Hand Hen Walking

Hand Hen Walking, rickzimmerman 2010
Hand Hen Walking, rickzimmerman 2010

Here’s a Hand Hen walking (and talking), on its way to that Great Rotisserie in the sky, but I don’t expect that any nun will be interceding on this hen’s behalf. (In fact, all of the nuns are busy preparing the cole slaw and potato salad that will be accompanying their rotisserie chicken and biscuits fresh from the oven.)

The Hand Hen can be distinguished by its distinctive hand-shaped comb, as well as its rectangularly-spatulate layered feathers. Many Hand Hens & Roosters also display the signature dissimilar eye sizes of the breed (though the larger eye may sometimes be on the right, sometimes in the left). We are seeing a fine Hand Hen specimen here, for this is a 5-Buk bird. Hand Hens typically lay eggs that are rather extremely elongated ovoids, which are, of course, referred to as finger eggs or thumb eggs, depending on regional preference.

The Hand Hen should not be confused in the wild with its near relation, the Glove Goose. The Glove Goose is a good bit larger, emits a notable Onk-Onk-Onk sound, and is, I understand, somewhat more surprising.

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