How to earn $100 from first month on HubPages?

Quality Content is Not to Fear

I have recently written a review on performance of HubPages and about the potential of it. So… what comes next? Next comes the feeling of earning your very first check from the very first month. The fact is, if you reach your payout limit in your first month, then not only you will reach your payout limit every month, but also, you will gain more confidence when writing future articles and automatically, they will gain the reputation of being what many folks and content gurus call “quality content”.

So, let me tell you how you can reach the payout limit in your first month. However, bear in mind that this is not some get-quick-rich scheme or any trick, you need to put your best efforts while doing it and leverage what HubPages have already achieved, i.e. great reputation in search engine’s eyes (algorithms). Then… let us get started… list style.


Training Period

  • A good start for getting your hopes up would be 10 articles in 1 day (or two at most). I know that it is very hard but think about it as ‘training period’.
  • Your first month would be like a ‘training period’ in a company where you will be judged based on your performance and assigned a salary on monthly basis.
  • Usually, the training in companies takes three to six months, and you have to work very hard. Don’t take it that you would not be doing hard work with HubPages in your first month.
  • I am not convincing you that there (in other companies) you have to work harder and here (on HubPages) you do not. I am saying that if you want to make money while sitting comfortably at your place (doesn’t have to be home), then put some effort in your first month and you’ll see the difference.
  • Here comes the part where you cannot decide what to publish or from where you will get so many articles (100 is not a number to be achieved so easily). When you think about it, if you publish 4 articles each day then you can meet the required goal very easily, but sometimes you will run out of ideas and you will not have a topic for just one article.
  • So… do some homework and write down what you like. A list of 10 to 20 interests is a great way to start.
  • Each morning, read what you like. While you are reading the list, think about the possibilities around you and whether you can turn them into articles or not.
  • Many top bloggers and article marketers don’t get ‘writer’s block’ because they do what they like and search about the possibilities around them and ultimately, turn them into wonderful articles.
  • So… if you like to paint your garage (not weird), then while painting it, have a piece of paper or diary and pen ready (come on friends, you can do that). When you are painting it, you are bound to have several thoughts about how this work can be easier, if your budget could go up then you could buy a different paint, if the paint you are using would fit for winter or rain, etc. As you see, there are several possibilities around you while you are doing a very boring (or interesting) job.
  • What happens with most people is they forget and we don’t want that to happen.
  • You can churn out 10 to 20 articles each day, if you actually pay attention to what you keep thinking all day. Painting garage was a good example I think, but you might like to go to a shopping mall today, having a diary and pen is always nice and is never weird, think about what you like and what other people are buying. You are not related to any company (if you are then it would be great) and you don’t need to sell that thing to anyone. Just write about what you think about that product. Is it nice? Is it beneficial? Is it good for your pocket? Does it look funny? Etc.
  • Do not over think! Keep your thoughts simple and everything will work out, of course, you need to write them to work on them later.
  • Writing is fun and trust me, if you are worried about handling a keyboard then type something that interests you most. It could be your autobiography, a novel, a short story, a letter to your family. Anything, that can keep you motivated to type faster and without pressure (if you think that pressure would get you a long way then you are sadly mistaken).
  • When people say that practice makes perfect, they don’t lie. Practice does help in perfection, whether good or bad. So… if you are practicing about ‘not being able to type’ then you are certainly going to be perfect in ‘not being able to type’ and think about it… is it any good? So… don’t over think… type those 10 articles as slow as you can and now that I think about it… if you are a slow typist then forget about typing 10 articles in 2 days because it would turn out as an impossible task to you. Type just 2 of them and reach your goal in 5 days. Your typing speed will only increase when you ‘type’ and ‘type some more’.
  • If you can type faster than 30 wpm, then you may go to that old schedule of typing 4 articles each day.
  • Currently my typing speed is 83 WPM (words per minute), which is a lot less than what the world is typing out there. But still, it is not bad. I can type a 1000 words article in approximately 15 minutes including the time I think about what I am writing.
  • But you don’t have to aim 1000 words per article. The reason I type in list format is because the article automatically expands itself and is easy to read in comparison to several paragraphs. You can write only 400+ words per article and still be good with readers. People like to read short and simple articles that provide value. If your article goes out of bounds then publish it in parts. However, there is no out of bounds in list format.
  • You will learn this thing from your own experience. So just type what you want to and everything will fall in its place automatically.

I hope you understand the whole process now. Don’t worry about quality content, because quality content is nothing but true information that you deliver honestly and please, don’t worry about SEO. The more you worry, the more you will not be able to publish quality content. Google says that create content for readers and not search engines and we should abide by that rule. 

