By the end of this hub you will have a clear understanding of “who to”, “how to” and “why towrite Hubber Fan Mail. One of HubPages’ many charms is that with only one real exception, the rules and regulations are not set in stone. If you are the one in a million who wants to commit that exception, plagiarism, you might as well simply hop off here because fan mail is not something that will ever concern you. For everyone else:

WHO TO preferences:

Concerning being a fan, or honored with fans, there seem to be as many reasons as there are people in this incredibly diversified, global community. Your choices are multitudinous. It is my personal belief that any community on the net or elsewhere is enhanced by connecting. It is about establishing meaningful contact with people who have similar interests, whom you enjoy, admire, consider a friend, or would like to befriend. That covers a lot of ground since we all share the joy of writing, reading, and learning. It takes all kinds though and for some, HP is just a numbers game. Those people probably see fan mail as just another self promoting advertising spot (yeah for “approve” - or not).

How we do anything is how we do everything in life (AU).

That being the case, about the only people I have re-considered fanning, are those I’ve already fanned only to be rewarded with some form of, “You can be my fan but I’m not interested in you, reading your hubs or responding to your comments” (the quit button works too :) )

It all boils down to the fact that you can create your own guidelines, then have as much fun breaking them if you want. No one will chide or ridicule you for expressing yourself. Of course, we prefer maintaining a positive community, so if you are in a foul mood or looking for a battle, it might be beneficial to not leave feedback at all – especially not fan mail. Instead, simply post one of the following options on a forum with passion:

1) Why everyone is stupid if they don’t follow your specific religious or non-religious conviction

2) An unshakable belief that your life is adversely affected by another individual’s equal rights based on sexual preference

Yep, that ought to keep you busy for awhile! Often when our opinions differ and we react, our words can sound like the crack of a whip and as in life, there are no take-backs :(

Bearing the above in mind, the following fan mail suggestions and ideas are opinions expressed by a few favored Hubbers and my own creative surmises. In the true spirit of gratitude and giving credit where due, brief introductions to these wonderful folks are included. (Hoping you’ll float them to the top of your ‘whom to check out priority list’) Most members are willing to help familiarize us, these ones helped me, and thus I am a fan.

DISCLAIMER: Following HP’s advice, please respect their time before asking any questions and read each post in the help sections @

Not to worry, they will still be here in a year when you finish…

So, your choice for HP is to HAVE FUN and for these fan mail suggestions \/


2 simple choices
2 simple choices

OH won't you stay? JUST A LITTLE BIT LONGER :)

Making heaps of money - even while you sleep
Making heaps of money - even while you sleep


When first joining, I was a newbie here, but an oldie in business. My admiration grew immensely for the creators of hp with their foresight to include a space specifically for recommendations. We are all authors after all – who better to write a glowing reference? At least, that was on the assumption that “telling the world” meant leaving a professional endorsement to assist in advancing each other’s careers. So why was I receiving such personally appreciated but impersonally relevant fan mail as “welcome to hub pages”? Were these authors HP staff members? Maybe so because those first welcomes, as nice as they are, stay front row and center forever! The logic of this still escapes me but questions are for the forums…

After posting a few “professional endorsements” however, reciprocal mail was still not forthcoming. Questioning my writing ability, I thought, “But I have so much to share!” Therefore, I convinced myself to keep posting until I improved enough to reach that “well respected” level. I hoped eventually folks would notice – especially Google!

I thirsted for the secrets, reading how recognized hubs had to include 1500 words, 5 photos, videos, news links, etc. etc. It was taking me about 8 hours to write and post each hub and they still fell short of the essential criteria. No wonder my hubs bounced like yo-yos maintaining only a 70+ average. How had people written over 100 hubs? If they were writing on hp more than 8 hours a day, they must be making a heap of money!

Twenty-one hubs (and 2 weeks) later, my stories would have to wait. Why continue to make a fool of myself by posting sub-standard material? I nipped into the forums a couple of times, heading to the profiles of a few that made me laugh, or think. Finally posting the question in a forum, I shot off a couple emails requesting responses. WITHIN SECONDS insightful answers appeared! Were these people on the alert, eager to help anytime? "Yes, pretty much", I have subsequently realized. Thus, all of the following are truly community oriented Hubbers worth getting to know with their opinions on:

HOW TO write Hubber fan mail:

Let me offer examples to show the evolution toward finally achieving what you too may come to believe is the most rewarding and fulfilling reason to write fan mail.

evolution to rewards and fulfillment

FAN MAIL examples to help are forthcoming
FAN MAIL examples to help are forthcoming


A friend everyone would love to have
A friend everyone would love to have

Sufidreamer guides us through Greece

Sparta - I've always wanted to visit
Sparta - I've always wanted to visit

Sufidreamer : As a pro writer, making a living with his craft, he states unequivocally that he would like to live the "Hemingway dream". Surely he could benefit by a well thought-out recommendation for potential clients. As I began reading his hubs, my “business mode” became difficult because – well - I had fallen in love. He eloquently guided me on tours that filled a lifetime void of visiting places I had always longed to go. Now I really wanted him to succeed so I struggled to rekindle that “professional approach”.

