An Interview with Cheeky Girl by Blaise25

Cheeky Girl, also known as Cassy Mantis, is popular here in Hubpages for her brilliant hubs and a forthcoming sizzling romantic novel (serialized in the Megumi by the Firelight hubs). Reaching over 900 followers and celebrating her third year in Hubpages now, I got this fantastic time to chat with her after tennis in between sips of latte and bites of muffins…

First off, we know you’re Cassandra Mantis, the Cheeky Girl and you are indeed cheeky. You’re a Financial XA, in your mid 20s and you are happily living with an amazing lady, Cathy Nerujen ...can you tell us what we don’t know about you? Like how was your childhood and how was it like being the "Cheeky Girl" back in school and college?

An Interview with Cheeky Girl. 2013.
An Interview with Cheeky Girl. 2013. | Source

Thanks Fehl. And thank you for asking me to do this interview! It's nice to finally sit in the hot seat and be asked the really tough questions! I have no shortage of opinions or humor, so fasten your seat belt!

Well as you can obviously tell, I've been cheeky for all my life. (Laughs here.) My childhood was a bit of a mix. I'm an only child, and was born in Italy originally, in the City of Verona - a UNESCO World Heritage Location. My parents (both journalists) died when I was young, and that was a tough time for me. At the age of 8, I was brought by my grandparents to live in London. That was a big upheaval in my life. My memories of my Italian origins have faded a wee bit, but I am proud of my heritage.

I was an only kid, so having no parents made me very independent. My Grandparents have been a big influence. They taught me well, and I know it is tough for grandparents to have to raise a grand daughter like me. We have this amazing bond. Being an only child, I learned to look out for myself, and solve my own problems, and be self-reliant.

I have always loved and enjoyed the company of others and I love being involved and being part of the group. I'm blessed with a great sense of humor - and with my tongue always firmly in my cheek! I was a fun-loving kid, and I have my fun side. But I always had a sense of wanting to do my own thing. I found I was bisexual at age 15 - which is kind of young for a teen to come out. And through tears and laughter and pains of growing up, I knew lots of people had worst problems than mine, and I got out of the habit of pitying myself (being an only child, etc), because, compared to some folks, my life was pretty good.

Childhood growing up in the UK was tough at first, (and damp as it rains a lot) but school was a great experience for me. I love learning new things, and knew I'd work in Business or Finance from an early age. I loved everything, but Maths and English were my favorite subjects. I do read a ton of books, and I love technical things. I kept a diary all my life, and that is a great way of getting a writing habit. College life was fun and hard work too. I made sacrifices so that I could get a get my Master's Degree in Finance, and after working in recruitment, I went to work as a Personal assistant in a Hedge Fund in the UK, where I am happily still working. I'm in my late 20's and I own my own home. I'm a woman who knows what she wants in life, that's not too ballsy a thing to say. (Laughs here.)

Ooh wow, I never knew you got a Master’s Degree. Your early life is moving. Look at you now. So why did you join Hubpages and how did you discover it?

I had been scouring the web during 2009 and was looking for a way to experiment with publishing my writing online, and I found Hub Pages. It was in a search for some topic, about web pages in general. I had found an article by "Bad Company", alias Art from Belfast. It was funny and irreverent as hell, and after reading more amazing hubs by awesome writers, including Blaise25, (that's you, Fehl!) - I said "this is for me!" I published my first hub "First Encounters" towards the end of 2009, and it was a hit, (it's about how I met my partner Cathy Nerujen - alias Astra Nomik - the poet who is also on Hub pages) and I've been here ever since. The Encounters hub has a part 2 and part 3.

Oh was that Tattoo Guy’s hubs... LOL. That’s so funny! (Sigh) I miss his hubs. Oh wow, you mentioned me, girly! And yes, I discovered you, too through your series of Encounters… Those hubs are just amazing and I like your style. You really have the craft of writing down, very journalistic, and your novel promises to be quite outstanding. Tell us how did you get those exceptional skills? How it started?

I could say it's probably down to my Grandparents who read stories to me as a child, and my Mother who also did before that. I have always loved stories. My parents were journalists, and maybe it's in the blood, I'm not sure, Fehl. We always had books in the house. I would ask for a book for a Birthday or Christmas present. I read a lot of newspapers.

And funnily enough, Cathy has worked for a few UK newspapers and in publishing. I had briefly toyed with the idea of a career in journalism, but Finance appealed to me more.I was introduced to the habit of keeping a journal, it's a great way to get those thoughts out of your head and down on paper. I still have my diaries. They are an unfettered account of everything in my life. Writing comes natural to me.


Absolutely. We breathe Creative Writing. I love your Megumi excerpts so much.

Thanks Fehl. Hub Pages is great that way. We write to please! The "Novel" is under way, and nearing completion, and it had a rewrite, and the "Megumi" section is a whole chapter there. I shaved, sliced and pummeled it somehow into serialized 6 parts in my Hub Pages. It would have been a huge Hub otherwise, and the whole "excerpt" is a funny (mostly true except for some name changes) account of 8 teenage girls all having a weekend stay-over in a friend's house, where we all get up to all kinds of crazy things. It is also about Megumi, a nice sweet girl from Japan, and it has a love story. It has humor and romance, and a bit of a curious mystery in it too, all good fun - it's a small chunk out of the novel.

