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I was introduced to the wonderful world of goats in 2005. We had bought some miniature donkeys and needed some land cleared for them. We bought two mixed dairy goats figuring we would have them clear the land then sell them. They both turned out to be pregnant and twins were born Feb. 29 and one born on Mar 1. That is how it started. I now have no miniature donkeys and 15 goats. They are a great pet to have. As soon as babies were born people were stopping by the house asking if they were for sale. I started selling goats as pets. Most are leash trained and love attention from people. I have learned so much and am still learning about these playful, smart, lovable animals. This spring after the new babies are born I will start milking the goats and making goat milk soap and candles.

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  • Naming Your Goat

    Naming Your Goat

    12 months ago

    Perfect Pet Goat Names. How do you find them? What makes a good name? There is nothing wrong with being creative when naming your pet goat. There are too many Buckys and Nannys out there!

  • Goat Breeds

    Goat Breeds

    15 months ago

    These are goat breeds that I have personal experience with

  • Taming A Wild Goat

    Taming A Wild Goat

    13 months ago

    Raising goats as pets not just livestock