Could this help hire him? “I highly recommend that you read at least a few, if not all of Sufidreamer's articles. His work sets him above the crowd with his thoroughness and professionalism. His writing style is open, honest, and easily readable by any large, targeted audience.”

As a person with true “flair”, he reciprocated in kind: “SEM Pro has the ability to adapt too many fields of writing, from light-hearted, feel-good hubs to hard-hitting philosophical articles. Her writing style is very readable, yet backed up by depth and substance.” YEAH! My first longed for professional recommendation! Thank you Sufi!

More importantly, he solved the whole dilemma with his email/forum responses: “…I tend to use fan mail for personal messages. I have had a few clients through HubPages and they tend to hire based upon the articles. The other nuance with HP is that the first four fan-mails stick, so that means that people only see the “Welcome to HubPages mail”. Then, continuing in his helpful, a friend everyone would love to have manner, he privately offered a few tips for potentially increasing success.

Smile if you appreciate HubPages :)

And Paul Edmondson,   the FOUNDING DADcEO - THANK YOU PAUL!!!
And Paul Edmondson, the FOUNDING DADcEO - THANK YOU PAUL!!!

Misha - active, helpful & sharp as a tack

"Misha" I discovered a new benefit to being email buddies - we might just get a clearer pic than posted on HP LOL!
"Misha" I discovered a new benefit to being email buddies - we might just get a clearer pic than posted on HP LOL!
Misha's GREAT profile
Misha's GREAT profile

HP staff (who may be entirely too busy to get to know us all), have an enormous number of fans because we want to keep abreast of pertinent information. I initially thought writing fan mail for Paul Edmondson would be merely repetitious with all of us saying, “Love HP – thanks!” Making it personal would be necessarily self aggrandizing as we included our own reasons for being here. After awhile, I realized of all the people in the world I'd like to pat on the back and say thanks to, it's our one and only Paul Edmondson, the FOUNDING DADcEO! After all, none of us would be enjoying this amazing HubPages community without him.

Unlike the staff, Misha, the next amazing Hubber, somehow has time for everyone! Bet he would be the first in thousands to help in a heartbeat and make your day with a laugh while at it. Misha’s (at the time of this writing) 1,457 fans clicked because he is active in the forums, there if you need him and sharp as a tack. His profile clearly shows what he enjoys, telling a wonderful story with links (and yes, I followed his inspirational lead revising my own).

Realizing whatever fan mail I wrote would not improve his already great driving or popularity a bit, I could not help wanting to connect and let him know one of the reasons, he is so loved. “What a great mind - glad you are on HP! And thank you for the welcome. Appreciate it - and [appreciate] you.”

Naturally, the warmth returned with an additional welcome via fan mail – making me smile every time I look at it. Responding immediately to the forum questions with his usual acuity and precision:

"Umm, ok, let me see what I can come up with

1. yes, once approved it is visible to everybody.
2. personal messages
3. personal messages
4. personal messages - cause I like it this way

Hope this helps "

LOL – did I mention a sharp mind? No ‘grey’ misunderstandings on “how to” there. Yes Misha, it helps, thanks :)

A fellow Canadian, Dame Scribe chimed in sharing an opinion worth considering before touching a keyboard: “1) recommendations are good if you know the person...personal messages are more real...least I think so... I leave what I know n that usually is that my fellow HP author/friends and HP team are truly wonderful and one will enjoy themselves...least I do anyways... 3) why? I prefer honesty ...personal experience is a recommendation in itself, yes?"

Reverting to my original fan guidelines, I haven’t yet sent her fan mail because she isn’t a reciprocal fan - leaves something to look forward to. Taking her sage advice of honesty and personal experience, guidelines were becoming clearer with the inclusion of reading a Hubber’s profile to get a sense of who they are/what they enjoy and at least a few hubs before fan mailing.

JamaGenee connects - personally and in her writing

JamaGenee's Avatar
JamaGenee's Avatar
Family reunions
Family reunions

JamaGenee is a true authority on fan mail with almost 4 pages of actual mail. Just photos could mean true and honest fans or there could be a string of “number fanatics”. Hers are also more content driven, showing she truly connects.

Her guidance: For new hubbers I choose to fan, I try to leave something more than "Welcome to Hubpages". If their first hub(s) really wow(s) me, I'll say so and add "looking forward to more!” I try not to fan anyone without leaving fan mail too.”

Now that is genuine offering a definite key for all of us. Why fan someone if you don’t enjoy them or their work? Moreover, if you do, why simply say WtHP? Thank you Ma’am!

