, consider the structure of the universe. If you don't have a car for sightseeing, go on foot. There are so many examples of someone traveling thousands of miles alone. Someone crossed the hottest desert in the world on foot, someone climbed to the top of the Himalayas. Without tourism, one would never have known that Lake Saif al-Muluk in Kagan has been scattering its breathtaking landscapes for centuries. Without tourism, no one would have known that the Himalayas, the Hindu Kush, The mountains of Tu and Raka Pushi have been covered with snow and silver for centuries and not only Pakistan but also other countries around the world have such examples. If there was no tourism, there would be people on earth but no one would have access to anyone. پاتا۔

Even today's world superpower America was discovered by a tourist during a tour. Today, the man who has so much knowledge has explored the secrets of the whole world. Tourism has a big hand in this, and those who travel and travel in the pursuit of knowledge, really face many peaks of problems.

Experts say that going out for tourism once a year has a positive effect on the heart and mind. That is why many educational institutions take their students to distant places for sightseeing. Visiting a new place, seeing it, and being happy and excited before going there all have a positive effect on the health of the students. There are many other benefits as well.

The brain is refreshed

Numerous researches have shown that if a person suffering from severe depression goes for a walk, his mental stress is reduced by more than 80%. Seeing new places, and meeting new people reduces depression.

Good health

Experts say that people who go out for tourism have better heart function and it works in a much better way. In this way, many diseases get rid of it.

Increased mental performance

Tourism increases heart as well as mental performance and your brain becomes more active and able to focus more on things than before. You can make your assignments more interesting and travel in your thesis etc. when needed. You can also mention the experiences that took place.

There must be some fear

Traveling around the globe and experiencing new things will reduce your fears. You are ready to face the world. Experts say that the more you experiment and accept different challenges while traveling, the more fearless you become, and the more fearlessly you face other problems in life.

Increase creativity

If reading and being a bookworm does not increase your creativity, then you should think about tourism. Tourism enhances your creativity. Whether you are a poet, writer, artist or photographer, or any other creative work, landscape tourism opens new windows to your mind and improves your creativity, which in turn affects your academic career. But also falls.

Face difficulties

If you are going to a strange place, especially in a new country that is completely different from your culture and traditions, then this tour will increase your ability to face difficulties and you will be able to logically deal with different problems and difficult situations. Will be able to come up with solutions.

Improving friendship

If you are traveling with your classmate or school group, it will increase the love and sincerity that already exists, and all the people will be closer to each other than before and have the opportunity to learn from each other. Will

Benefit from the experiences

Meeting new people, listening to their stories, observing their lifestyles, and benefiting from their experiences increases your mental capacity. There is an opportunity to understand the world. Whether you understand their language or not, but body language makes sense.

Awareness of new places

Whenever the name of tourism comes up, the idea of ​​lush mountains, snow-capped peaks, and cold weather usually comes to people's minds. This is not the case everywhere, but we have the idea that tourism is only "mountain and". While tourism is tourism. It happens everywhere. It is in the eye of the beholder. Therefore, I cannot go outside the country to visit Lahore, Multan, Bahawalpur, Cholistan, Rahim Yar Khan, or Sukkur.

Awareness of culture

Traveling to new places means meeting new people, learning about their customs, and eating out. When you return from a trip you will have a lot of content, pictures, and selfies that you will all share and start your education with a new spirit from your fresh mind, you will see that a positive change has taken place inside you. Is.


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