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Mini Movie Reviews - 2012 May to July

Updated on March 12, 2017
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I have watched 10,000+ movies in 15+ languages. So now I write about them for others to enjoy, because movies are my life and my passion.

Movie poster used for illustrative purposes under fair use policy for film criticism.
Movie poster used for illustrative purposes under fair use policy for film criticism. | Source

The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises - The Most Anticipated Movie of the Year has also a good chance of becoming The Movie of the Year as well. Well at least, the most favourite blockbuster of the year. That much is certain. Because what could be more awesome than a man who tries, fails, is left to die and then still wants to rise again? With a story that focuses on the journey of Bruce Wayne, played by Christian Bale, while also having Bane, played by Tom Hardy, who is a physical monstrosity of a warlord with a powerful voice and Selina Kyle, played by Anne Hathaway, who is a sexy husky mystery and all sorts of cool features like a Brutal Beat Down, an Awesome Chant, a Thunderous Score and so many twists upon twists that you end up thinking that just how many special exclusives can 1 movie have? The questions that it wants to ask are - 1) How long can you let the Pain & the Loss define Your Life? and 2) Is Redemption possible? If you want to know the answers to these questions then Go, Watch and Find out. The director has taken his inspiration from silent movies and so he mainly focuses on the emotional and visual sides of the story and its characters and in that way, the movie is a wonderful success. It is a unique movie in the way that it gives an ending to the main character's journey which is unheard of in the blockbuster arena, superhero genre, comics history or movie business in general. In these days of franchise frenzy, it is unthinkable that they pulled this off. Plus Hans Zimmer's music really uses that awesome chant to bring different emotions to different scenes in different ways to the movie. Gotham city becomes a war zone and there is a battle for its soul and then one man dares to dedicate his life to try to bring it back. It brings Bruce Wayne's journey to completion and Christopher Nolan's 'The Dark Knight' trilogy with Christian Bale as Batman finishes at an emotional high. Final Verdict - The ending was really emotional both because of what was happening in the movie and because it was the ending of the whole trilogy. After the show, the people didn't want to leave. They just kept on discussing the movie inside the theatre itself. So that there is the proof that this is something worth watching and so it's no wonder that this movie is a Phenomenal Success! Catch it on a big screen with a big crowd and you will love it. 1 word - Fantastic!!!

Movie poster used for illustrative purposes under fair use policy for film criticism.
Movie poster used for illustrative purposes under fair use policy for film criticism. | Source

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter - Not all action movies are dumb, nor do they have to be to be something worth your time. It can have a story and it can have a man who loses things that are precious to him and still keeps on going because he knows that there are still things that are worth fighting for. This is one of those movies. But despite trying to be like an old fashioned period piece type of movie with an idealistic man as the hero, it's got split second cutting, fast graphics and a score with big bass and ear cracking sound and so it's more like a modern action movie. Even the scenes without action are good for watching, and though the 3D is only there when the vampires are coming straight at the screen, that's enough for some thrills and the score by Henry Jackman uses heavy guitars to add some real power and attitude to the action in the movie. The main actor looks like a younger version of Liam Neeson and the movie rests comfortably on the shoulders of Benjamin Walker and the supporting roles played by Mary Louise WInstead, Dominic Cooper, Anthony Mackie, Jimmi Simpson and so on also keep the movie running just fine. After the crap 'Wanted' this is the comeback of Timur Bekmambetov and this time the director has made a movie with style, a powerful mood and strong visuals. Final Verdict - A different idea with a different approach and so the result is a different movie. If you are going with mid range expectations then you are gonna be simply Blown Away! The best action movie of the year so far. P.S. The end credits song is 'Powerless' by Linkin Park.

Movie poster used for illustrative purposes under fair use policy for film criticism.
Movie poster used for illustrative purposes under fair use policy for film criticism. | Source

The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man - A blockbuster movie with somewhat of an indy movie feel? It is similar to Spider-Man 1 but it's in the last 15 minutes that it becomes its own movie. It's actually a high school love story set in a superhero setting (I'm serious, maybe they are running out of dangerous situations to put a superhero in!). The bad parts are that the Lizard, played by Rhys Ifans, who is a good guy/scientist who wants to be great but ends up going bad like a lot of mad scientists in comics and movie history, is just lost potential and he is not as cool or as powerful or as interesting as a character as he was in the comics and that is the movie's biggest fault and Irrfan Khan who is there for a small but important time uses a terrible accent (why why why) but the best parts are the refreshing, carefree sparks between the 2 main leads who seem to look good together and seem to be enjoying what they are doing and James Horner's background music is different from the normal type of music that you would expect from a superhero movie. The main characters are also supported by good performances from Martin Sheen, Sally Field, Dennis Leary and so on. If you take it seriously it won't work so take it in a leisurely way and if you are looking for a weekend distraction then ya it's ok. Final Verdict - The villain is wasted and so the movie is not that good and it does not reach the level of Sam Raimi's vision for Spider-Man 1 or its greatness and so strictly speaking, it really isn't that necessary for this movie to be there but simply because of the good chemistry between the 2 main characters played by Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, this movie might become a success.

