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Writer of published, web and editorial content with a Bachelor's Degree in English: Professional and Technical Communication. A passionate self-starter with advanced proofreading and editing skills. Experienced writer of both technical and editorial web articles, combined with interactive multimedia and strategic page layouts. Proficient in Microsoft Office applications and well versed in technical terminology. Luxury, travel, and transportation features, published in both SRQ and LUX Magazines.

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  • Children's Literature Genres

    Children's Literature Genres

    3 years ago

    Children’s literature is categorized by a broad spectrum of genres. This article will explore the inner-workings of eight different genres and the children's books that best exemplify each.

  • How to Write a User Manual

    How to Write a User Manual

    3 years ago

    A blueprint for writing exceptional user manuals.

  • The Latest Interactive Technologies

    The Latest Interactive Technologies

    3 years ago

    Tech Junkie or not, you can count on seeing the gadgets that are revolutionizing communication in your local shopping mall, grocery store, workplace and possibly even your home which is why it’s important to...

  • Brandy Melville Clothing

    Brandy Melville Clothing

    4 years ago

    Since Brandy Melville clothing arrived on the scene in the US in 2008, the Italian owned and operated clothing line has gained quite the following from fashionistas and comfort driven boho babes alike. Silvio Marsan...

  • Foreshadowing in Moby Dick

    Foreshadowing in Moby Dick

    4 years ago

    In Moby-Dick traces of foreshadowing are hidden under blankets of description, leaving readers to peel back layers in an effort to arrive at intended meanings.I discovered that the last sentence of Chapter 60, The Line,...

  • Ancient Mesopotamia

    Ancient Mesopotamia

    3 months ago

    The land known as Mesopotamia lies between the rivers Tigris and Euphrates, which flow through modern day Iraq.

  • Tips For A Job Interview

    Tips For A Job Interview

    4 years ago

    Interviewing for a job can be a nerve-racking process because it’s impossible to predict what to expect, preparation is everything. The way you present yourself to possible employers is often the deciding factor...

  • Gender Roles in Their Eyes Were Watching God

    Gender Roles in Their Eyes Were Watching God

    4 years ago

    Their Eyes Were Watching God and The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson explore the stages of womanhood and the constraints that female inequality impose on a woman's search for her self-identity. The poems of Emily...

  • Isolationism in Moby Dick and Walden

    Isolationism in Moby Dick and Walden

    4 years ago

    During the Romantic Period of American literature there was a movement away from the country's founding virtue of unity and the individual became the predominant focus of the mid 1800's. legendary writers began to...

  • The Art Form of Spoken Word Poetry

    The Art Form of Spoken Word Poetry

    4 years ago

    Spoken word poetry is becoming a highly popular art form amongst today's youth and is performed for live audiences nation wide. This type of poetry has strong connections to hip hop music and has become a popular form...

  • Beat Author Jack Kerouac: His Final Days in St. Petersburg Florida

    Beat Author Jack Kerouac: His Final Days in St. Petersburg Florida

    4 years ago

    Locals of St. Petersburg, Florida share memories of beatnik author, Jack Kerouac days before his death. The legendary writer of the beat generation frequented the bars and businesses of downtown St.Petersburg.