Note: As you write the content. The article automatically becomes SEO (search engine optimized), because the matter (the main keyword) will certainly appear enough times to tell crawlers of Google what your content is all about. So… don’t worry and just publish… publish as much as you can without spamming (which is creating nonsense content that has no basis).

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kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 4 years ago from Gwalior Author

I was pretty excited when i got my first check Sweetie1 and thanks to HP, the next one came fatter than earlier. But then Google Panda ruined everything and now i trying to get back on my feet;.

sweetie1 profile image

sweetie1 4 years ago from India

Very nicely written hub. Maximum I have been able to earn on Adsense is way less than 100$ but I was able to make from other sources. So it would be fun if I can too make 100 here.

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 4 years ago from Gwalior Author

Thanks Zofia. :)

ZofiaLotus profile image

ZofiaLotus 4 years ago from Oregon

very useful article. thank you.

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 4 years ago from Gwalior Author

Thanks for the comment Carol7777. :)

carol7777 profile image

carol7777 4 years ago from Arizona

Good job and very realistic. Thanks for sharing all these great ideas. Voted UP.

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 4 years ago from Gwalior Author

Thanks trotter2099.

trotter2099 profile image

trotter2099 4 years ago from United Kingdom

What an excellent article. Thank you

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 4 years ago from Gwalior Author

Thanks mitshell for your kind words. I hope it helps you. :)

mitshell profile image

mitshell 4 years ago from worlwide

I keep reading this hub over and over again and with tips from i got the full understanding

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 4 years ago from Gwalior Author

Thanks Deepateresa. :)

deepateresa profile image

deepateresa 4 years ago from Trivandrum, Kerala,India

Great Piece of info and has really inspired me a lot ;

voted up.

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 4 years ago from Gwalior Author

Thanks for your kind words Bhanu.Jas. :)

Bhanu.Jas profile image

Bhanu.Jas 4 years ago from Australia

Great Hub,I am impressed with Calculations,Knowledge and Motivation you have within you..


kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 4 years ago from Gwalior Author

Anytime Dia Jacobs. Be in touch. :)

Dia Jacobs profile image

Dia Jacobs 4 years ago

I'm still new with Hubpages and I couldn't think of ideas to write on. Thank you for the great suggestions on getting ideas. I will treat this as a training period for a start! Thank you once again!

onlinecashdigest profile image

onlinecashdigest 5 years ago from Manila, Philippines

Nice info...I shall be reading and rereading this hub.

Naima Manal profile image

Naima Manal 5 years ago from NY

Thank you for this hub. It is very important to set reachable goals -- goals that you know you can do, with an added push to do more. I hope that many find success with the tips presented here, and thank you for sharing.

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 5 years ago from Gwalior Author

@Chris Kross

Hi there Chris. Glad to have your comment. I get your concern Chris. It is really not that easy to type out 3 to 4 good quality content (hubs) and keep up with your other activities.

That's why I told my friends to do this work with full focus like they are preparing for some exam or an interview or something.

It would take your whole day if you plan on doing 4 or more articles every day that provide the same value as the first one does.

But, I guess that there is nothing left but trying and trying untill we can actually do.

As a matter of fact, I once wrote 6 articles (hubs) in a day with more than 850 words and filled with informative pictures, etc. and I was so exhausted by the end of the day, that I wanted a break and I took a 3 days leave with this work.

That turned out to be a disaster because those 6 articles weren't quite good as my one or two articles that I used to write every other day or so.

So, try it out Chris but don't let the quality down. Best of Luck. :)

Chris Kross profile image

Chris Kross 5 years ago from Dallas, TX

I would love to write 4 hubs a day. I operate a trading website as well. I'm usually good for two website articles or one hub a day.

I honestly wish I could do more though, and I know I would be more motivated if I was making more money. However, it doesn't work that way. You have to put in the time first.

Great hub! I'm following you now, and voted up. Keep up the good work.

lejonkung profile image

lejonkung 5 years ago

thanks for a great article

KSchaefer profile image

KSchaefer 5 years ago from Washington, DC

Another great hub! Thanks for the pointers. I've already set a goal of 5 hubs for tomorrow. I'm not sure if I'll get all of them done, but it should at least be a good way to start getting into the habit of sitting down and writing new content.

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 5 years ago from Gwalior Author

Hi Stephaniedas, glad to have your comment. I hope you give up your laziness and work for 1 hub/day. :) That is what I am doing because I am a big time lazy man myself.

I write that one hub as soon as possible in the morning. My mind is fresh and fingers are not tired, so typing that one hub feels great.

And I love the feeling when I don't have to worry about a thing after I finish that one hub because something keeps telling me "you have completed one hub man! Now have some fun!".