By way of an introduction (fan mail): “You are an INCREDIBLE writer JamaGenee! With each of your stories, I feel as though I'm there - whether touring England, or empathizing and laughing in hindsight on the Mother's Day tradition. Thank you for sharing all so beautifully!!!

Adding this element that fan mail could be an introduction, explains why HP states, “Tell the world…”

G|M = true "GEM" as a friend offering assistance!

"I used to have too much free time. What else you expect an artist to do?"
"I used to have too much free time. What else you expect an artist to do?"

G|M with a little less free time :)

pilot ep of his radio show: or ep of his radio show. ;D
pilot ep of his radio show: or ep of his radio show. ;D

Ixxy pic

Hey - check out "Our Lives in Transition". Bet you'll love it!
Hey - check out "Our Lives in Transition". Bet you'll love it!


(answers to same forum questions)

GeneriqueMedia : "1. I know I tend to. Especially if I want insight on who the person knowing who the gel with I've a better picture of whether or not I would be interested in following their work. Though, I don't discount them if they just have cool writing. 2. I get a lot of personal messages. I love those. 4. It depends on the situation."

How many situations can there be? Before I knew it, the question was answered: “Glad you posted on the forums. =) You have a lot of neat things to say!”

I was beginning to understand because this was warm, personal, and inspiring for me - I LIKED IT :)

On a trip shortly thereafter with a reformatted laptop that refused to co-operate, GeneriqueMedia, aka G|M became [a] “GEM” to me by emailing and offering to help fix the darn thing. Just offering relieved most of my frustration – being there for me was a “touch” that will always be remembered and cherished.

Words can be potent, powerful and express our gratitude. In the form of fan mail, they last a lot longer than in a fleeting IM, chat, and blog or email message.

Thus (fan mail): “Some folks write great hubs, some folks have great messages, some inspire us, and then there are some who not only do all the above, but once connected, they are true friends who reach out and help you when in need. THANK YOU SO MUCH G|M! You have earned my eternal gratitude and loyalty! I am a fan for life :)

Lisa's Avatar
Lisa's Avatar

There are some Hubbers who do not write fan mail at all and Lisa HW offered her version of why: “…I've often thought how I should put something in my profile that says”, I’m not very 'brave' about new 'social situations' unless/until I really know how things 'work'". The only reason I mention this is because I imagine there are others like me; and I guess I hope to "promote understanding" that not sending fan mail does not always mean not admiring other Hubbers' work. In the meantime, I am going to do some more looking into the whole "fan mail" thing (it is about time, eh?). I pretty much "fan" people when I've seen a two or three of their Hubs that I find to be well written, well thought out, and/or useful.”

Lisa is a wise woman because for the first few months here, I too (obviously) saw fan mail as one of those possibly “cloudy” areas.

Putting all the information received together, I realized refining my own guidelines would save time and eliminate the “maybe yes, maybe not, why bother when life is so busy” aspects. My guiding plan of action:

1) To get to know my own fans because I truly appreciate them

2) To be honest and personal, essentially requiring reading at least their profile and a few of their hubs

3) To write fan mail in a way that might be inspiring to the recipient so they will keep writing because I love their work

4) To encourage any new and/or great writers so they would not go through the same self-questioning I went through

You'll be welcomed into peoples' homes!

transcending time as they share intimate moments, passions & philosophies...
transcending time as they share intimate moments, passions & philosophies...

ART, TRAVEL, FAMILY... where do you want to sneak off to?

James A Watkins' art "Shadows of Love"
James A Watkins' art "Shadows of Love"
Enjoy DynamicS' travels through Canada with me ")
Enjoy DynamicS' travels through Canada with me ")

Naturally, this commitment meant I had some catching up to do! Starting to read, I found myself on an exquisite free trip around the world with the absolute best companions and tour guides a person could want. Not only did we visit new geographical locations, I was welcomed into peoples’ homes transcending time as they shared their most intimate moments. Everyone was willing to partake in discussions, explaining their art, talents, family traditions and feelings, political views, philosophies and personal trials, tribulations and challenges. We discussed life, aging, hobbies, passions and everything under the sun with my new friends more than willing to help me through my own dilemmas or questions.

No newspapers, TVs or radio were necessary because many prepared for my arrival in advance with relevant photos, videos, and links/feeds for each unfolding discussion. Others would visit to join in on our discussions and I even took off with a few of them to listen to their stories and become part of their lives.

It was a journey I will remember forever with its laughter, tears, love, hope, new wisdom, and awareness at every turn. Not a thing was missing! Best of all, I have made new intriguing, caring, supportive friends all over the world I can re-visit absolutely anytime I want! Now that is what HubPages offers us all. I know life is hectic. Yet when you can pop around the world, share anything from recipes through passionate ideas on how to save the environment and each other, why not make time for such a rejuvenating treasure?

