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Adsense does not show my earnings and page views from my hubs?

Lets say I have a site with Adsense. When we log on onto Adsense, it shows the number of page views that we have, the number of clicks and the earnings. However, I'm sure those page views are from my site and not my hubs. That brings me to this question. How do I know my earnings from hubpages? It seems that the Adsense interface is only showing the amount that I earn from my site.

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jokobyte says

4 years ago
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conradgoh says

5 years ago
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Internet-Security says

5 years ago
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    C_MarieWeber 4 years ago

    Adsense earnings are viewed through Adsense. Hubpage Ad program earnings are shown on our profile.

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msivakumar says

5 years ago
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