I can’t avoid asking this, Cassy, but why do you write?

Oh boy, I write for many reasons, Fehl. Writing brings its own rewards. Writing is a key tool to communicate. Writing is self expression. It's the opposite of repression. The process of putting your thoughts and feelings there in the world for all to see, no matter what. And I love that. I am a communicator. There is so much drama in life and we all have this ability to capture it in words. Writing is my way of expressing myself. I have had incredible things happen in my life and I am still in my 20's. How crazy is that?

Writing can educate, clarify, inform, elucidate, impart vital information, it can let us keep a record of something. Transactions, relationships, Love, histories, inventories, stories, entertainment, history, philosophy, copy writing, work, poetry, News, Hub Pages...the list is endless.Yes, sure - writing is many things, some even boring, but we'd be dead without writing.

Writing lets us explore things in better ways. And remember that writing can also pay the bills, too. Writing connects us to everything. The world can't exist without words and writing. The web can't exist without written words. And the World Wide Web is everywhere now. We would be lost without writing.

Amen to that. What inspires you to write?

I am inspired by many things. People mostly, I think. Personal experience, perhaps incessant curiosity, things that friends or people in general tell me, news, events, true stories, truth, information that can help change a life for the better. The urge to write is just always there, Fehl.

Good stories inspire me. So do great ideas. Heroes, and influential characters from History do too. But I'm interested in many subjects, like injustice, suffering, inequality, hurt and pain - and what causes them. They can also inform my understanding. I love the kind of writing where great Ideas can make a difference. I love writing that can empower people, especially women - and give them something. And I love being among the writing community too.

You have given us a bite of your soon-to-be-published-novel, and it’s dazzling. What made you write such an incredible novel?

I wrote it because it's biographical, and quite madcap in some places, yet tender and romantic in other places. I was talking to Cathy one day and we just got into discussing it. It seemed like a perfect idea! She said my life would be a good movie. I laughed at that. But Allie Mendoza on Hub Pages also said it to me. (She is a very lovely dear friend here also on these amazing Hub Pages.)

So it can't be crazy, can it? Many of my friends felt that my story would make good reading, and so I should write it down. The part in Kenya is also just weirdness and the part of my life with other people, in relationships, I mean. I am a writer, and so how could I not write it? I admit I am young (in my late 20's) to be publishing a book, but when people see it, they will realize that I have had quite an interesting life. My up-bringing has been weird and different.

There are some hilarious characters in this book, many I am amazed to say are actual friends of mine! (Laughs here.) It is soft-hearted in places and sexy and it's funny and it's revealing, and it has a serious side to it too. It is an uplifting and entertaining book. Putting a sample chapter of the book in the Hubs here was a terrific idea. It gives everyone a taste of what is in the book. And the 3 "Encounters" Hubs about how I met Cathy - they are in the book too.

We’ve seen some of the deeper, softer, sexier and more romantic side of you from your series of Encounters and Megumi by the Firelight and people are wondering why haven’t you published any poetry?

Thank you for saying that. I love the deeper softer sexier stuff! What woman doesn't? With writing, the trick is to show and tease a bit but not spoil it by giving too much! Yes, that is just writing, and not other stuff, okay? Poetry is something I love, though I am not anything near as good in poetry as I am in writing everything else. I have tried penning a few poems and I think Cathy reminded you that I let you read one. The least said the better. (Laughs here again.) I did mention that unfettered imagination, did I not?

I leave the amazing poetry to Cathy, (and you too) and to poets who know how to write beautiful poems and words that can whisk us off to another state of mind. There is something special about poetry, and so some day I'll focus on poetry as I want to learn this craft more! For now, this novel needs to be finished, and that is one of my big focuses right now.

You’re a successful Web Content Creator, have built your own websites, have thousands of Twitter followers, an impressive Hub Pages account, what are your secrets to your success in this field?

My ambition is to write fresh original content and write about things that people are interested in. I write about topical things that I think people will read. After I started writing Hub Pages here, I expanded to creating new websites, which I am now expanding into new areas. Webonist is just one of them. I guest blog on other blogs, under my own name and using the Webonist name. I also have other blogs and more websites planned. (You can now buy domains in bulk, how nuts is that?) About success, all we can do is write and publish and write some more and publish that and keep going. As for success - if what we write has some value, then one thing will lead to another.

Every website or blog you create ought to have a Twitter or Facebook page, to create a new audience of readers and followers from outside of Hub Pages. Social media platforms can connect us as writers and web content creators to everyone. These have helped my rating in Hub Pages. So make good use of those "tweet" and Facebook "like" buttons, folks! I created a Nokia Phone App for my Hubs too. Google plus and Pinterest are the new big things in Social Media.

Also, look at the huge amount of Hub Writers who have been inspired to go off and create their own websites. And look how well they are doing now. Many of these are my favorite Hubbers! You have done this successfully, Fehl with You got millions of hits on that. And again with're getting a lot of traffic there, honey!

Hub Pages for me was a terrific starting point, and I am happy to be still here in this great community. We can all learn a lot from others here.

