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Hello World! This is the Official Blog of Mastergreen (aka mastergreen). I am a Movie Critic, Poet, Philosopher, Artist, etc. (etc. as I keep discovering new talents and trying new things everyday). This blog has had visitors from over 130 countries and 2000 cities.

Official Motto - "If you ain't been here, you ain't been anywhere!"

My purposes of making this blog are to reach out to the world, to make them understand that they must give more importance to Movies, Poetry, Art & Fun, and of course, if you like the things I think and write about, then you can tell me that too. I like writing Movie Reviews, Poems, Stories and Articles & Essays about cinema, music, philosophy, inspirational quotes, happiness, love, thinking, living, enjoying life, having fun, pc & video games, comics, wrestling, cartoons, table tennis, etc. Currently, all of that is a work in progress, but eventually, I'll get there.

So if any of that interests you, and especially if you like Movies and Poetry, then follow me.

Because you are now in the right place.

Achievements - 

This Blog is Number 1 In The World for Mini Movie Reviews.

(Sometimes all the Top 1 to 5 links on Google.)

Was selected for poetry publication abroad.

Many of my poems are either Number 1 or in the Top 10 for their search terms.

Sometimes in the Top 100 or 200 for Movie Reviews and related search terms.

Has won competitions for Poetry, Story Writing, Essay Writing & Table Tennis.

(Sometimes has also won for Debating, Collage, Photography & Filmmaking.)

As always, Good Luck and Just Keep Going...

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