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Howdy fellow hubbers;

I am intrigued by only one segment of computer programming, which I have never been able to comprehend: How do people really talk to machines and how did the first guy speak to a machine.

For this I have a deep interest in computers in general and have a desire to find out the extreem at which computer programming can reach, and therefore take interest in every computer knowledge there is.

I therefore do not just blog because it is my passion, I blog for my passion as well.


About me?

I am a blogger at Troubleshootandfix.wordpress.com, helping people find and diagnose their computer problems-all their computer problems.

Everything has to done in an orderly manner, therefore I started with hard disk problems, and I am still working to help people diagnose their hard disk problems before I can move up the ladder and post on other computer devices.

Please, find yourself sometime and join me to have a pic at what I am up into up there.

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