Wish you good luck friend. :)

stephaniedas profile image

stephaniedas 5 years ago from Miami, US

I loved reading this! Voted up, useful, and awesome. This really motivated me to write more...the most I've done has been 3 in one day, and I usually have trouble sticking for writing 1 each day because of laziness. Thanks for the push and optimism.

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 5 years ago from Gwalior Author

Hi Daniel Deepak, thanks for dropping by. I loved your hub about Wordpress permalinks.

I was editing my blog when I thought about editing the permalink structure as well. Your hub helped me a lot to understand why it was important.

I have changed them in order to get better SEO results from Google and hopefully it would increase my revenue from blog.

Daniel Deepak profile image

Daniel Deepak 5 years ago from India

Thanks for the motivation to write more hubs.

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 5 years ago from Gwalior Author

Thanks Sparrowlet for your wonderful words. Cheers. :)

Sparrowlet profile image

Sparrowlet 5 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

Another great hub of yours, thanks much for the tips!

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 5 years ago from Gwalior Author

thanks for your kind words.

MonetteforJack profile image

MonetteforJack 5 years ago from Tuckerton, NJ

I gained some insights from your hub. Thanks!

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 5 years ago from Gwalior Author

Hi Jedijessicuh I am so glad that it helped you. I have gone through your hub: How I proposed my hub? and all i can say is "beautiful" and "sweet". :)

JEDIJESSICUH profile image

JEDIJESSICUH 5 years ago from Kansas

This was very useful considering I just started HubPages. I've settled with doing at least three articles a day during the week, but I can see the benefits of writing more. Already I have lots of ideas for hubs that I've written down. Thanks for this. :)

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 5 years ago from Gwalior Author

yeah Mitshell, that's right. thanks for dropping by.

mitshell profile image

mitshell 5 years ago from worlwide

idea just come and go,putting them on paper helps a lot

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 5 years ago from Gwalior Author

Hi, Bud Gallant and Bohemiotx. Thanks for your comment. It amazes me why folks are surprised when I tell them to write 5 articles each day (making 10 in 2 days). It is obvious that if you have a tight schedule then this would turn out to be a very difficult task. But still I am telling it after trying it.

I myself have written 5 articles for quite a while and saw if it was that much difficult and the answer is 'NO'.

I work for few more article revenue sharing sites and I can tell you that writing 5 articles a day is easily one of the easiest jobs around us.

But it won't be if you are pretty darn lazy, kind of like me, but I am not a full time lazy bones.

So, before saying that writing 5 articles a day is just too superficial or unnatural then you might as well give up.

I apologize for being so direct but that is the way things are nowadays.

bohemiotx profile image

bohemiotx 5 years ago from Tyler, TX

Good article, but I can't imagine writing ten hubs in a day or two. Frankly, I'm saving technical stuff for hubpages, and I write about local events for a TV station's website. Curious to see the reaction to my comment.

Bud Gallant profile image

Bud Gallant 5 years ago from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

This is very good advice, and I agree that 100 articles is an excellent goal for new authors starting out. Like you said, it is work. Some people expect that an hour of writing a day is going to pay them the same as fulltime job where they'd be working for 8 hours in a day. That's just not a realistic expectation. If you want high money, you need to have high production. 4 hubs a day would be a great way to get off to a solid start.

I'm impressed by your ability to do a 1000 word article in 15 minutes. That's much quicker than what I am currently doing. I'll have to work on that.

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 5 years ago from Gwalior Author

Hi Netties, I m so glad that it helped. I wish you good luck on your way to success on HP. :)

I would like to tell you that for starters, don't forget the power of commenting and i am sure that you are already doing it but don't give it up once you become a great hubber.

Keep us posted with ur wonderful hubs. Cheers. :)

Netties answers profile image

Netties answers 5 years ago from Hollywood, CA

Hey kksonakiya!

I'm a newbie too, and I loved the info you gave. It helpe me a lot! I hope to get proficient at HP and give out useful info in the manner you suggested.

Keep up the great work!

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 5 years ago from Gwalior Author

Thanks Venki_indiain, I'd be looking fwd to your hubs regarding hubpages review as well. :)

venki_indiain profile image

venki_indiain 5 years ago from Chennai

Very nice and informative article. I feel, if I follow what you said, things will work. Sure I will give a try. You showed me a path when I am not able to fix target and how to start my earnings. Thanks a lot.

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 5 years ago from Gwalior Author

Your welcome jm72writes. I m just trying find my way in Hubpages world.

jm72writes profile image

jm72writes 5 years ago from Missouri

Thanks for the wonderful hub! It will help me a lot.

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 5 years ago from Gwalior Author

Thanks Whoisbid. If you owned two of me... u'll have a new world of tensions opened up. :). lol

Thanks Dyang for agreeing with me, glad to be ur follower.

profile image

dyang 5 years ago

>> What happens with most people is they forget and we don’t want that to happen.