Try it, I guarantee it will be the adventure of your life! Before you know it, you will more than want to offer the same to others. After all, "strangers are just friends you have not met yet" (au). I wanted my new companion/tour guides to stick around, their friendship now an integral and cherished part of my life. The ultimate reward then is recognizing other Hubbers who are on the same journey and inspiring them to keep going with you. We all appreciate a little encouragement now and again.

Positively Impact everyone you touch

Did this help in clarifying FAN MAIL or encouraging you to write more?

  • yes!
  • no
See results without voting

I wish you - - - whatever success means for you!

And why not take a moment to make someone else's day with FAN MAIL :)
And why not take a moment to make someone else's day with FAN MAIL :)

Even though Lisa HW may be uncomfortable writing fan mail herself, it no longer mattered in the least. Without a doubt, I want her to keep writing her amazing stories!

My fan mail started coming from the depths of my heart and soul to someone who brightens life: “Keep taking me to worlds I've never known Lisa! Your easy story telling style makes me feel as though I am a privileged "fly on the wall" - complete with emotional narratives for awareness. Thank you for sharing... thank you for being you :)

Fan mail itself was re-defined: It is not a message scurrying quickly through time, nor an advertising spot for anyone but that particular author's talent. These mini messages are where your valued fellow Hubber can return to as often as they want to feel warm and fuzzy or a visitor to know why they too will have a tremendous experience taking a few moments to read.

It is a place to express our own sincerest sentiments shaping the powerful words that are our tools as we commend them. It is to offer an eternal encouraging note of recognition and gratitude for the talent they have shared and consideration in doing so.

In short, Fan Mail is offering that particular Hubber an honest message to return to when they need a pat on the back, a boost in the butt or a hug because the world is a better place for them sharing their thoughts and experiences.

Yep, my admiration continues to grow for the creators of HP and their insight in providing a space specifically for – "fan mail" :) If you've enjoyed even a moment on HubPages, why not head straight to Paul Edmondson’s site (AFTER you finish voting UP and adding your cherished comment), to offer him your pat on the back and gratitude?

To sum up fan mail then, and for the last thought to remember on this subject, let me share the beautiful words of one of our newest members. Her reciprocated mail shows the exact sentiments I now FAN MAIL hoping to elicit:

“Thanks for your kind comments SEM Pro. I hope you know what just a few of your words can accomplish. It inspires me to write again. Powerful”Julia B

If it's magic, make it everlasting :)

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Comments 46 comments

SEM Pro profile image

SEM Pro 7 years ago from North America Author

I so very much wish I could have introduced every Hubber who has touched my heart. Alas, you'd be here for days...

Please do let the world know you have passed by this way with your comment so we can all visit you too! 

Thank you for being part of HP! :)

GeneriqueMedia profile image

GeneriqueMedia 7 years ago from Earth

Just wonderful! I appreciate! =)

This is what HP is about...but most importantly, this is what life is about! =D

Connecting, sharing, interacting, being there for each other. You need not walk alone in strife, for I will always be there if I can.

Have a groovy day!

In Lightspeed,

G|M ;)

SEM Pro profile image

SEM Pro 7 years ago from North America Author

Yes, you have been there to help me realize I was not alone G|M! Thank you for adding your wonderful light - my day will be "groovier" :)

James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 7 years ago from Chicago

I enjoyed reading about your interactions with other Hubbers and sharing what you have learned through them.  I have never left any "fan mail" because I didn't understand what it was all about.  Thanks for cluing me in. 

I am fairly active in the comments section and I have read hundreds of Hubs.  Most of what I read, I like.  If particularly moved, I'll leave a comment telling the author "why" I liked what they created.  95% of the comments I leave are positive but once and a while I feel compelled to disagree—generally when someone is flat out being untruthful; or denigrating other people, or their views.

There are two occasions when I leave comments in opposition to the author's ideas:  When they are being snide, rude and abusive to other people and other people's beliefs—especially Ad Hominem attacks (attacking the person instead of simply disagreeing with them.)  AND when they abuse the truth egregiously ("'millions'" of women used to die every year in America having abortions in alleys—millions—every year—in American—in alleys."  When the real number is like 40; I can hardly let that pass.  You know why?  Because I know a lot of impressionable people read Hubs and if someone speaks with a voice of authority they may believe such nonsense unless someone has a pair and is unwilling to just let it slide so we can all "get along.")

Thanks for your Hub.  It is great!!!

JamaGenee profile image

JamaGenee 7 years ago from Central Oklahoma

What a unique hub!  (I'd say that even if you hadn't mentioned me. lol!)  But thanks for the shoutout...much appreciated!  ;D

Ditto to what G|M said about HP and life. 

SEM Pro profile image

SEM Pro 7 years ago from North America Author

And thank you so much for your addition James! I have watched you flittering around, thinking you must have taken a speed reading course LOL  And I do love your comments - they are right on the mark. Your "pair" were needed for poor Vlad - glad you were there to defend and help him realize he too was not alone.

