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What does being a Cadillac Driver mean to you?

I was looking at, Cadillac Records and noticed how Cadillac seemed to be a symbol for success in the fifties. It reminded me of my mother who was an avid Cadillac connoisseur of sorts. She went from an Eldorado to a limited edition Deville, since she was born in the sixties and I'm an eighties baby could someone tell me if there is a correlation between the two? My mother was so hung up on Cadillac's she wanted my daughter's first kid car to be a Cadillac.

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Angela Blair says

3 years ago
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    brittvan22 3 years ago

    Cool. Nice hub would be on the evolution of the Caddie. My five yr old talks about her future caddie all the time.

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Donald Titlton (don tilton) says

3 years ago
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