I have a lab that is almost 2 years old and she chews nonstop. I'm not talking about shoes or...

clothes or sheets, she chews furniture, window sills, door trim, she even chews holes into the sheetrock walls. She is kennel trained and is in her kennel when we are not home, but I keep her out at night, and she chews in the middle of the night, she chewed a hole in my footboard one night, and last night she chewed a hole in the wall. It is costing me a fortune to fix what she chews and I don't know what to do. Any suggestions, I know these bitter sprays won't work because she seems to not be affected by anything I have sprayed to get her to stop chewing, she has tons of toys and chew things

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Susan (Susie Writes) says

6 years ago
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Whitney (Whitney05) says

6 years ago
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