Guess that's one of the reasons I set the default at "approve" or not. When we take a lot of time to share our experiences or beliefs to (hopefully) improve the lives of others, it's a shame to have a non-Hubber come in to try and desecrate the message!

Bet you could make hundreds sing with your eloquent words and insightful clarity with FAN MAIL (without even touching your drum sticks). Knowing you read a hub or two is one thing, knowing you care about them and whether or not they continue writing, is a whole other ball of giddy fuzzies :)

Thank you for stopping by - you always brighten my day!

BTW, are you continuing in White Summer's tradition with a reunion in Michigan this summer? I'm heading up north for awhile and would love to hear you guys - once a fan, always a fan...

Thank you too JamaGenee! Appreciate you stopping by and glad you "approve" :) You are indeed an awesome writer and pro on the subject. I'm honored to be able to "shoutout" for you!

James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 7 years ago from Chicago

Thank you for this comment about my comment.  How encouraging you are!  And your words flow beautifully and vividly.  Even this comment is a tiny work of art.

Yes, we are playing—you are paying close attention aren't you!?  June 26th in St. Joseph, Michigan, at the coolest nightclub around: Czar's.

If you came it would be a real kick. We will play as a 3 piece with the blind guitar player leading the way with his amazing playing.  I need to upload some of our stuff onto YouTube so you can hear him.  We will be playing some Hendrix, ZZ Top, Robin  Trower, Pink Floyd, Montrose. 

When I get time, I will work on that Fan Mail thing.  Today, I am researching my next blockbuster: Health Care in America.  I and going to try to get it out tonight.

Thanks again.

SEM Pro profile image

SEM Pro 7 years ago from North America Author

YEAH! I will make a point to be there - sounds like fun! Ironically, one of the reasons I'll be cruising around Georgian Bay is to secure an addy in Canada since the healthcare here in the U.S. sucks! I haven't yet figured out why our tax dollars provide all-encompassing health insurance for the multitude of government workers (who work for us?) - while we pay more than our mortgages for check-ups. Hope your blockbuster addresses that in part - I'll look for it.

And yes, we might as well pay attention in life right? I may not always have a pair, but when I'm "moved", I speak...

Most of the time I simply enjoy the hubs and get called away or move on. So I'll make a point to be as vocally appreciative and attentive as you are on the comments. Ahhh, spreading joy - life is good :)

Hawkesdream profile image

Hawkesdream 7 years ago from Cornwall

Hi Sem Pro, until now I didn't get it, you have given the fanning comments a new perspective and I understand, woohay.

You have inspired me to seek out those non comments and replace them with worthy ones befitting the author.

Thankyou for the insights.

SEM Pro profile image

SEM Pro 7 years ago from North America Author

I'm so glad you decided to "take 'em" as suggestions Hawkesdream! I didn't know we could replace them? Maybe if you "quit" and start over as a new fan with a new opportunity to write mail? Well, I doubt anyone would mind "re-approving" glowing mail.

Maybe it's good to wait until we've had time to read a few so the mail can be from the heart with sincerity. As JamaGenee said though, there are times we get "wowed" by reading just one...

I was also reminded of yet another benefit to leaving positive, warm fuzzies while commenting on "How to Create Immortality Within Your Lifetime".  In the grander scheme of things, I'm sure it adds a "deposit" in our own karmic bank accounts.

You're such a great writer Hawkesdream, you'll enjoy it as much as I do after a bit. I'm not sure who gets the bigger smile because it feels like dropping some sort of fairy smiley dust in another Hubbers mail box lol (OK, I'm getting silly now)

Kidgas profile image

Kidgas 7 years ago from Indianapolis

I wish I could say something brilliant in response, but all I can manage is WOW. Brilliant words.

SEM Pro profile image

SEM Pro 7 years ago from North America Author

"WOW" & "Brilliant" sure work for me Kidgas :) Thanks!

I'd always prefer someone say something, even if just "hi, liked it". Guess I ought to follow my own advice on that one as James helped me realize...

I am glad you stopped by - have I sprinkled smiley dust in your mailbox yet? On my way to check LOL (ah yes, a tiny dusting but about your incredibly powerful and clear goals - those are sure to guide you to success in everything you set out to achieve - that was easy to be "wowed" by :))

Feline Prophet profile image

Feline Prophet 7 years ago from India

Ouch, you make me feel really guilty SEM Pro! I always mean to go back and write fan mail for hubbers whose writing I really enjoy, but...

SEM Pro profile image

SEM Pro 7 years ago from North America Author

It was definitely not my intent to instill guilt FelineP :(

Perhaps look forward to the world tour when you have time? Or a walk down memory lane to revisit each cherished fan's world? HP suggests we spend a few moments daily to post comments. While on my journey catching up, I'd write fan mail after reading at least a few of each Hubbers' work instead of commenting. It was an awesome ride and as mentioned, I'd take off to check others out after reading feedback I particularly enjoyed (or wondered who or what intriguing hub one of them was commenting on seeing their hubtivity :)).

