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Very Creative Bus Stops Around The World

Updated on May 1, 2012
Amazingly, this is Bangkok, Thailand
Amazingly, this is Bangkok, Thailand

Hello There, VivBounty here to share with you some really creatively designed bus stops around the world. 

When I started looking around for photos and interesting things to write about in my 30 hubs in 30 days for the HubChallenge, I came across these. 

I just need to say this is amazing to me as I am in awe of the creativity of the folks who came up with these designs from beautiful countries around the world.  

The football goal
The football goal

This bus stop is in, surprise, surprise, Brazil. It would be an understatement to say Soccer is huge in Brazil, second only to Carnival. Wish I had the creativity it took to design this one. My cousin who is a huge, and I mean huge, fan of Brazil's football or soccer team sent me this one. Thanks George!

Parts of a school bus in Belgium
Parts of a school bus in Belgium

I find this bus stop to be genius. Even of a dreary rainy day or with lots of snow, the bus driver would have no trouble seeing this bus stop. I wonder what my little nephew would say to this "broken" school bus. He used to call out from his car seat, "city bus" when we passed a red, white and black one, and "kool bus" when we would pass a school bus. Kudos to the designer of this one in Belgium. 

The strawberry in China
The strawberry in China

This bus stop in China reminds me of a huge apple monument in the province where my mum lives. Each time we drove past it from my mum's house to my aunt's with her granddaughter who is my second cousin, then 4 years old, she would say "Apple, I want to eat it!", and it was a building, which sold apple apple pie. This one is a strawberry and I estimate it to be about half the size of the apple building. 

Is it air conditioned? Not sure, but it sure looks like it should be
Is it air conditioned? Not sure, but it sure looks like it should be

This uniquely designed bus stop in Dubai, UAE makes you wonder whether it is air conditioned. It looks futuristic and very cool as you would dream a bus stop would be in the middle of a hot desert. I watched a show about how other people live and learned that the myth that everyone in Dubai is rich is untrue. 

Is it a bus stop or my dream doll house?
Is it a bus stop or my dream doll house?

This bus stop in Germany is so bright and colourful. It is what I would have imagined my perfect playhouse to be as a kid. It looks like it is out in the countryside so I wonder how often a bus actually goes by. Knowing German culture, and all the tours I have participated in for the dozen years I worked in the travel industry, I would bet that the bus schedule is very punctual, regardless of frequency.

My second favourite fruit, next to bananas; watermelon
My second favourite fruit, next to bananas; watermelon

This is the last bus stop in my list today. This one is from Malaysia. For sixteen years I lived in an apartment in what was then, Willowdale, Ontario. I rode the bus to the subway to connect with a train to downtown, Union Station. The journey took one hour in each direction. Two girls from Singapore were my fellow commuters. They sang like nightingales as they were in our church choir and they spoke Malay, one of the four official languages of Singapore. This bus stop is in Malaysia and a monument to one of my favourite fruits, a watermelon. Doesn't it just give you a cool, thirst-quenching feeling if you would have to wait here on a hot day for a bus?

Well here's hoping you enjoyed my unusually creative bus stops from around the world as much as I did.

Prosperous Blessings,

Fantastic Travel


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