Yes, Hubpages is a great starting point. Plus the community shares its own online business experiences. Your various blogs are awesome and became successful easily. And I’m grateful I have a great mentor and friend in you. You hit your fifth year in Hubpages, so do you think this site will climb back to its old Alexa rank?

Yes, it will, and it will do better. Hub Pages has a great reputation and is know for quality writing. It's an authority website. Bringing fresh new talent to Hub Pages and keeping them there is the secret to the future success of Hub Pages. This is a great writer's community.

The whole Google ranking thing - it's one company's perception of how things should be done. In the end, it is only a huge "Opinion" and dependent on not just rules but on financial calculations, as it also incorporates their own ads - possibly in some ways - some parts of it can contradict itself and confuse many. I'd be wary of it and be careful of it too.

Google needs more competition out there. If some other system was more fair and less contradictory, that could be a good thing. Conversely, the more we all do it Google's way, generally the more we go round in circles, and the more powerful they become...and the more control they have. I admit Google are doing good thing most of the time, but sometimes they act like they are just bringing out new rules for only commercial reasons. The Panda update crucified lots of online content providers, and some babies got thrown out with the ensuing bath water that followed. Right now, Search Engine Optimization is confusing and possibly dying because it can't adjust to the constant Google search engine updates. And the Alexa rating system is owned by Amazon but managed by Google. No surprise there.

If Mark Twain, Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare were dragged out of their graves and reincarnated and told to re-do their great works, but now add relevant keywords and search engine optimization parameters - they'd tell you to get lost and go bury them back in the ground. And print authors feel largely the same. Their attitude is - why bother? I can't blame them. Some web businesses have just made publishing online confusing for so many writers.

Oh that’s so funny! If Twain, Dickens and Shakespeare rose up from their graves, I’d ask for autographs LOL And I’d take a photo and post it on Facebook! Give us some of your Cheeky secrets to earn money in HubPages and Amazon, will you?

I can't. That's a secret! (Laughs.) Okay, okay - just keep writing, improve yourself, never be afraid to learn new things (the internet can eventually teach you just about everything anyway...) and push the envelope a little. That's what I did. Try new things, see what works for others. It could very well work for you. Get into blogging and get into owning your own content. Get into controlling or managing your content. Walt Disney owned all his content and got very rich that way.

If you are good at more than just one side of internet content management or creation, then follow that up. Don't depend on just one place or source for an online income. You might be good at the content side or the setting up of online back-end business side of it.

I don't want to go into affiliates here, but there's plenty of places you can go learn about them. I earn good money from them. What have you got to lose? And set up an Amazon A-store. Or Zazzle, or any other store ideas you fancy creating. Think bigger! Anyone can sell anything they want on the net now - for free. Read the hub I wrote on selling anything on Facebook! Weebly - the free website creator gives you shopping cart eCommerce stuff on their free websites. I mean, what the hell! And WordPress is even better! I know this American guy who has an amazon store with an Amazon ads-based WordPress theme - he makes thousands of dollars a week! Who needs Google?

I'd tell you more, but you'd have to pay me. LOL!

Okay, some general queries follow here, and for fun. Which of these are you... "glass half-empty" or "glass half-full"?

Depends on what is in the glass? Didn't you bring anything? Aw Fehl! I am a glass half-full person.

Okay, I assumed that. Okay, a short few questions in set of threesomes...can you list 3 latest movies you’ve watched recently?

Threesomes? Most interesting! LOL!

1. Iron Man 3 - do see it, it's amazing
2. Edge of Tomorrow - Tom Cruise sets the bar high in the sci fi stakes here
3. Blue is the warmest Colour - I brought Cathy to a special screening of this beautiful sad french film and it was pure heaven.

List 3 songs of your life

1. "I did it my way" (Sinatra). Total cliche but a good one!
2. "No one is to blame" by Howard Jones - a true classic from him.
3. "I kissed a Girl and I liked it" by Katy Perry!

List 3 Hubbers you have a crush on:

Excluding the one I live with - I have no one to speak of, Fehl dearest! (Throws a comical wink at Fehl.) Everyone has crushes. As long as they are just crushes. That has nothing to do with Hub Pages writing, or anyone here in particular, does it? LOL!

It’s just crushes for muffins sake. LOL. We’re done with the ‘serious business’ part of the interview, so I thought I’d put some fun stuff here. Can you list 3 places you dream to visit some day?

1. Italy (Although I go often in reality...)
2. Asia (Amazing, under-appreciated, varied and wonderful in every good way...)
3. The Bahamas - it's on my wishlist a long time, future home perhaps...
3 and a half - your place! LOL!

This is cheeky, but can you list 3 favorite keywords / niche?

1. Earn more money.
2. how to find a niece.
3. How to fix mis-spelling! (I meant niche of course.) I am so funny! Health, money and beauty would be three good words to base a blog or online business on. This is easy. Just think "popular". But create around what you know.

(Laughs!) Okay, can you list 3 sites you can’t miss checking everyday:

Apart from my own (and I won't include friendly ones, as I'd be a Narcissist otherwise)...
1. Cathy Nerujen's Flashstar magazine - maybe you heard of it.
2. Brain Pickings - this is a website about lots of books
3. Philpad... just a very good website all round ... created by some sexy babe called Fehl... oh that's you!

