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Updated on January 8, 2014


Our second travel destination is Plateau, Jos. Welcome to the home of peace and tourism. Plateau state is in Nigeria and its capital is Jos. Plateau state is popular for its many captivating rocks, hills, mountains, rivers, artwork and many waterfalls. It is a home bubbling with enormous and breathtaking wildlife activity.

The Yankari Game Reserve

Yankari Game Reserve was set aside mainly for conservation [to prevent the area from being lost or wasted and curtail the excesses of poachers] It was done mainly to protect wildlife in its natural habitat. No form of hunting is allowed but it is open to the public and tourist for sightseeing and picture taking.

Yankari Game Reserve is located about 225km east of the Nigerian city of Jos and branched in between Bauchi and Gombe. It is a place for all those who love nature. The abundant wildlife on display is a testimony to the many uniqueness of this park. It is home to one of Africa’s biggest animal – the Elephant numbering about 550. You can also see Birds, Hippos, Snakes, wild Pigs, Monkeys, Ostriches, Baboons, Buffaloes, and Warthogs, Lions, Giraffes, Crocodiles and Hyenas. Yankari game reserve is not that very popular but it is a place to be for all lovers of nature. Yankari Game Reserve has more than 130 wells, 59 caves and a breathtaking hill with a flattop. The lush green vegetation, forest, trees and bubbling wildlife will do the cameras so much good.

The Wiki Warm Spring is also another spectacle to behold. Its flawless crystal-clear water has held many a spectator spell bound.

The wildlife Safari park is another exceptional park in Plateau renowned for attracting rare species of animals. Tourists will be delighted to sight Lions strolling in their natural habitat. The park is also home to some of Africa’s deadliest animals like Pythons, Crocodiles and Leopards. The natural savannah bush, the elongated field of view provides much more for all to see.

Also on the list of things to see in the National Museum is a collection of ancient relics, and crafted pottery from civilization past. This Museum among other things have a collection of historical objects [artifacts] dating back between 500BC to 200AD.

There is also the Jos Zoo. The Jos Zoo bubbles with wildlife at its peak. It is home to many wild animals in their numbers.

The two waterfalls namely Kurra and Assop waterfalls provides tourists a viewing delight. It brings calm and serenity to every soul at the mere sight of it. Nature is abundantly at glow here with a magnificent display of wonderful landscapes and amazing sceneries. No wonder tourists troop en mass to have a feel of this unique wonder of nature.

Jos is the proud host of many wonders of nature. The mountainous area with captivating rocks, beautiful grasslands, and majestically carved hills and lakes leaves all in awe. Plateau, Nigeria is a heavenly resort of concentrated nature-beauty. A land of unending natural and abundant human resources scattered all over the state. Plateau state is a perfect home with nature gracefully on display for the delight and comfort of all human. The beautiful landscapes, striking sceneries, imaginative hill views, great mountains and a wildlife that stocks some of the rarest animals in Africa makes this state the perfect tourist center.

Come and explore Nigeria and enjoy its rich and abundant human and natural resources.

photo credit: Lasgidiboy


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