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My Hobbies growing up were listening to music and playing baseball. I also enjoyed horseracing and was a thoroughbred racehorse owner. Today I enjoy watching baseball, football, horseracing and listening to all kinds of music, especially Classic Rock.

I have also been rescuing and placing stray cats now for over 20 years and have personally kept 10 of my rescues over the years. I have a preference for tuxedo cats, probably because they are easiest to spot when they are outside.

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  • Classic Rock Hits & the Greatest Band that Almost Was

    Classic Rock Hits & the Greatest Band that Almost Was

    3 years ago

    Classic Rock hits began in the early 60's with the British invasion and the Beatles. During their career, the Beatles penned more number one hits than any rock or pop group before them or since. While the Beatles were...

  • Treating Conjunctivitis in Cats

    Treating Conjunctivitis in Cats

    14 months ago

    Mild pink eye, or conjunctivitis, can be treated at home. There are some risks, however, of infection spreading. Find out when it's time to take your cat to the vet.

  • What Causes Cloudy Eyes in Cats?

    What Causes Cloudy Eyes in Cats?

    14 months ago

    Cloudy eyes are usually caused by infection, cataracts, glaucoma, or a corneal scratch. Here are some ways to tell one from the other, but do be sure to have a vet examine your pet's eyes to be sure.

  • Cat Advice: How Do You Handle Your Crazy Cat?

    Cat Advice: How Do You Handle Your Crazy Cat?

    4 years ago

    Good cat advice is sometimes hard to come by, especially when it comes to handling these curious, playful and finicky individuals. Your feline guy or gal will usually behave exactly the way you DO NOT want them to...

  • Cat Problems With Breathing

    Cat Problems With Breathing

    4 years ago

    Cat problems with breathing can come in many forms and usually indicate problems within the respiratory system The most common breathing abnormality signs in felines are rapid breathing, slow breathing, panting, noisy...

  • Cat Teeth and Periodontal Disease

    Cat Teeth and Periodontal Disease

    4 years ago

    Cat teeth are designed for grasping, cutting, tearing and shredding. As a cat grasps a piece of meat with his front claws, he bites down on it with his four canine teeth, scissors the meat between his back teeth, and...

  • Cat Constipation and Treatment

    Cat Constipation and Treatment

    12 months ago

    Cat constipation very often can be mistaken for an overlooked bladder outlet obstruction due to the straining that takes place in both instances. For this reason, a clear distinction must be made before treating the cat...

  • Is Your Vomiting Cat Sick?

    Is Your Vomiting Cat Sick?

    20 months ago

    It is a fact that cats vomit more easily than most other animals and frequently this action represents a flushing out of toxins from the body rather than an imminent illness.

  • Cat Fever and its Causes

    Cat Fever and its Causes

    4 years ago

    Cat fever can be a symptom of a variety of illnesses in the feline just as it is in humans. A fever in your feline companion could signal the beginning of a serious illness and in certain instances can be treated...

  • Cat Problems and Medications

    Cat Problems and Medications

    21 months ago

    Cat problems have always been present when administering medications. Cats, unlike most other domestic animals, appear to be unusually sensitive to drugs and medications.

  • Sneezing Cat

    Sneezing Cat

    4 years ago

    A sneezing cat is telling you that his nasal passage is irritated. Common causes of a cats' sneeze can usually be very harmless. Pay close attention to your Sneezing Cat He might require closer observation by your vet.

  • Rock Songs List of One Hit Wonders

    Rock Songs List of One Hit Wonders

    12 months ago

    The Rock Songs List of one hit wonder music through the decades of the sixties and the seventies was probably the best collection of unique sounds that were ever put together. Here is a small list of very powerful one...

  • Top 100 Rock Songs

    Top 100 Rock Songs

    12 months ago

    The Top 100 Rock songs of all time can cause an endless debate. Here is a unique list create by a classic rock fan who has 50 + years of listening experience.

  • How to Get Rid of Fleas Without Using Chemicals

    How to Get Rid of Fleas Without Using Chemicals

    21 months ago

    Would you like to know How to Get Rid of Fleas without using chemicals? This is the million dollar question. Many people have cats and dogs that go outdoors and bring back one of the greatest enemies to their health.

  • Free Personality Tests

    Free Personality Tests

    8 months ago

    Free personality tests are the most popular and accurate form of behavior study that an individual can indulge in. Whether you would like to improve yourself or understand more about those around you, this endeavor is...

  • Top Music Hits - the 60's

    Top Music Hits - the 60's

    20 months ago

    Top Music Hits of the 60's was easily the most recognizable and downloaded segment of music in modern times. When the decade of the 50's came to a close there was a great change in popular music. Some of the "Doo Wop"...

  • Best Classic Rock Songs

    Best Classic Rock Songs

    21 months ago

    The Best Classic Rock Songs ever performed have mostly originated during the decades of the 60's and 70's. I am a huge classic rock fan and grew up glued to the music of this era.

  • Cat Ear Problems

    Cat Ear Problems

    12 months ago

    Cat ear problems can change the way a cat behaves. A cat's hearing is one of their best developed senses and they can hear higher pitched sounds beyond the acute range of a dog. When a cat hears a sound they turn their...

  • Signs Your Cat May Have Eye Problems

    Signs Your Cat May Have Eye Problems

    16 months ago

    Cat eye problems should be extremely important to the cat owner. Cat's eyes have special characteristics that set them apart from other animals. Here we help categorize the most common ones.