It does take awhile I know but is well worth it! I still haven't caught up completely, but at least now I know who I have or haven't thoroughly enjoyed by whether or not I've left fan mail. As you can tell by the number of "posts", I've done that instead of enjoying the forum camaraderie and feel closer to my own fans now - having walked a mile in their shoes...

Sufidreamer profile image

Sufidreamer 7 years ago from Sparti, Greece

Thanks, SEM - you have really made me smile (and blush!) with your kind words. I am really glad that you are enjoying the HP experience and making friends all around the world. I have tried other sites, and this is the friendliest one, where you almost feel as if you have been invited into someone's front room!

You are bang on about the fan mail - time means that I do not have enough time to leave meaningful comments on every single Hub I read (although I 'Thumbs Up'). Fan Mail is great for letting people know that you really appreciate the time and effort that they put into the Hubs.

Wonderful Hub - Thanks for the entertaining read - I enjoyed that!

SEM Pro profile image

SEM Pro 7 years ago from North America Author

Your feedback brings a smile and warms my heart as though hugged Sufi - as it is with each communication > makes me feel so lucky...

Appreciate you stopping by and especially for commenting. Clearly your words are truly worth heeding. To understand someone and jump right in, communicating the way they want, need or can relate to, shows a degree of empathy most of us will only strive to attain in this lifetime...

Sufidreamer profile image

Sufidreamer 7 years ago from Sparti, Greece

Thanks, Sylvia - Likewise! - Writing is a lonely profession, so it is nice to chat with lovely, like-minded people sometimes. Cyberhugs are always welcome :)

You keep making me blush with your kind and thoughtful words - I have added you on FaceBook, if that is OK, although I do not use it very often - my dial up cannot handle it too well :(

DynamicS profile image

DynamicS 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

SEM Pro, thanks for speaking the truth. You have inspired me to be more thoughtful whenever I leave a fan mail. Thanks for the recognition in your hub. I appreciate it.

In the Cyber world of impersonal contacts, you have certainly call us to rethink our action; to become more personal and show our appreciation for fellow writers.

I am a better 'hubber' because of you... Thanks for caring, sharing and inspiring us all.

James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 7 years ago from Chicago

You are coming to the gig!?  That's awesome!  I will be honored by your presence.

Innovator820 profile image

Innovator820 7 years ago from Back After Being Lost For A Year!

SEM Pro...your hub gave me an education. I am new to hubpages and am realizing with each passing day that the more I read, I really don't know what I don't know. Thank you for your powerful message to us all!

SEM Pro profile image

SEM Pro 7 years ago from North America Author

What a wonderful comment DynamicS! You are way ahead of the game in writing with words that make me feel as though just hugged - perhaps we Canadians are born with an abundance of smiley dust (lol) I don't remember that through the months of gray and cold each winter though - must be you that's unusually special :)

I realized how it was transforming my own comments to shift a little too. Wrote a comment to LaughingMom because I only had time to read one of her hubs. The one I landed on was amazing, touching me so deeply, I couldn't help but want my words to embrace her with all the love, care, consideration and recognition she needed. You might want to head over there, she just went through an awful accident but has the attitude we all wish we could muster when life whips us around as if made out of heartless rubber > "Slow Motion" if you have time.

Thank you for stopping by and adding your endorsement for a shift I believe almost all of us would enjoy and more than likely need in this day and age of Cyber impersonal contact you so aptly phrased it as. 

When are you due in Atlanta? I'm heading up to Canada next week - maybe we can "eat some peanuts together"? LOL (quote from Matt Damon saying it was as arbitrary as meeting for coffee)

Sufidreamer - delighted we connected on fb! Olive gardening, writing & crystals - you live a good life my friend :)  Blushing? Am I that old - I don't remember blushing in years - that might be fun lol

Feel lonely no more dear Sir - there is so much to share as we journey. You are so right too: it is good to connect with others who feel the same, looking at the world through not only our own lenses, but with a perspective to expand the joy by reliving it for others through our words...  

JamesI Hi Just finished saying I hadn't blushed in years and there you go, making me blush (lol). I am the one who is honored - I look forward to being there. Is it casual dress or should I pack an outfit with my camping gear that might not embarass? lol I have decided to camp, at least for a couple weeks of my visit. Believe I need that "just the glory of nature" for a bit...

Innovator820 - not to worry in the least. You are cruising around and learning, have published a great hub that lets us know about you (a profile would be good too and unlike our names, it can be changed as often as you like). I wrote this hub because I couldn't find a definitive answer for fan mail and as I looked around, there didn't seem to be one. Thought it might be nice to "create" one we could all enjoy giving and receiving.

