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Samantha here! I am a fanatic of poetry and literature. I am a sweetheart to all . I have a passion for writing, It helps me express my feelings. So here is the me I never show; here is my feelings about life and whats around me. Enjoy! 

But thank God! He gives us victory over sin and death through our Lord Jesus Christ.                                                          1 Corinthians15:57

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  • Taking care of your Temple

    Taking care of your Temple

    9 months ago

    I recently looked over an old book I had full of my poetry and a question dwelled upon me. How are you taking care of your Temple? I had this question in my book for a year and now I looked at it really conflicted. I...

  • With God the impossible is possible

    With God the impossible is possible

    9 months ago

    I was listening to an audible from a famous pastor and he said "Seasons are predictable" we know what is expected; but in Miami that's not so true. We would be in winter and no cold weather just a hot blaze...

  • Fighting for the right of love

    Fighting for the right of love

    9 months ago

    To be honest I've had many fall outs and lovers I have fallen for; I am a hopeless romantic as others would call it. I've always felt the need to love and to give others the love they deserve; I see the good in all the...

  • Faith in your love for the one upstairs

    Faith in your love for the one upstairs

    9 months ago

    Today we were asked by our pastor "Are we showing our faith in the lord like we post our beliefs about worldly things"? That hit us so hard; because we are so quick in talking about politics, pop culture or...

  • PastLove


    10 months ago

    Friendship is a interesting thing, We meet people out of the blue we get our daily routine going and wham we could be in line at the store and make a friend; or we can go out to parties and meet others through...