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Mini Movie Reviews - New Movies & Latest Releases

Updated on March 12, 2017
mastergreen profile image

I have watched 10,000+ movies in 15+ languages. So now I write about them for others to enjoy, because movies are my life and my passion.

Hi there! Welcome to Mini Movie Reviews - New Movies & Latest Releases.

This is my new page for writing mini movie reviews as soon as I see the latest movies. If you love movies, then here you can get the newest reviews of new movies & latest releases. So anytime a brand new movie is released, you can come here and read my review for it and then decide whether it's worth going and watching it. You shouldn't watch a movie just because it's hyped very much or because it's brand new. Actually, you should support good movies. They are the ones who really need our help.

So, let me look through these movies and see whether it is worth your time and money, whether it is worthy enough to be called as a film. Because even today, it is still possible to find new, funny, happy, feel-good, interesting, entertaining, thought-provoking, incredible, awesome, great movies. After a while, I will collect them all, put them together and transfer them to a new page of chronologically assorted reviews (just like I have been doing all these many years) while reviews of the new films that are just released will take its place over here. So enjoy! And I'll catch you at the movies.

Movie poster used for illustrative purposes under fair use policy for film criticism.
Movie poster used for illustrative purposes under fair use policy for film criticism. | Source

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Will update soon. Site is under repair.

Movie poster used for illustrative purposes under fair use policy for film criticism.
Movie poster used for illustrative purposes under fair use policy for film criticism. | Source

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Avengers: Age of Ultron - First things first, there is absolutely no need to see this movie in 3D. There is no scene (not even someone pointing!) that justifies 3D so stick with 2D. Overall it's not like it's a bad movie, it's just a movie that is aiming for different things. And the main reason for that is that the director has changed his audience demographic for this one, which leads to an uneven experience overall. It is aimed at a mature audience and is more somber (and not in a 'so dark its cool' kinda way). The first Avengers was a marvelous entertainment because it was a movie for everyone, where even newcomers could like its characters, action and enjoy the movie. However in this one, only the over-crazy comic book fans will like the movie and while it does so many things, none of it will matter that much to an audience member. Though there are some laughs once in a while, there wasn't much audience activity and they were staying still even at the end. The Maximoff Twins - Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver - don't really make that much of an impression and the Vision, Thor's visit to a magic cave, etc. will definitely make some in the audience wonder who is that and what is happening here? One specific thing that also has to be noted is that while it has not one music composer but two (Brian Tyler, Danny Elfman), the only time the music feels alive is when Alan Silvestri's Avengers' Theme from the first movie is played. The movie wants to be so many different things - a full-on actioner, a romantic drama, a comic book blockbuster, etc., but none of it really works or comes together at the end. Plus, if you read the industry magazines, based on the contracts for future films, it's quite easy to guess who will be the character that dies in this one. The only good things are that Ultron's voice by James Spader is a nice touch, Andy Serkis gets a small catchy role, the villain's method for global destruction is different and most importantly, we get an idea of the characters back stories. We get to see Hawkeye's family life and his present, Natasha's past, and there's also a question of Hulk's future. This is basically a movie with Hawkeye as its focus and some interest is also given to the Bruce Banner/Natasha Romanoff angle. Final Verdict - Some things are more fun the first time around. Even the pan around the heroes near the end isn't that exciting! They tried to make it more serious but aren't able to bring it all together into a cohesive, genuinely enjoyable film. Sometimes, due to all the graphics and fast editing, it's difficult to even say where the action is happening. Avengers 1 was an event-worthy movie because it was its own thing and was very enjoyable and fun. Avengers 2 seems like just an excuse for them to create other movies from this movies parts and overall, it just feels like a stepping stone for Marvel's Phase 3 movies. The good moments are the quiet ones (or Ironman's Hulkbuster vs. Hulk) but they were already there in the trailers so it's not that interesting too. P.S. At the beginning of the credits, you can see a very short clip of Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet (Avengers 3) but there isn't any end credits stinger! If you are looking for just time pass, then you can go. But that's not what you want from an Avengers movie. If you are an Avengers fan, you'll go anyway so catch it in a cheap theater if you can.

Will be updating soon.

I've been busy with a lot of other things. So will be back with all the reviews for the last couple of months. Take Care.

The Maze Runner

Movie poster used for illustrative purposes under fair use policy for film criticism.
Movie poster used for illustrative purposes under fair use policy for film criticism. | Source

The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner - "Day one, greenie", and thus begins the film where everyone keeps calling the hero throughout "greenie, greenie, greenie". Finding yourself & becoming a leader is what the hero finds out in the film. Though the settings are familiar (dystopian sci-fi movies, Resident Evil1), it feels fresh because the mood is dark, it never loses its momentum & the tone is of Constant Danger. Obstacles keep coming one after the other for the characters so you are concerned about what's gonna happen. Good acting, story, graphics, editing that has an instinct, No 3D (hooray!) & most importantly, Right Direction. The best thing is that the director doesn't bludgeon the film with action sequences but wisely gives the story the main focus. It's got a good amount of action too but the thrills come from the story's twists & turns & that's what makes it Completely Interesting & all that together makes the film Entertaining. Plus the hero carries the film with his understated approach & there are many supporting actors you have seen before (that kid from Love Actually, another from Narnia 3, Jacob Latimore, etc.) Final Verdict - It makes you want to see what's gonna happen next & so it's easy to say that this is a success. On the one side, it's symbolic of teens growing into adults with responsibilities & danger coming back to back & on the other side, it's a sci-fi action thriller where unknown forces & fear are trying to control you. So are you ready to escape the maze of your weekend boredom? Get Ready To Run!

(Sept 23, 2014)

Step Up All In

Movie poster used for illustrative purposes under fair use policy for film criticism.
Movie poster used for illustrative purposes under fair use policy for film criticism. | Source

Step Up All In

Step Up All In - Step Up 4 was so crap that they had to bring all the main stars back to save the series (wait, where's Channing Tatum?). Dance movies have their own formulas like paperweight storyline, crappy acting (notice: often cuts away to reaction shots when something happens), convenient story turns (why do friends of the hero abandon him always during sad times?), linear storytelling, etc., BUT the good thing is that you won't waste your brain space & can focus on the dancing which, let's face it, is what you really came to see. Basically, they took the most good looking boy & girl from the entire series, try very hard to bring them together, then trust issues, dancing is more important than winning, etc., hey! happy ending! And ya, it does have Awesome Dancing, Wonderful Choreography, Cool Beats & while taking shots at (fake) Reality TV Shows, it finishes with a 9 minute dance climax which is Exciting! Final Verdict - They needed a "franchise saver" to save the series from the last "franchise killer". They needed it, they got it. This is not a movie, but a show, and What A Show it is. So, All In? You Should Be.

(Sept 4, 2014)

Many more new movies and their reviews are on the way... so stay tuned.

Or you could scroll down & read some of my old movie reviews till then.

You know, just to keep yourself occupied till then ;)

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    • mastergreen profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      Thanks. I will move all the reviews to a good page in the future. So in case you don't find the review of a movie you liked here, then please look through my profile page. There you will be able to find it and many other reviews of your favourite movies.

    • peachpurple profile image


      3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      i love night at the museum, very hilarious movie


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