Thank you so much for stopping by and especially for commenting. You are aware of the vote thumbs up right? lol I mentioned elsewhere that I only vote up, if I didn't like a hub, I'd click away quickly but leave the voting down for non-Hubbers who didn't have a clue what it was like or what it took to put oneself out there like we do with our published work. That too is up to one's individual conscious.

I can go on can't I... thanks I820 - welcome to HP!


Pearldiver profile image

Pearldiver 7 years ago from Tomorrow - In Words & NZ Time.

"Immortality Sylvia - In Depth" Don't run from the shadow that you cast. It is far, far easier to shift the sun. Thank you for you and your special immortality

SEM Pro profile image

SEM Pro 7 years ago from North America Author

Thank you Pearldiver. But, But- - - but it is so much more challenging to shift the sun! LOL  In our desire to be beacons, it is often within the darkness of a shadow that we find those who need us. We've had our time in the sun, it felt good. But it has earned us the more rewarding position of being the wind beneath another's wings...

Ahh words, etymology, semantics - we share in the joys of an amazing profession don't we?! Perhaps you are correct Rob > if we learn enough to get them right, practice forming them in new ways that speak to another's heart and soul, immortality may indeed be the ultimate reward... it's a worthy goal :) 

So glad you stopped by - and your comment is as unique and wonderful as you are :)

James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 7 years ago from Chicago

Casual dress will be fine. It's rock and roll man! And a great time will be had by all.

It will be loud, too. But a "good" loud. :D

Lisa HW profile image

Lisa HW 7 years ago from Massachusetts

SEM Pro, maybe I should have e.mailed this (rather than putting it in a comment), but I didn't see your e.mail until quite recently. Sorry for not responding. By the time I saw it, it was too late.

Over the last several weeks I've been spending more time getting to know how some of the "more obscure" things on HubPages work. After recent site changes, it looks to me as if finding the "send fan mail thing" is much easier. (To this day, I don't know how to reply to fan mail. I keep meaning to ask on the forum.)

Sufidreamer profile image

Sufidreamer 7 years ago from Sparti, Greece

Hi Lisa - a chance meeting - I was literally checking this Hub, and your comment appeared.

Click on the person's profile, join the fan club - in future, every time you look at their profile, there is a comment box that you can type the message in!

Anyway, just realised that I am not yet your fan, so time to rectify that!

Pearldiver profile image

Pearldiver 7 years ago from Tomorrow - In Words & NZ Time.

Thanks Sylvia.. It is the shadow that You cast Sylvia.... without it newbies like me can't fully develop the confidence needed to deal with being in direct sunlight. Take care of our friendship as much as I respect it. Kia Kaha!

Lisa HW profile image

Lisa HW 7 years ago from Massachusetts

Sufidreamer, thanks. I think with a lot of the "extra" stuff, it's easy for a person to just kind of use time to write, read other people's stuff, and (in my case) go to the forum to take a break from working. Fanning people is kind of obvious, so that's not a problem. I think (at least for me) it's the more "hidden stuff" I've sometimes not even known to look for.

\Brenda Scully 7 years ago

Well that was a most enjoyable read I have to say, and Sufi yes is he the golden man for me on here.....  I have that Stevie Wonder L.P. in the attic...... hope this is an everlasting experience, especially hubs like this well done......

SEM Pro profile image

SEM Pro 7 years ago from North America Author

James - I'm looking forward to that great time to be sure! Anyone else up for a fabulous time in Michigan June 26th? Who says cyber connections have to stay one dimensional? Let’s transcend it all – even time “Hendrix, ZZ Top, Robin Trower, Pink Floyd, Montrose” I’m there! I hope you can indeed find time to put a few on YouTube James. That would be awesome! Not to “see” but to be able to add flavor to some hubs too. Ever since posting “Dark Side of the Moon” and remembering the joy of being at their first concert introducing that album, I’ve been on a kick to find more of the ‘oldies but goodies’ that play in my mind while writing. So many aren’t available anymore – yet alone on YouTube.

SEM Pro profile image

SEM Pro 7 years ago from North America Author

Lisa - so glad you cruised by! Hope you don't mind having your forum response as an example. I think it's brilliant and so true. Didn't want anyone to feel obligated to add fan mail after this hub, thus your "promotional understanding".

I do believe you are the Queen of request responses dear Lady. You could teach us all on that subject. Perhaps you'll consider writing a hub to explain the ins and outs of those? Since the changes, I'm having a tough time even finding them. How about it? I'd love to read one of your awesome stories explaining which you choose, why etc. with that emotional narrative you weave in so well!

