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George Strout is an author, historian and photographer who writes both fiction and non-fiction books and articles on a wide variety of subjects.


He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in history and political science and has done graduate work in history.


After a career in manufacturing, he has concentrated on his life-long desire to write and pursue his interests in art and photography.

His first book, Web Design:  Using iWeb, is now available in all ebook formats at:  http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/49424


His other books are available through Amazon.com.


Titles include:

Using Sandvox: A step by step guide to building your own website


Publish Your Book Using CreateSpace A step by step guide to self-publishing, and


Sourdough Made Easy, a new and exciting cookbook for sourdough baking.


All these books and others are available at:



For more information  visit his website at http://glstrout.net




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  • You can publish your books yourself

    You can publish your books yourself

    16 months ago

    Volumes have been written about self-publishing. Traditionally, self-publishing was frowned on and described as “Vanity” publishing. An entire industry arose to allow people who were not working with an...

  • Be Your Own Web Designer

    Be Your Own Web Designer

    5 years ago

    Everyone these days is managing a Facebook page and probably a Twitter account. It is fun and a nice way to stay in contact with everyone. I have my Facebook account but, I confess, I do not spend much time there. ...

  • Treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SADS)

    Treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SADS)

    5 years ago

    Light therapy can help. Creative Commons This is the time of year when people begin to feel the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SADS). Probably everyone knows someone who gets a bit moody in the late autumn as...

  • Pay off your Mortgage in Half the Time

    Pay off your Mortgage in Half the Time

    17 months ago

    We have just come through one of the worst financial setbacks in history. Many families have had a very hard time over the last three years. Now for individuals to recover, they need to return to some basic personal...

  • American Impressionism in the Early Twentieth Century

    American Impressionism in the Early Twentieth Century

    6 years ago

    Impressionism as an artistic style began in the 1860’s in France. The style, generally characterized by loose brushwork and vivid colors, appeared in exhibitions of impressionist art in the United States in the...

  • Art Nouveau and the Life of Alphonse Mucha

    Art Nouveau and the Life of Alphonse Mucha

    17 months ago

    Creative Commons I suspect everyone in the world has seen the art of Alphonse Mucha (July 24. 1860 – July 14, 1939) at some time in his or her life. He had a long and very productive career as a...

  • Retained Asset Accounts

    Retained Asset Accounts

    6 years ago

    Daniel Schwen A while ago, a woman I know lost her husband. In the midst of all that she had to deal with, the life insurance company sent her a checkbook to an interest-bearing account they had set up for her and...

  • Daily Writing Exercises

    Daily Writing Exercises

    6 years ago

    from Creative Commons We all know that daily exercise is a beneficial habit to develop for our bodies.  It appears to be true for our brain also.  One of the problems with being a writer is that it is a...

  • Tybee Island, Georgia:  Our Secret Hideaway

    Tybee Island, Georgia: Our Secret Hideaway

    16 months ago

    2010 G L Strout There is a beautiful island that is a wonderful place to spend the winter with five miles of beautiful sand beaches and friendly people. It is a place where you can be alone to wander the beach in...

  • The Perfect Sandwich Bun

    The Perfect Sandwich Bun

    6 years ago

    You have finally found the perfect burger to grill this summer. Now you need the perfect bun to serve it on. Here is a delicious and versatile recipe to bake your own sandwich buns that is easy. Give it a try and you...

  • Is Tesla Motors the next Apple Inc?

    Is Tesla Motors the next Apple Inc?

    12 months ago

    Life is full of missed opportunities. One of mine is Apple Inc. I remember when Apple stock was $18.00 per share. As I write this article, the stock is quoted at $257.28. To add insult to injury, it has split several...

  • Wislow Homer's Art

    Wislow Homer's Art

    17 months ago

    Winslow Homer, one of America’s great realistic artists, died one hundred years ago on September 29, 1910.  Now, a century later, his work is still popular and he is among the greats in 19th century American...

