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Updated on May 21, 2012

Looking to fly with discount airfares on Frontier Airlines? Since 1994 the airline has offered low cost discounted airfares on flights throughout the U.S., Costa Rica and Mexico. Today this airline company is a subsidiary wholly-owned by Republic Airways Holdings Inc. This holding company also owns Lynx Aviation, Midwest Airlines, Chautauqua Airlines, Republic Airlines and Shuttle America. There headquarters are in Denver, Colorado and their airplane fleet is comprised of 51 planes and aircraft that includes 38 Airbus A391s, 4 Airbus A320s and 9 Airbus A318s.

One of the things that separates and distinguishes Frontier Airlines from other companies is their unique use of their planes for marketing and branding. When you see their planes you will want to stand there and just look at them. They employ a wildlife theme on all of their airplanes, of which they have become known for across the globe. They call them 'spokesanimals', of which each animal has a unique personality and have more than 50 different animals displayed on the tails of the aircraft. The photographs and animal images are quite striking and it makes you want to stare at their airplanes.

Frontier Airlines EarlyReturns Mileage Program Login

Another development is their working partnership with Midwest Airlines through EarlyReturns partner program. If you are already an EarlyReturns Mileage Program member, you can login and signon to your account at the Frontier Airlines website. If you are not you can enroll and become an authorized member of this mileage and rewards program. In order to get miles credited to your account, you must login, signon and enter your EarlyReturns program account before you make flight reservations or purchase your airfare flight tickets. Once you have completed the sign in process, your member number will be added to any air flight tickets purchased. This is the way to make sure that the appropriate flight miles are credited to your mileage rewards program account. As a new member, you receive 500 bonus miles just for signing up for the airfare mileage program.

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