And finally, what's your favorite online music station or is that your thing?

I love Groove Salad. It's part of Sona Fm, available on WinAmp, On the Tune In Radio app on the iOS as well. A nice blend of chilled ambient beats and grooves. Smooth and sophisticated for folks like me. You should check it out.

Aw, okay - that's a wrap. You’re one amazing Cheeky Woman. It’s been a great pleasure. Thank you for giving us the time to have this informative and fun interview. You inspire lots of hubbers here and sharing this with us really means a lot. Mwah! Thanks for the coffee and muffins treat, too.

Aw shucks! Thanks Fehl. I loved this, and you are a fun person to have as an interviewer! I hope everyone learned a wee bit more about me here today. See you all in Hub Pages! I better finish the last bit of coffee and that muffin! No point in wasting good food! Live life!

Copyright (c) 2010 to 2014 Cassy Mantis / Fehl Dungo. All right reserved.

Updated summer 2014.

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VENZKHVAM 5 years ago from Milk way galaxy, trying to find a more adventurous place in another galaxy with my great followers





colbert 5 years ago

I just read this in your Nokia App, and I am very impressed. Full marks on a full life lived at 27? What you sow is what you reap.

stricktlydating profile image

stricktlydating 5 years ago from Australia

A great, fun read. You seem like such a nice and interesting person Cheeky Girl!

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 5 years ago from UK and Nerujenia Author

Hello VENZKHVAM: yes, I have a tribute page on my own website to Hub Pages, with some buddies there! I'm glad you enjoyed my interview! You're looking for more? LOL! As interviews go, this is a long-ish one! I need a holiday after this one! Heh! Thanks for the follow and vote, moi friend! Cheers!

Hey Colbert: your icon picture is missing but no worries, thanks for the comments, and you reading this on a Nokia. Wow! Nice one. Yup, I got my own App on the Nokia OVI Store. Glad you like it, leave a vote on the page for me too if you like. As for the reaping and sowing, er... well it takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice to get to where we want to go. Life is just like that. No one else will do it for me, so I have to push myself. And it is as much about the journey as it is about the destination. :)

Hy Strictlydating! Great to see your comments! Yes, I had fun doing this interview! You should get the interview treatment done! LOL! It's cool! Shucks, that's a nice thing to say! You get bonus hugs for this! Cheers, Strictly - have a wonderful day, moi friend! :)

kimberlyslyrics 5 years ago

I love your comment 'life is just like that' I have learned to embrace that concept with serenity I suppose through accepting and loving myself.

Fantastic Hub Girl, as always

up you go shared throughout the universe too!


blaise25 profile image

blaise25 5 years ago from close to you...

Holy Cheeky Muffin Girl, my pic is there! :) I love this hub so much. I treasure this so much. You're one of the most amazing people in Hubpages and you deserve more spreads moi friend. I love you and I'm so grateful you granted my request to interview you. ;)

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 5 years ago from UK and Nerujenia Author

Hey Kimberly, I love your comments! Yes, life is just like that alright, and my solution was to do my own thing! I just deal with the world on my terms more than its terms, where possible. I understand the "loving yourself" thing so much. That is important. Loving ourselves the right way - it's a bit of an art. But I know people who have a lot more than they realise and they don't know it. When we put our mind to it we can achieve a lot, and make our hearts better too.

Thanks for the nice comments Kimberly. You are Great. Big hugs from me too. :) Bless you!

Hey Fehl (blaise), of course your pic is here! You interviewed me! Mwah! I love for you for this! :) You get to be part of this hub as you asked all the questions! LOL!

Your questions are fun and I loved this. You shine!

Wow, now I am wanting to blush. Okay that's too much praise, Fehl. LOL! LMAO! Thanks for saying that. I sent you something earlier... I hope you get it. Mwah!

More spreads... heh! No worries! I am getting more! I'm getting work offers this last few months, since Webonist.

"Business is about people so how can it be anything else but personal?..." I remember that from the GodFather book. People are everything to me, Fehl. Oh I love you too, I think you know it by now. :) And yes, I'm proud it was you who did this interview too. You reach for the stars, and that's why you will succeed. :)

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Pamela99 5 years ago from United States

Very interesting read. I am happy you have achieved such success.

blaise25 profile image

blaise25 5 years ago from close to you...

Was just teasing you. :) Yup, I got the lovely ecard. Thank you Muf-Muf. Mwaaaaahhhhhhhhh!

Cheers to us all! :)

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 5 years ago from UK and Nerujenia Author

Hy Pamela, glad you found it interesting! Well, the "success" takes time! LOL! But it's the journey that makes it so worth it too! Thanks for the comment. Cheers!

Fehl, I knew you were kidding! I happen to like that photo too. Your coffee-drinking pose in Boracay is way cooler! :) You got the card. Mwah! Muf-Muf! LOL! You are so funny! Cheers Fehl! :D XO

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Nsirius 5 years ago from Fukuoka, Japan

Cheeky Girl, thanks for introducing me to HubPages. I look forward to reading more from your work.

kimberlyslyrics 5 years ago

Hey cheeky

Love ya

So there

Your stuck with me


Kiss hug


Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 5 years ago from UK and Nerujenia Author

Hey Nicolae, its great to see your comments in Hubs! You got my message! Cheers! Have you two accounts? That explains the other thing I saw. Linked In is cool too! Well I am happy you found Hub Pages! Check the Podcasts here too! Might be something you'd like, Nicolae. This is a Brilliant Community, still my favorite of all. Cheers!

