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Administrative Professional working  in the areas of  Administration, Finance, and Marketing .

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  • Analysis and Interpretation of Financial Statements

    Analysis and Interpretation of Financial Statements

    3 years ago

    Analysis and interpretation of financial statements are an attempt to determine the significance and meaning of the financial statement data. so that a forecast can be made of the prospects for future earnings ability...

  • Elements of Sales Promotion

    Elements of Sales Promotion

    3 years ago

    A variety of promotional devices are : Sample ,Coupon,'Premiums or Bonus offers, Money refund offers,Pricc-off promotion ,C'onfests/Sweeps takes

  • Types of Sales Forecasting

    Types of Sales Forecasting

    2 years ago

    Forecasting is one of the important aspects of administration. The comer-stone of successful marketing planning is the measurement and forecasting to market demand. A sales forecast is an estimation of sales volume...

  • Managerial and Operative Functions of   Personnel Management

    Managerial and Operative Functions of Personnel Management

    2 years ago

    Personnel Management is an important segment of general management which deals with people at work and their relationship within an organisation.personnel Management aims at abstaining and maintaining capable and...

  • Preparation of Cost Sheet

    Preparation of Cost Sheet

    3 years ago

    Cost determination requires maintenance of a separate set of books to record all the transaction relating to costs. The object of costing is to ascertain the cost control and cost educations and to assist the management...

  • Analysis of Marginal Costing

    Analysis of Marginal Costing

    3 years ago

    The Cost of a product of comprises of materials, labour, and over heads. On the basis of variability they can be broadly classified as fixed and variable costs. Fixed costs are those costs which remain constant at all...