  • These Pentax Cameras Make Your Photos Look Professional

    These Pentax Cameras Make Your Photos Look Professional

    4 years ago

    2010 G L Strout Pentax K-x 12.4 MP Digital SLR with 2.7-inch LCD and 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 AL Lens And Pentax Optio P80 Do you get frustrated with the photos you take? Do you look at other people’s...

  • Visiting Maine

    Visiting Maine

    17 months ago

    2010 G.L.Strout I nwas born in Maine and always look forward to going back for a visit. Of course, there is never enough time to see and do all that I would like. Here are some highlights from this...

  • Working in the Home

    Working in the Home

    6 years ago

    A few years ago, I took a writing class through The Gotham Writers’ Workshop.  The class was wonderful and very informative.  In the end, I took two classes from the same teacher who was a writer with...

  • Resources for Caregivers

    Resources for Caregivers

    17 months ago

    Recently, I received a comment from a person who was caring for her mother. She was feeling so alone and overwhelmed by the burden she had to carry, that my heart went out to her. It made me realize how alone a person...

  • 10 Essential Books for Writers

    10 Essential Books for Writers

    16 months ago

    Of all the guides and advice book for writers, this is a list our writers group helped compile of their favorite books. You will find many "thought-starters" in this list.

  • Time Management for Retirees?

    Time Management for Retirees?

    6 years ago

    Atlantic Rainbow by George Strout One of the fallacies of retirement is that you can just laze around and spend your days just doing “whatever.”  I have never met a retiree who actually did that. ...

  • 10 Things You Must Do in Savannah, Georgia

    10 Things You Must Do in Savannah, Georgia

    16 months ago

    One of America’s Greatest Cities Recently, a friend emailed me about the winter we spent in the Savannah. GA area. Savannah is one of the great treasures of the United States. Old, beautiful, historic, charming,...

  • Publishing Options for New Authors

    Publishing Options for New Authors

    5 years ago

    Image souce: Creative Commons http://search.creativecommons.org/ You have finally finished “the great American novel” and it is ready to launch on the world. Soon, you begin to realize that writing is the...

  • In Retirement, Who Do You Want To Be?

    In Retirement, Who Do You Want To Be?

    5 years ago

    Now that you are retired, you have more choices than you have ever had in your life. Do you have a definite dream or goal that you want to pursue? Have you always wanted to try something that you just did not have the...

  • Growing Your Wealth While Retired

    Growing Your Wealth While Retired

    6 years ago

    Retiring can be scary. The idea of moving from a job you are familiar with and starting to live on a “fixed income” is a big leap. It does not have to be that way. You can plan and control your future in...

  • The “No Salesperson” method of signing up for Medicare

    The “No Salesperson” method of signing up for Medicare

    6 years ago

    When you turn 65, you will be inundated with mail, phone calls, emails and even knocks on your door. It will not be just your friends and family wishing you a happy birthday. It will be a flock of people (vultures?)...

  • Internet Resources for Retirees

    Internet Resources for Retirees

    5 years ago

    Atlantic Sunrise by George Strout If you are reading this site, I assume you are familiar with the Internet and can get around fairly well. Here are some resources for retirees that may be helpful. No doubt, some...

  • Art Deco Styles and Themes

    Art Deco Styles and Themes

    17 months ago

    “Art Deco, arguably the most popular style of the twentieth century, is indelibly linked to the modern world.” Boston MFA Art Deco is one of those things you may not be able to define it is but you know it...

  • Traveling with your pet

    Traveling with your pet

    6 years ago

    Traveling with your best friend is fun Many retirees and others travel with their pets for extended stays in other regions of the country. Finding places to stay along the way can be daunting but not...

  • Techniques for new writers

    Techniques for new writers

    5 years ago

    At least once a month, I meet someone who finds out that I am a writer and asks me how to get started.  Everyone has a story worth telling and it seems nearly everyone would like to write their own story but they...

  • Sourdough Made Easy

    Sourdough Made Easy

    16 months ago

    This new Sourdough cookbook makes it easy and fun to experiment with sourdough. It contains recipes for much more than just bread.