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Cloud Explorer aka Mike Pugh is a very talented writer and website designer among many other things such as you tube star and photographer...

He consistently shares his photography and home made videos on health, and fun things. He's always sharing and caring by spreading and sharing hubs written by talented people and giving back to the community by being such a helpful and positive force.

Mike has also created a beautiful website for us hubbers to come together on, which has been very positive. It's a poetry website called Poetic Ink. He does a variety of YouTube videos including ones on healthy eating, and web tutorials. Join his YouTube channel here.

One of many helpful You Tube Videos

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Faith Reaper profile image

Faith Reaper 3 years ago from southern USA

Oh, I love Mike (CloudExplorer), he's the best!!! He is so tech savvy for sure and is always willing to share his knowledge and the such. Plus, he has a good heart and worked hard to get off the streets and be the man God meant for him to be.

Voted up ++++ and sharing

God bless, Faith Reaper

blondey profile image

blondey 3 years ago Author

Hi again Faith! Yes, he is indeed lovely, and the best! Awesomesauce! lol. kidding... Thank you for appreciating him and liking my hub!



Kasman profile image

Kasman 3 years ago from Bartlett, Tennessee

Loved this hub, I only recently found out about his b-ball skills honestly. He's over the top helpful and kind to any and all. I still can't believe he wrote a hub about me. He definitely shows the love of God to people. Even if someone doesn't believe in God, they might start after meeting this guy! Great hub on a great person. Sharing big time! God bless.

blondey profile image

blondey 3 years ago Author

Hi Kasman,

Thank you for showing your support for Mike, I am grateful for your awesome comment!

Mhatter99 profile image

Mhatter99 3 years ago from San Francisco

Thank you for this insight to a valued community member and much more.

dghbrh profile image

dghbrh 3 years ago from ...... a place beyond now and beyond here !!!

Its nice to know about Cloud Explorer aka Mike Pugh here. He is very talented and in the very beginning in HP it was my pleasure to follow him....he was the one whom i started following when i hardly knew about HP....it was a pleasure. Sharing and voting it up.

DJ Anderson 3 years ago

What a great hub for a talented, supportive friend.

You are a lucky lady to have a friend who encourages you.

Wonderful tribute!


aviannovice profile image

aviannovice 3 years ago from Stillwater, OK

I haven't had the opportunity to meet him yet, but I will sure do so.

ananceleste profile image

ananceleste 3 years ago from California

He is an incredible talented man. He cares about people and is not afraid of showing it. I would love to work with him in his up coming project. Great hub dear!!

blondey profile image

blondey 3 years ago Author

@Mhatter, good to see you glad you're well, yes a very valued member for sure, giving credit where credit is due!

blondey profile image

blondey 3 years ago Author

dghbrh, good to see you , that's awesome to know, there are very many people who make a huge difference here and he is one of them!

blondey profile image

blondey 3 years ago Author

Hi DJ, so happy you enjoyed this, Yes, I am lucky! Thankyou!!

blondey profile image

blondey 3 years ago Author

Hi avianovice :)

Ok! Well do then, thank you so much for all your lovely comments, hugs to you today!

Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

Gypsy Rose Lee 3 years ago from Riga, Latvia

Mike is a great and talented friend. Once you meet him you never forget him. Anything you need help with he's ready to be there and I sure love his poetry. Great tribute Rosie. I'm passing this on to my followers.

blondey profile image

blondey 3 years ago Author

Yes It's fun to write about people that make a difference in our lives, Rasma. Thanks.

CloudExplorer profile image

CloudExplorer 3 years ago from New York City

Wow Blondey this is so awesome of you to have written a hub entirely about little ole me. I am so happy to see that you cared to do so, and that you appreciated my gestures towards you and others in this awesome Hubpages community and beyond.

I been living with nothing but faith and hope in a better future for us all (Well with the help of my wife and family), just as many writers on Hubpages and beyond have indeed focused on today and in years past getting better for us all. I can tell you have made such a shift in yourself as well, as you have focused on being more balanced mentally as well as spiritually.

This to me is an awesome thing to realize for any of us, to see that our humanity is first and foremost important to maintain, and the strength of community as well is paramount as well.

Thanks for everything Blondey, you are an awesome friend indeed and a Super Duper thanks for sharing my videos, you're to much :)

blondey profile image

blondey 3 years ago Author

Thanks ananceleste! What project? lol. lot's of stuff going on that's Mike..

blondey profile image

blondey 3 years ago Author

You're welcome Mike. :) Thanks again...It's a pleasure to be your friend.

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