Hy Kimberly, aw that is so sweet! You are wonderful too! Mwah! You really liked my hub, I'm thinking! *winks at you!* Cheers, Kimberly. Your hubs these days are amazing as always! Love you too, babe. :)

blaise25 profile image

blaise25 5 years ago from close to you...

I want a cinnamon roll and a Muf-Muf latte..Treat me? :D I read this everyday. Just amazing!

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 5 years ago from UK and Nerujenia Author

Sure Fehl! Sounds like a date. Hah! Sugar and cream with that? *laughs here* Yeah, my treat, babe! You made it amazing. Cheers Fehl! XOX :D

acaetnna profile image

acaetnna 5 years ago from Guildford

I always love to read your hubs. You make reading such fun and I never quite know what to expect!!!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago

Cool to drop by using my other robe lol Date? Ok. Can you bring my other Muf-Muf? I cant date without her.. :) Cheers! XOX

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 5 years ago from UK and Nerujenia Author

Hey acaetnna, my hubs are like that, I try to keep the mix interesting. Blaise (Fehl) wanted to do this interview, and it was fun. And I am not a woman just interested in one area or subject - I write and hub about many things. Cheers! :D

Fehl, it's good using the other ID! Okay - we can include Cathy. Hah! You are so funny! She's crazy about you! Me too, Fehl. Mwaah! Cheers moi Friend! XOX

saddlerider1 profile image

saddlerider1 5 years ago

Yo Cheeky Girl, this is a wonderful interview by Blaise25 what a brilliant gift to wake up to and read, yes you most definitely are on an interesting journey. So many coals in the fire, you are on fire girl:-)

Your mix is most interesting and you are a gifted writer as is your partner AstaNomik. All the best keep writing, the world wants to hear your gifted words. Blessings from the Saddle.

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 5 years ago from UK and Nerujenia Author

Ken, that brings a smile to my face! The journey is the crux of life, and the best part. Well, its my humble opinion anyhoo! LOL! And having several coals in the fire gives more opportunities to branch in more directions.

I take strength from that "mix", and I am so lucky with Cathy (Astra) here too. But then I am lucky to have so many special people close to me too, Ken. That makes a big difference in moi life. :)

My best writing is before me, I know it. I love writing, and reading the great writing of others, especially on Hub Pages (including your writing , Ken!) - and thanks for the blessings! You are awesome! Congrats on the books! I'd like to get them both! Cheers Ken! :)

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Cogerson 5 years ago from Virginia

Great hub...I feel like I got to really know some great information about your successes and your writing...a fun hub to read....voted up and interesting.

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 5 years ago from UK and Nerujenia Author

Hy Cogerson, well that is why I did the interview. It's good to meet one's audience through the Hub interview and get to talk about myself and let people enjoy part of my life and background. That's the cool thing - everyone has some history and this is part of mine and tells about what I do. I hope you enjoyed this. And thanks for the vote too!

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thelyricwriter 5 years ago from West Virginia

Very cool hub and found some useful info as well. Congrats to the both of you for working your fingers to the bone, literally. Great interview.

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 5 years ago from UK and Nerujenia Author

Hey thelyricwriter: I'm glad you liked moi interview! Blaise is a great interviewer! Cathy and me, we are sort of workaholics. LOL. :)

shanaya profile image

shanaya 5 years ago from Living in my Own Dreams:)

Hey Cheeky Girl! Its a cool Hub and Informative as well. Fun to read. Good to know about you.:)

Voted up, Interesting, Useful.

With lots of Respect

from SHANAYA:)

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 5 years ago from UK and Nerujenia Author

Hey shanaya, thanks for the comments. It was fun doing this interview hub! And much respect back to you also. :)

Thanks for the vote up!


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nenytridiana 5 years ago from Probolinggo - Jawa Timur - Indonesia

Wow... What a hub? that was creative. I can say a thing, It just inspired me. Thank you.

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 5 years ago from UK and Nerujenia Author

Hey nenytridiana, thanks for this! You'll find some hubbers get interviewed in the hubs by other hubbers. It is fun and a great way to be introduced to our audience! Hah! Glad you are inspired! Cheers! :D

rosariosblog profile image

rosariosblog 5 years ago from Adelaide, Australia

I actually read the whole interview & what a revealing hub it is. I guess you are just being honest about yourself. It's hard to find times when you actually hold back on what you say, which I find quite charming. You create content that are packed with genuineness and of course, valuable, reliable information. A really smart Cheeky Girl.

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 5 years ago from UK and Nerujenia Author

Hey rosariosblog, thanks for reading the hub! Er, well I tried to answer the questions! Hah! It's a weird but worthwhile experience being interviewed. LOL! And I try to vary the content in my hubs too, besides my other writing and looking after my other websites and blogs! Busy hands are happy hands! Cheers! That's mighty kind of you to say this!

