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Being a writer is a very difficult career choice. The constant uphill battle to produce quality work is often impeded by the normal day to day household routine. The worst aspect of being a writer is the lack of respect often given through the continual interruptions of those within the personal life of the writer.

My Hubpages.com articles are a true example of the challenges an aspiring writer will face on a daily basis. The obvious errors within my articles were intentionally left to prove this point along with this piece of advice. If you are an aspiring writer with a head full of stories, you better be ready for the aggravation, constant interruptions and ultimately, the disappointments that are very commonplace associated with this line of work.

If you are seeking a career as a writer, freelance or otherwise, you better be prepared for a series of nonstop headaches. Most writers are offered peanuts for the work they do and if you think you are the exception to this truth, you are only fooling yourself and doomed to fail.

Don’t lose heart…revolt! Ninety-nine percent of the freelance job offers you will find only offer an average of ten dollars per article, if that. In many instances, five dollars per 1,000 words…not characters…words. That is far below minimum wage which should tell you the first thing you need to know… gaining respect as a writer is as difficult as in the professional world as it is at home.

Most, “freelance”, writing jobs consist of two areas of expertise: Medical and Technical. Both of these require a degree within their respective fields and unless you have that degree, you won’t be writing for any companies that actually pay a decent wage for the work that YOU are worth.

The solution is simple. Stick to writing books and keep your day job. Blogging, freelance writing (that is never truly free but subject specific), is an absolute waste of time and effort. Here’s the math. Let’s say you write eight articles a day for a website that promises to pay you $50 per article. Sounds good? WRONG! Eight articles will take at least eight hours, (undoubtedly longer), but the company/website only takes one article a day and you just worked eight hours just to make $6.25 an hour. Federal minimum wage is $7.25.

Some might argue that one well-written article is all you need. Here’s the problem with that theory. Getting an article published is an odds game. If you only submit one article per day, you risk having several days of work without anything to show for it. So, obviously, the more work you produce the more likely you are to have your work published which, comes back full circle to the less than minimum wage pay scale and you truly are worth so much more than that. DO NOT GIVE AWAY YOUR TALENT!

Originally, my post on Hubpages.com was simply an expression of my art. However, that is about to totally change. From this day forward, I am going to tear into every scam, con and lie on the internet today and I encourage you to read my articles. These new articles will offer solutions to the problems facing writers today and together, we can help each other destroy the discriminating treatment that we are worth less than what we truly are.


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