You're right too - so many more subtle nuances to HP. The "extra stuff" will keep us busy for years I'm sure. I bookmark any hubs I find that help but am usually too busy enjoying the new to head back to the bookmarks. Think I have at least a dozen in my file marked "learn"... one day :0 

SEM Pro profile image

SEM Pro 7 years ago from North America Author

[capsules keep appearing out of nowhere, as if there's a "hub bubble machine", attesting to the fact that there is always more to learn on HP - how fun! If we catch one can we make a wish? Are they timed?

"you have 5 minutes to create an incredibly awesome response"


"times up"]

SEM Pro profile image

SEM Pro 7 years ago from North America Author

Sufi! Aloha :) Thank you so much for adding any omitted details for Lisa and anyone else. Believe it or not, the first draft of this was over 3800 words. I kept slashing only to add a new "pearl", then I'd have to delete something else - whew... As treasured Hubbers, so glad you and Lisa connected!

Vladimir Uhri profile image

Vladimir Uhri 7 years ago from HubPages, FB

Thanks for beautiful hub and the comments. I appreciate it so muchie. There are so many beautiful people on the world.

SEM Pro profile image

SEM Pro 7 years ago from North America Author

Thank you for visiting and commenting Vladimir - so true and you are one of them! I loved the way you put on your profile - "then my wife and I moved to heaven"! Now that is what marriage ought to feel like!

SEM Pro profile image

SEM Pro 7 years ago from North America Author

Pearldiver - if any part of my recognizing you as an incredible writer increased your confidence, I'm sooooo glad!

"Kia Kaha"? Anything like "Baraka Bashad..."? (May the blessings be...)

Hope you'll consider joining in on the book series (profile mention with fb contact) :)

\Brenda Scully - ALOHA dear Lady! WTHP! So glad you stopped in! Thank you for your wonderful fan mail :) Love your hubs and "Hub Pages A Journey Into The Unknown" is a perfect fit to enjoy with this one.

If we send you a ticket to James' concert, can we reveal the secret of your blue eyes? lol

Glad you enjoyed this first long hub - thank you so much for the eloquent compliment(s).

I've debated posting many briefer thoughts or older 5 minute speeches but new thoughts through time or research compile inevitably extending their length. Then, once I start posting, the multi-media aspect comes into play and voila... too long for many tight schedules or passing interests on the subject matter. It's that "moving the sun" thing...

James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 7 years ago from Chicago

You were at the Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon concert?! Now, I'm jealous.

SEM Pro profile image

SEM Pro 7 years ago from North America Author

I was and it was THE most amazing concert! They were the first to introduce laser lighting - sharp, piercing, colorful laser beams covering the roof and then, like spider webs meandering through the crowd - ah, I could go on... I actually had 3 seats, each with a different group of friends: 1- front row and center; 1- just left of the stage; and the 3rd first row balcony center...felt like I owned the place - my smile almost busting off my face - I "had arrived" (who says heaven isn't on earth?) 

It was in Toronto, the first day of release but we'd managed to get a pre-release of the album 3 weeks in advance. We thought that would mean familiarity would prevent just sitting there awe-struck in anticipation. Didn't matter, we were awe struck anyway! Ah yes, the memories that last in our mind as if yesterday, making it easy to smile anytime.

Do you remember "Emerson, Lake & Palmer"? Live, they too astounded beyond any imagined expectation could - which is saying a lot because that's what I did back then. Think I stopped counting after 300 concerts, many of which were "beggar's banquets" that lasted all day or weekend... the good ole days - I miss 'em...

James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 7 years ago from Chicago

"Dark Side of the Moon" is my all time favorite album. I never saw them live. I was usually on the road myself during their hey day. I did see ELP and they were the best band I ever saw live, at the August Jam, Charlotte Motor Speedway.

I still go to a fair number of concerts. I love live music. Obviously. :D

SEM Pro profile image

SEM Pro 7 years ago from North America Author

I love live music too - and so, I am thoroughly looking forward to your concert! Wonderful chat stirring great memories :) Thanks James

Hack Retis 7 years ago

Shoot, and all this time I was just supposed to write the first thing that came to my fingers!

SEM Pro profile image

SEM Pro 7 years ago from North America Author

For you, yep Hack - cause I know you care - playful cleverness indeed :)

janiek13 profile image

janiek13 6 years ago from Florida's Space Coast

I enjoyed this hub, what a nice tribute to hubbers, old and new.

SEM Pro profile image

SEM Pro 6 years ago from North America Author

Thanks janiek13 :) So glad you enjoyed it! "If it's magic, why can't it be everlasting?" Appreciate your comment

tillsontitan profile image

tillsontitan 5 years ago from New York

Interesting and informative article! Well Done. However, I do have one newbie do you READ your fan mail?

SEM Pro profile image

SEM Pro 5 years ago from North America Author

Amazing how HP has hidden fan mail with their new changes yes tillsontitan!?! I'll have to access from another computer to get an answer. Best way to find out, since I haven't been that active lately, is to post a question on the forum > answers will be offered immediately! :)

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