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I love driving. I love this feeling of speed and control that driving my car gives me. I love the feeling of my car as an extension of myself. I love solving road puzzles on the fly. I love cruising and wondering around without Mapquest help, when I'm in the mood. I love exploring traffic patterns, experimenting with them, and exploiting them to my advantage. I love pushing my car and myself to the limit, and sometimes even over the limit. I just enjoy my driving, it is a source of fun for me. And my driving record without a single accident for the last 15 years shows I can do it safely.

I run several driving related sites, and my last project that I launched in October 2007 is driving directions for Moscow, Russia. I post content to quite a few article sites, blogs, and here on Hubpages.

Being a professional Internet marketer/publisher nowadays I necessarily spend a good chunk of my time trying to game google, yahoo and bing, and I like the results I am getting so far :D

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    Best Gas Mileage - Five Random Fuel Saving Tips

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