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Izaya Farrar (IzayaF)

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I am a student of biomedical engerneering and of the martial arts. I spend my free time searching for a cure for Alzhiemer's and to better unterstand it's nature. I also spend alot of time traning for martial arts.

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  • How to Improve Your Martial Art skills

    How to Improve Your Martial Art skills

    9 months ago

    The most important aspect in any Martial Art is timing. When you can learn how to use timing in your fighting you will be able to control your opponent and win more fights.

  • How To Be A Warrior

    How To Be A Warrior

    10 months ago

    Being physically fit is only half the battle. A warrior must be mentally and emotionally fit. This is the secret to increasing your chances of winning in any fight.

  • Extension in Aikido

    Extension in Aikido

    10 months ago

    Extension is arguably the most important aspect in Aikido. Extension is used in a verity of techniques in Aikido to allow the practitioner take advantage of the leverage created.