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Samantha here! I am a fanatic of poetry and literature. I am a sweetheart to all . I have a passion for writing, It helps me express my feelings. So here is the me I never show; here is my feelings about life and whats around me. Enjoy!

But thank God! He gives us victory over sin and death through our Lord Jesus Christ. 1 Corinthians15:57

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  • Intense Destination

    Intense Destination

    13 days ago

    Where I'm going with this individual, will our lives cross paths or will we ever get a chance at a intense intermission from the world.

  • Taking care of your Temple

    Taking care of your Temple

    15 months ago

    I recently looked over an old book I had full of my poetry and a question dwelled upon me. How are you taking care of your Temple? I had this question in my book for a year and now I looked at it really conflicted. I...

  • With God the impossible is possible

    With God the impossible is possible

    15 months ago

    I was listening to an audible from a famous pastor and he said "Seasons are predictable" we know what is expected; but in Miami that's not so true. We would be in winter and no cold weather just a hot blaze and we would...

  • Fighting for the right of love

    Fighting for the right of love

    15 months ago

    To be honest I've had many fall outs and lovers I have fallen for; I am a hopeless romantic as others would call it. I've always felt the need to love and to give others the love they deserve; I see the good in all the...

  • Faith in your love for the one upstairs

    Faith in your love for the one upstairs

    15 months ago

    Today we were asked by our pastor "Are we showing our faith in the lord like we post our beliefs about worldly things"? That hit us so hard; because we are so quick in talking about politics, pop culture or Kim...

  • PastLove


    16 months ago

    Friendship is a interesting thing, We meet people out of the blue we get our daily routine going and wham we could be in line at the store and make a friend; or we can go out to parties and meet others through...