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blaise25 5 years ago from close to you...

I miss you and your curly hair :p (just poking around here)


Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 5 years ago from UK and Nerujenia Author

Hey Fehl, thanks for popping by! Poke away! LOL! :) XOXO

epigramman profile image

epigramman 5 years ago

..there is only one Cheeky Girl for me are an essential hub personality/writer and have been a wonderful supporter of the epi-man - but the nagging question is - when will the lovely Blaise 25 be interviewing me?

lake erie time ontario canada 11:51am with warm wishes and good energy sent to you ......

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 5 years ago from UK and Nerujenia Author

Hey Colin! Knowing there is only one of me is a great thing! LOL! It makes shopping for myself so much easier too! LMAO! You are so funny! Well done on hitting that magical score! Blaise interview you! Did you ask her? Are you serious? I can ask her for you if you like! I'm sure she'd love it!

Love the warm energy! Like a hot mug of choco! LOL! :D

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prasetio30 5 years ago from malang-indonesia

You are one of the best hubber among many great hubbers in this site. Thanks for share with us and I really enjoy the interview here. Very inspiring hub. Well done and Rated up!


Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 5 years ago from UK and Nerujenia Author

Prasetio, thanks for the nice comment! Glad you enjoyed my interview! It's good to sit down with someone and tell them about yourself! LOL! You are pretty inspiring yourself! I love your excellent hubs! I'm following yo on Facebook too! Cheers, an thanks for the rate up! :D

tracykarl99 profile image

tracykarl99 5 years ago from San Francisco

So glad I stumbled upon this! It is very inspiring to read about your life! I admire your accomplishments ~ congrats! :)

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 5 years ago from UK and Nerujenia Author

Hey tracykarl99, I'm glad you found my hub and my story inspiring! Well I love writing and my thing is - if you can find something in life you are good at, then go for it! I hope you have plenty of success too! Cheers! :)

uniquearticlesbuz profile image

uniquearticlesbuz 5 years ago from USA

Really nice hub and useful for me thanks for sharing this hub with us.

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 5 years ago from UK and Nerujenia Author

Hey, thanks for this! You are welcome, and I hope you enjoy my other hubs too! Cheers!

epigramman profile image

epigramman 5 years ago

..Blaise 25 looks so hot in that picture Cassie - when is she going to interview me ????? And yes I have to post this beautiful side of you to my FACEBOOK page with a direct link back here so the whole world can find out about the famous CHEEKY GIRL .....lake erie time ontario canada 10:12pm

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 5 years ago from UK and Nerujenia Author

Hey Colin! You are a caution! Was that you I read about in a Canadian Newspaper? Wow! If it was I am very impressed, Sir! :)

LOL! Thanks for the comments, Colin and the linky bits too! I wish I WAS that famous! I'd never have to work again, just work on ...ermm - my fame I guess! LOL!

Time here, - time for a cuppa! :)

Interview....? H'mmm....

blaise25 profile image

blaise25 5 years ago from close to you...

Colin, wow :) I'd be so happy to interview you. It's a great pleasure.

Curly Cassy, tennis tonight? :)

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 5 years ago from UK and Nerujenia Author

Hey Fehl! That sounds an interesting idea! And Tennis sounds just wonderful! Meet me after work! I need the workout! :)

blaise25 profile image

blaise25 5 years ago from close to you...

Really need a real tennis workout LOL

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 5 years ago from UK and Nerujenia Author

I just love tennis, babe! LOL! Any excuse to play! :D You got no tennis partners there to whip?

thesingernurse profile image

thesingernurse 5 years ago from Rizal, Philippines

I loved the interview and now, am a certified cheeky girl fan! (But I would love to always call you Casandra. It sounded so noble!) :D

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 5 years ago from UK and Nerujenia Author

Hello again Tina! Thanks for loving the interview! I do wax lyrical a bit there! LOL! Thank you for the follow! But really, I am not a rock star! Just a cheeky woman! And you can call me Cassandra or Cassy - either is just fine! YO have a great selection of blogs there, Tina! You are doing things the right way! I admire you for that! (Most people usually have just one!)

Have a wonderful weekend! And I will be reading more of your hubs! :)

Eaglekiwi profile image

Eaglekiwi 4 years ago from -Oceania

I just stumbled upon this hub interview,sorry that was rather clumsy,but however I got here ,I am so pleased that I did.

I always knew there was something quite special about you,and now I know what it was..Courage from an early age to adapt and keep adapting,until your path was smooth enough to relaunch (so to speak).

So much more I could say ,but suffice to say thank-you for all the encouragement you have been to me in the past CG, it never went unnoticed. I am inspired by your tenacity and optimism and powered on by your delightful sense of humour -contagious,lovin it!!

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 4 years ago from UK and Nerujenia Author

Hy Eaglekiwi! Long time no see! How is life with you! I have to pop by and pay moi respects to your great hubs! I have been working on a novel, to get it finished and published. Hey, no worry on the stumble!

Blaise (or Fehl as she likes being called that!) - did a great job in asking me the questions, and she got some good answers out of me. LOL! I think obstacles either ruin you or give you opportunities, depending on your attitude. My Grandparents had a lot to do with it, I think. I owe them a lot.

