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Hey everyone, my name is John D. Williams. With the name out of the way, here we go!

I have always kept a passion for throwing out my opinion via words to paper, or nowadays, words to keyboard. I'm in my 30's and a small government Libertarian-minded conservative. My life consists of a great gal with a bright eyed 10 year old son, both who are very supportive. I always pick up the niche to write creatively or throw together articles in regards to what is going on in the world today, that is when not busy with all of life's cunning distractions.

I feel writing to be the purest form of expression. It was always something I would fall back into, sadly on an inconsistent basis.

Now I have the patience to sit and focus, while putting together sentences on a regular basis. My goal is to start a conversation for those who enjoy my style, and even those who do not. 

I also use this form of expression for myself. It is quite theraputic as I'm sure many of you can relate.

I am not perfect and know of nobody who is, yet this outlet is my life in many ways. It truly brings me back to a time from my past when I was just a kid in school writing creatively for the Young Author's Progam.

With no formal training in any specific writing style, just a need to succeed utilizing my mind as if it were a sponge. I have been told that I have an honest and unique writing style. I can accept that. I'll try to soak up information with the best of them, and am always willing to learn something new along the way. Growing as a writer is no different than growing as an individual. There is always plenty of room.

I enjoy all aspects of life. I can go to a hockey game or just about any ball game, have a dog and beer, all while cracking jokes with my family and friends. The outdoors along with fishing is a hobby I adore as well. I too can be just as comfortable sitting home with my family watching a good film.

Film was an outlet I was heavily interested in and influenced by. The writing aspect on through direction. All of it, I guess. There is no doubt that I am passionate about movies! 

I'm easy to get along with, even if we may disagree on certain topics.

So, please enjoy my articles. Dislike them if you choose, and debate me if you like. That is part of the fun!

Have a good one...


John D.

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