Agreed. Thank you for sharing us with your insights!

whoisbid profile image

whoisbid 5 years ago

Wow! You are amazing! I wish I owned two of you!

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 5 years ago from Gwalior Author

Thanks Sligobay and Lobonorth for visiting my hub and keeping me motivated to write more and more.

lobonorth profile image

lobonorth 5 years ago

I will have to revisit the article since there's a lot of useful information. Thanks.

sligobay profile image

sligobay 5 years ago from east of the equator

I found this article informative and encouraging. I need to read less and write more I think. Thank you.

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 5 years ago from Gwalior Author

What r u talking about Murray? What's dumb? Earning $100 from first month on Hubpages after publishing enough articles? or sitting on couch after publishing 1 in a week and thinking that 'i will publish another one after this one earns more than $1'?

Please be clear and do reply back.

Murray G Maclagan profile image

Murray G Maclagan 5 years ago from The Hood - North Kamloops, BC Canada

Dumb question, I am another HP-newbie and I wonder if it would help newcomers to have a test bench - like a forum of successful HP mentors, where we can submit a Hub and have it checked without having to post live on Hub Pages? I have the same anxiety with Karaoke, it is like going to a pawn shop or a food bank, it only feels bad the first time, then it starts to become a new routine.

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 5 years ago from Gwalior Author

Hi Vocalcoach, I am preparing 10 articles for Triond to start with. All of them will be like sister articles of my blog articles for backlink purpose. I'll look up to you and follow you there as well.

Hi Tony Tucci. If you were following me then you would certainly know that my routine of 1 article day broke just 2 days ago. I am unable to submit at HubPages as I much as I said because my online activities aren't limited to HubPages only. I wrote an article on How to maximize your adsense earnings? I've list several article revenue sites there and I work for them as well and my blog.

When I was talking about 10 to 20 articles each day, it was for those who don't want to do anything besides HubPages. As for my lack of articles, I would not be publish 100 articles anytime time, because I have to start another website of mine and it will take one heck of a long time.

In any case, since I've already reached my decided goal on HubPages, it would be pointless to work for it and not for my blog and website.

I appreciate your concern, that I must follow what I said. But I think I have also cleared that if you want to make a living then 10/articles each day for 1 month, would be the right thing to do. But everyone chooses his/her own pace and i m not forcing anyone to work beyond their limits.

If you continue to follow me, you would only get bored yourself. Because I am already getting what I want from HubPages. You should focus on delivering what feels best in your gut. Cheers.

Tony Tucci 5 years ago

i read ur article really inspiring and motivational but when it come to implement it is totally different and impractical task.Writing article for a hub is way far as compared to work for a firm.

Although u wrote about generating 10 to 20 article each day or two by taking general ideas of day to day life is appears good at first sight but soon this methods looses its charm and u come back to where u started.

One more thing i'm following u from past few days and u hardly submit single task a day and it appear that u r not following what u r suggesting.

vocalcoach profile image

vocalcoach 5 years ago from Nashville Tn.

I just joined triond, but not sure how it works and how I benefit from it. I will look for you and follow you. :)

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 5 years ago from Gwalior Author

My pleasure LemmyC and thanks for the wonderful compliment. I'll try to be as honest and frank as I was with this hub in my future hubs. Your comment is full of motivation and appreciation. Thanks again. :)

lemmyC profile image

lemmyC 5 years ago from UK


I enjoyed your article and upbeat nature. keep it up. I've had a glance at your blog - awesome.

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 5 years ago from Gwalior Author

Thanks Vocalcoach for such a wonderful comment. I love ur articles as well. i m currently working for Triond in order to increase my payment via paypal. :)

vocalcoach profile image

vocalcoach 5 years ago from Nashville Tn.

Another very good hub on improving and reaching goals at Hubpages. I love these types of articles. Appreciate your clarity and easy-to-follow format. Rated up! :)

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 5 years ago from Gwalior Author

Thanks Benny and Crystolite for agreeing and making me more confident about how articles must be created. Next stop is my own 100 articles mark, because it would feel strange when i m telling to produce 100 content and I am not in the league.

So... next article on HubPages review would be, what happens after 100 articles on HubPages?

crystolite profile image

crystolite 5 years ago from Houston TX

kksonakiya, i agree to what Bennythewriter said.

BennyTheWriter profile image

BennyTheWriter 5 years ago from Northeastern U.S.A.

Great Hub! You give a very good overview of what it takes to be a prolific Hubber, or writer in general. Thanks for reminding me as well to write content for human beings and not for search engines. When you really need the money, it's easy to get caught up in the "business" side of things and let the passion that fueled your first efforts fizzle out.

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