I think courage comes a lot from self-belief. Yeah, I did get it earlier than most of my friends. Well, you are obviously a fan, and I am grateful for you telling me that. Cheers! Hah! I have my moments! And I love positivity!

If I encouraged and inspired you, then thanks for saying this too! Wow, what a nice thing to say! You get a gold star for that. :)

Please keep in touch, okay? Friendship is contagious too, y'know! :)

Angelme566 profile image

Angelme566 4 years ago

Sorry Cheeks really busy , have promised to visit your post .it's only now i find time..

I love what's all in this hub , so full of honesty . I saw and felt it here how you survived with your life , i can say then you are a survivor ! You see how successful you are now , i can really tell from here , you are a determined , disciplined , and brilliant person , very goal oriented and focused ..hats off for that !

But in the other side i am swayed out with your being so honest , no hypocrisy..what a great value you got.

But i am just a bit confused as to whom are you attached to is it to Astra ? and who is with Blaise..hahaha now sorry that i have asked , am just bit confused but anyways i love to hear all your stories..and to each story i am respecting.

Regards Cheeks...

Voted up , awesome , beautiful and interesting.

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 4 years ago from UK and Nerujenia Author

Hey Angel! No worries! Life is that kind of thing! I'm glad you had a read of this hub interview by blaise for me! It's something every Hubber should do at some point! Even you! *winks*

I think the word that best describes me is focussed. I see a thing and I go after it. Whatever that type of person is... :)

I think honesty sets us free, Angel. And confronting ourselves about obstacles that obstruct us in life - that is a big thing with me.

Yes Cathy lives with me, she is my partner of two years plus, and yes, she is Fehl's girlfriend and more. We have an open relationship, Angel. And if you think that can't be possible, fine. But it works just nice. Fehl is a very special person. We are all best of friends! Just don't tell anyone, okay? I don't want our secret getting out! LOL!

Check out Cathy's beautiful poems - they will help explain it further, and read Fehl's amazing hubs too. Fehl is "blaise25". Read her hubs under her name "twentyfive" also.

Ange it's always great to see you here in the comments. Have a grand day! Cheers!

girishpuri profile image

girishpuri 4 years ago from NCR , INDIA

It's very interesting hub, since i am new to hub society, it is indeed good to know more about it's members and of course Cheeky girl is so much blessed with immense talent, GOD bless her.

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 4 years ago from UK and Nerujenia Author

Hey girishpuri! I hope you are settling in and having a great time meeting new folks and publishing new hubs! This is a great community and you will love it here! Your hubs are excellent! :D

Thanks for this! Cheers!

Neil Sperling profile image

Neil Sperling 4 years ago from Port Dover Ontario Canada

Great interview and nice to get a deeper look into a beautiful person, "Cassy"

Raised by Grandparents in a foreign country no doubt had an influence to help you place that tongue in cheek... firmly... and then help you buckle down to earn a masters in finance... You are in my opinion a wise and beautiful soul.... I enjoyed reading more about you my friend. Love'n hugs to you always. mmmmwwwaaa

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 4 years ago from UK and Nerujenia Author

Hy Neil! It's always great to see you too Neil, in the comments! Sure, this was biographical - and yes we did move around a bit early in my life. I remember my Grandad saying to me that if I'd been a grandson, I'd be a "chip off the old block" kind of person. LOL!

When I earn my wisdom stripes, I will let you know! Heh! Thanks for always reading and most of all - being a good friend too Neil! Love and hugs to you too! Live life Neil! *Hugs*

klarawieck 4 years ago

Cheeky, what a fun interview. You're a trip! Sounds like you know what you want in life and you pretty much got it together to make it happen. I'm so very happy for you! I wish you all the success in the world!


Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 4 years ago from UK and Nerujenia Author

Hey Klaraweick, the interview with Fehl is a blast! Life is a trip, if you ask me! LOL!

Yes, I always knew what I wanted from early in my life. All things in life do require some personal sacrifice. And even if parts of my life were not idyllic, other parts of it make up a lot for that. So I can't complain, Klara. Thanks for the nice wishes - best wishes to you too! Cheers!


epigramman profile image

epigramman 4 years ago

the epi-man cannot lie - there are some very very hot women in this landmark interview hub - I keep pinching my beautiful little behind thinking this must all be a dream but the reality is here I am once again paying my respects and revisiting a classic - and classics are made by beautiful talented people like yourself Miss Cheeky Girl and the lovely Blaise - and sending my good energy and warm wishes from lake erie time ontario canada 3:54pm and now for a 'dip' in my lake

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 4 years ago from UK and Nerujenia Author

Hey Colin! Hah! I love your description of that beautiful posterior! LOL! You are such a flatterer! And it works! :P

I am working on a few new hubs, and one giant one at the moment! Due for release soon I promise! Cathy has a nice following with her poetry too! She just told me I have hit 900 followers here! Wow, only a few hundred to go and I will be up where you are! Cathy says hy too!

