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Has Your Traffic Been Hit Since the New Google Update?

Hi Glassvisage, I saw you on the front page and you seem pretty active in messaging, so I wanted to ask you a question in hopes that you would respond. I'm thinking of starting out my endeavor in Hubpages, but after doing some research it looks like the search engine rankings for this site took a hit after the new Google PANDA update. This seemed to have affected earnings quite a bit. I just want to know if this is a real problem, have you seen a dramatic difference? Thanks in advance!

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glassvisage says

5 years ago
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sweetie1 says

4 years ago
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    sweetie1 4 years ago

    Sorry didnt notice it was so old question. Hubpages was down about 10 days back and I got problems since then

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Shahid Bukhari says

5 years ago
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