Movie poster used for illustrative purposes under fair use policy for film criticism.
Movie poster used for illustrative purposes under fair use policy for film criticism. | Source

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted - Sometimes the success of a movie depends not just on the main characters but also on the side characters as well and so for this one we have the cool penguins, the crazy King Julian and the new indestructible Frenchwoman but it is the 3 new characters - the serious Russian tiger, the sexy Italian jaguar and the funny Italian sea lion that steal the show. The main characters are played by the same old voices of Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, David Schwimmer, Jada Pinkett Smith, Sacha Baron Cohen, Cedric the Entertainer and so on and the new characters are voiced by Frances McDormand, Bryan Cranston, Jessica Chastain and Martin Short. The story goes fast and moves from Monte Carlo to Rome to New York and it also has a fun neon circus act near the 3rd act and there are lots of colourful scenes in the movie and the score by Hans Zimmer drops some hints to the music of the earlier movies in the series here and there. What the movie really wants to say is that when it comes to passion, being an animal is the best and only way to be. Final Verdict - The Madagascar series just keeps on going. It is good fun for a weekend distraction and this series just keeps on going up and keeps on adding more and more funny and interesting characters to the series. P.S. The afro circus song sucks. Nothing is as good as the original hit song. Wait, how did it go? I like to move it move it, I like to move it move it, i like to move it move it, you like to? MOVE IT!!! That song is Still Cool!

Movie poster used for illustrative purposes under fair use policy for film criticism.
Movie poster used for illustrative purposes under fair use policy for film criticism. | Source

Men in Black 3

Men in Black 3 - The 3 W's are back - Will smith, Wit & Wacky ideas. This time, it's not about the aliens or the gadgets or the special effects but it's mainly about the friendship between two people. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones return to play probably their most famous roles once again and so does director Barry Sonnenfield and it even has a cameo by Nicole Scherzinger from The Pussycat Dolls. It has a mind teasing time travel story that has good performances (the young K is so believable that you will sometimes forget that it is played by another actor) and the return of the tone, style and score of the 1st movie, with no mention of the underwhelming 2nd (maybe they neuralyzed themselves!) and a plot that has an emotional touch to it. Transformers: Dark of the Moon used the 1969 moon launch simply as a background to its story but MIB3 makes it a part of the main storyline and the climax happens at the moon launch itself. The fact that they started shooting without a third act, then shut down the production so that they could come up with a good ending and then after all that, they still managed to somehow make a good movie is really surprising. The story plays with the whole background of the founding of the MIB and J finally gets to understand why K is always so grumpy and overall, this is a good comeback for the MIB series. Final Verdict - Still exuding that same old charm, agents J and K show you that though special effects are fine, it is a story about people that makes a movie that much more interesting. MIB4? It's a safe bet to say that they will make it, definitely! P.S. The end credits song 'Back in Time' is by the rapper Pitbull!

Movie poster used for illustrative purposes under fair use policy for film criticism.
Movie poster used for illustrative purposes under fair use policy for film criticism. | Source


Hugo - A children's film directed by Martin Scorcese? Well it's actually a movie about a filmfreak made by a filmfreak for filmfreaks. If you like films and want to know about the history of films, it will give you a lot of pleasure. It is a children's film and a documentary and a film festival all rolled into one movie here. Both the kids are amazing and there are also a lot of other characters who are played by actors both famous and new like Ben KIngsley, Sacha Baron Cohen, Emily Mortimer, Christopher Lee and so on and it also has Jude Law and Ray Winstone in small roles as well. A lot of critics have rightly wondered if the main character is a stand-in for the director itself as the main character has a lot of love for the cinema. You will get to see a lot of clips from the first silent movies from history that you have only heard about including the famous first attractions like The Arrival of the Train and other famous but rarely seen clips. Some of the frames looked like they were pages from The Adventures of Tintin and with its golden palette and steam in almost every frame, it is not surprising that the movie won the 'Best Art Direction' Oscar. Final Verdict - A commercial movie with a film festival flavour? It is something that should have been a giant success but maybe it might be taken now like it is a little too 'specifically for filmfreaks' so maybe that's why it is not running so well now. But rest assured, this movie will remain famous and well loved for a very long time. Plus the automaton is supposed to write but it draws? I kept thinking about what it meant and its significance in the story until I finally got it. Books are passé, filmmakers are the new storytellers now. It's just that they tell stories using not words but pictures, moving pictures that is... Cinema is the best art form there is and it will just keep on going :-)

The Best Movie is... ?

Though Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is a good movie, it's ultimately an exercise in style than everything else and so while it's better than your average action movie and good to watch, it doesn't go beyond being just a commercial blockbuster and though The Amazing Spider-Man had some good chemistry between the leads other than that there isn't much to remember about it and though Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted was good fun and a good addition to the series, that's all it really is which is a good sequel but nothing more than that and though Men in Black 3 is a good comeback for the series and it surpassed men in black 2, it couldn't reach the level of the original Men in Black and though Hugo is a wonderful film for film lovers everywhere, the general audience will think that this is a children's film and will either avoid it or will get disappointed because it's so much more than just a children's film and they will think that it's too slow and niche and only for filmfreaks and so, after considering all the facts, though its editing and the movie isn't as perfect as the ones that have come before it, simply because of its emotionally wonderful conclusion to the main character's journey and for proving that a man can escape the pain and the loss and still achieve redemption and for finishing the batman trilogy in a beautiful way, ladies and gentlemen, The Best Movie of 2012 May to July is... The Dark Knight Rises.

Trailer for The Dark Knight Rises

Thank you for reading Mini Movie Reviews - 2012 May to July. Hope you have enjoyed it and had a good time with my movie reviews. There are 2 opinion polls below regarding which movie you thought was the best movie and what you thought about my article of movie reviews, so please feel free to take them, comment and give your opinions. Hope to see you soon on another article about movie reviews. Have a good day and once again, thank you for reading Mini Movie Reviews - 2012 May to July.

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