The Most Ridiculous Car Modifications - Part 1: Squished Wheels

From a first glance, you'd think these wheels were splaying out due to the crushing weight of the car, but the wheels have purposely been set up to have this 'squished' appearance. What's actually occurring here is a huge negative camber adjustment (camber being the angle of the wheel against the car). Hence the elephant-tied-to-roof visuals.

This is just another of the Japanese attempts to push their cars right to the limit. You see, although this camber adjustment is possible, it's entirely unefficient in so many ways, resulting in horrendous handling of the car and rapid tire wear. The only way you could even dream of performing a mod as ridiculous as this is with crater-deep pockets for all the cash you'll be spending on tires each month.

Add to this the hugely deep dish alloys that hardly look like wheels from most perspectives and you've got yourself a recipe for many a 'WTF?' from pedestrians. Imagine explaining this modification to your car insurer...

'So your wheels jut out how far?'

So if you're looking to have your car look more like a hovercraft and are just that little bit eccentric, this may just be the modification for you.

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Joni Douglas profile image

Joni Douglas 6 years ago

Looks like they have broken axles.

teguh 6 years ago

two tumbs up ...look like a flying car awesome

Entourage_007 profile image

Entourage_007 5 years ago from Santa Barbara, CA

lol - i have never heard of this modification. Many thanks for showing me this. This idea is worse than the idea of low riders and hydraulics.

Dd 5 years ago

it's completely gay! Just another stupid mod for the sake of it, all they need now is more rice stickers!

nat 5 years ago

its called camber

nat 5 years ago

its not STUPID its V.I.P style

blah 5 years ago

its oni camber

profile image

kaiserking01 2 years ago from Swindon,england

what car do you actually own?!

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