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My name is Kimberly Johnson.I live in New Jersey with my husband Tom and my two dogs Loki and Nora. I'm a scientist with a search for knowledge and truth. I'm a spiritual being and I love...Love. I believe in kindess and compassion. Life is a journey and we are constantly learning from every lesson we are given. I would like to give insight and maybe some helpful truths to my fellow people while we all move through this life together.

I've always had my head in the clouds I guess you could say... I'm a daydreamer. I'm usually off in one of my worlds escaping the one I'm actually in. Not on purpose... it's just how my mind works. Since I was a little girl I loved books, writing, poetry, music and anything in which I could express my creativity.

Which leads me to here... here it goes. Topics I will write about will be hollistic health, spirituality, fitness, relationships, well-being and life.


I hope you enjoy and find my daydreams as exciting as I do.




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  • How to make a great Cup O' Joe

    How to make a great Cup O' Joe

    19 months ago

    Are you a coffeeholic? When you wake up in the morning, is it the first thing on your mind? If so, I'm sure you have your perfect cup of coffee. Even if you do, it's always fun to experiment.

  • Peaceful mind, Joyful Life and a Warm Heart

    Peaceful mind, Joyful Life and a Warm Heart

    20 months ago

    What is Happiness? How can we achieve it, or is that the problem? Maybe happiness isn't something to be achieved or obtained. Maybe happiness is inside us, something to be woken up.

  • The Alchemist of Raw Food

    The Alchemist of Raw Food

    20 months ago

    Kale Tahini Salad Concoction Kale Tahini Salad Kale is a super food, we've all heard it. We see Kale everywhere. Kale chips, kale salad, kale smoothies you name it. All this hype about Kale, I figured I would try it...