Climb Google Search Engine

Climb Google search engine


i would like to share some of the things which i have found about the Google search engine. As you can see that i have reached second position out of 1,710,000 searches from the google.

it keeps on changing from time to time. When i first started i was no where on the search. This is about a hub page i made about the free ielts material. When you type this you will find my page on second number out of all the searches but it keeps on changing.

My hub is a very simple page which gives you some idea where to find the free material to prepare for ielts.

when i first started it was no where in the search but as i gave free stuff people keep on finding this page relevant and started to click.

Google search engine works on a set of programmes. If you search for anything, you get thousands of pages to work on but slowly as you go through you find the relevant material you are searching and google calculates that on what page did you stay for long,. in this way it starts giving that page priority in its search, so you start climbing up and up.

There are some pages you can make which can stay for ever(some information on products) or some pages which live for a particular period(some film festival). So if you want to make most of the clicks you should understand what people are after in a particular period of time, so that you can generate most traffic as quick as you can on your page.

For example if you write about a film festival going in your area in a particular month, you should try to make most of it before the film festival ends because people are going to search only for that period.

Later on you can write on other products. Well my advice is to put a relevant information about the most searched thing in a particular moment to get in the top position in the google search engine.

Hope this will help

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