Blaise is amazing and she is a babe! Take care having your dip in the lake and don't freeze your wobbly bits in there! Hope the ice is melting there!

epigramman profile image

epigramman 4 years ago

.....and all three of you are amazing and you're all babes - and more importantly my esteemed colleagues and my friends too - lake erie time 9:09pm and congratulations on 900 followers - my secret to 1,000 followers plus - my pretty little bottom - lol lol

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 4 years ago from UK and Nerujenia Author

LOL! That is so funny! Colin you are such a tease! Well, you are amazing and that's no mistake, Mr Epi! Honestly! Cathy and I have often said it here... you should have some books published, as your poems and hubs and stories are legendary here now! Publish or self-publish your writing!

And put some adsense ads on your hubs! You'd make a pile, especially with over a thousand hubs now! You are sitting on money in my cheeky opinion! LOL! But do your own thing Colin, and always do what you feel is right for you. We love ya no matter what!

Oh your secret is your pretty lil bottom? OMG! That is so funny!

*Hugs ya*


Astra Nomik profile image

Astra Nomik 4 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

Thank you Colin. You are sweet.... and we love you for saying that. :)

Your secret is safe with us.... hehehe... :P

Angelme566 profile image

Angelme566 4 years ago

Cheeky , been missing your words and your work , i'll check on those if getting time and feeling great , anyways thanks for visiting my hub and for those beautiful , inspiring words.. God bless !

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 4 years ago from UK and Nerujenia Author

Hey Angel! Yeah, we missed you too! I hope things are great with you! I got some new hubs coming up so stay tuned. Yeah, your Haikus are lovely and I like to inspire! :)

Anil and Honey profile image

Anil and Honey 4 years ago from Kerala

Wonderful hub. I appreciate your ability and language handling capacity Thank you for sharing.

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 4 years ago from UK and Nerujenia Author

Cheers Anil and Honey! Glad you read and enjoyed my little interview here!

DDE profile image

DDE 3 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

Well achieved and definitely worth getting into.

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 3 years ago from UK and Nerujenia Author

Thanks DDE. Well said!

blaise25 profile image

blaise25 3 years ago from close to you...

I miss interviewing you. When are we doing this again, Peach Muffin Curly Cheeky? :p I miss you...

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 3 years ago from UK and Nerujenia Author

Hey Peach Muffin Fehl! LOL! You are a caution! ya miss interviewing me? Holy crap! Okay, then we should fix that, Fehl! I have been busy these days! Sorry for being so absorbed in other stuff! Check out Cathy's new poem, if you haven't done already! Yeah, I miss you too, babe!

*Hugs from me*


blaise25 profile image

blaise25 3 years ago from close to you...

Holy Curls me a caution?! Is that a bad thing or a good thing?! LOL I know you've been so busy. Cathy updates me LOL I hope your cough is gone now. I just dropped by to poke your hubs hehe Already read it. It's a hit :) Mwaaaaaah! Ok see ya! Her Highness is awake... :p

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 3 years ago from UK and Nerujenia Author

Erm, a good thing! It's a compliment! Dare I suggest googling it? LOL!

Yes I'm a busy bee these days with work and publishers and editors and That Kind Of thing. *winks*

Cathy's new poetry blog is getting good traffic! And Philpad is getting awesome traffic! Hey babe, if life is good, live it and own that day! That's what I do! :P


epigramman profile image

epigramman 3 years ago

Happy Valentine's day most sincerely from Colin and his cats to one of my favorite hub writers - lake erie time 4:39am

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 3 years ago from UK and Nerujenia Author

Happy Valentine's Day Colin my very good friend! You are definitely in my favorite list of everything good, Mister Epi Sir! :)

Look after those lovely cats! XOX

Angelme566 profile image

Angelme566 3 years ago

So entertained and getting something while rereading this piece. Happy easter Cheeks.

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 3 years ago from UK and Nerujenia Author

Cheers, Angel my sweet friend. How is life? I hope you're doing good! I'm glad you enjoyed the interview. Blaise is quite the interrogator! LOL!

Actually she is a babe! I loved doing this interview! :)


Dim Flaxenwick profile image

Dim Flaxenwick 3 years ago from Great Britain

Great lighthearted hub yet full of interesting things. Quite brilliant.

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 3 years ago from UK and Nerujenia Author

Hy Dim, and thanks for that! This is one my favorite hubs. Fehl (or rather blaise25) did a great job, and kept it light and not too serious. She is awesome! Cheers! Hope your day is good!

SAQIB6608 profile image

SAQIB6608 2 years ago from HYDERABAD PAKISTAN

Treat to read, Iam quite new to HUB. All please read my first ever HUB about MOTIVATION . i will love to see your honest opinions

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 2 years ago from UK and Nerujenia Author

Greetings SADIB6608!

Glad you found my interview by the very awesome blaise25 as a treat! She is a very talented lady and writer!

Welcome to the hubs and congrats on writing here! Motivation is a major factor in success and achieving goals. I will read your hubs!


SAQIB6608 profile image

SAQIB6608 2 years ago from HYDERABAD PAKISTAN

@cheeky !! All the way grateful.

SAQIB6608 profile image

SAQIB6608 2 years ago from HYDERABAD PAKISTAN

@cheeky : with respect its SAQIB ,and i would love to see your critique and comments on my HUBs.


Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 2 years ago from UK and Nerujenia Author

Cheers SAQIB, excuse my typo. No problem. Thanks!

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