History of a New Hubber

My First Hub

History of a New Hubber

I have spent over two years sporadically searching the internet for writing opportunities. I have checked out free lance writing, publishing my own book, free and not-so-free online journalism courses, degrees or certificates from colleges, employment opportunities and the list goes on and on. Finally, I discovered Hub Pages while looking for employment opportunities in Thailand.

Hub Pages got my attention and captured my interest. I began reading topics, hubs, hubbers, forums questions and comments on the Hub Pages Website. I also checked other sources on the internet to learn about Hub Pages.

I then formed some conclusions which included:

* I think I want to write hubs.

* I don’t expect to get rich, and famous, but would be happy with any extra income now that I am retired and drawing Social Security.

* Hub Pages might be the avenue I need to stimulate me to write.

* Before I sign up and work on or actually become productive I need to think carefully about my name because it can’t be changed.

* I want to think carefully about my design, organization, key words.

* I want to read the terms and agreements of Hub Pages.

I thought about what topics I might like to write about and recognized that I already have vast resources of material already. Over the last ten years I have been taking travel photos along with pictures of animals, geckos, lizards, nature and individual themes that have interested me. I also have three or four folders with topics I write on, including a collection of poetry I have written and the book I have been working on. I also have a number of collections that I want to know more about and this too would make good informative topic material.

During my early research of Hub Pages I had read a suggestion that it might be good to write a hub before I signed up. I took that suggestion and this is the first hub I have written. I find myself stimulated, encouraged and anticipatory now believe that I have found my “avenue of escape” or release of my creative energies. I wasn’t ready to sign up yet but I committed myself to at least one activity each day that relates to hubbing.

I let the idea of writing Hub Pages “cook” for awhile and also discussed the idea with a few friends and family members. I became more and more inclined to sign up with Hub Pages and I received encouragement from the people I talked to.

During the “cooking” phase I fell away from my commitment to read Hub Page material daily. After a period of time I renewed that commitment earnestly with a decision that I would sign up for Hub Pages at some point. I discovered the learning center tab at the bottom of the first page during that time and read and watched videos.

A couple of evenings ago I took the “plunge”. I signed up, chose my username, uploaded my photo, and wrote my biography. I became a bit tired and decided I would take the suggestion to write my first hub when rested. Even though tired, I could hardly sleep, being so excited about theprospect of being a hubber.

This morning, two days later, I am rewriting and editing the first draft of my first hub. Once I finish this I will be ready to sign in and return to where I left off. I am finding that Hub Pages is guiding me each step and making the process quite easy.

The history of writing my first hub is now in the making. I hope new browsers of Hub Pages and people like myself who are interested in writing will find this as an encouraging and helpful hub. I really have no exact end goal other than to keep making history for myself as a hubber.


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downeaster profile image

downeaster 6 years ago from Downeast, NC

Welcome to the club. I'm new here too. I started writing for another site before I checked out HubPages. This site is far better - more activity, more options although that makes it a little harder to learn. Hope you enjoy it.

E Jay 6 years ago

Thanks for the comment. It was exciting to get a comment so soon. I read both of your hubs.

kanzonames@yahoo. profile image

kanzonames@yahoo. 6 years ago

You are doing a great job, I hope you keep it up!

Danjouras 6 years ago

E Jay,

I think your first posting is informative and has a clear-strong voice.

I do not know a lot about Hubs, but I know a bit about reading online. I would suggest succinct and concise be the watchwords for your articles if you want to build an audience of followers.


Your son

E Jay profile image

E Jay 6 years ago from Colorado Springs, Colorado Author

Succint and concise...that is good feedback. Thank you.

Dianemae profile image

Dianemae 6 years ago

I had to laugh at your first comment, because my first response was also from my son. Welcome, good hub and continue writing.

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