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I have a problem setting up adsense. Can anybody help me?

I have set up adsense But still on review mode my problem is that hub pages adsense id isn't my adsense id. It appears that you have associated a Google AdSense Account with HubPages with the publisher id ca-pub-665562xxxxxxxxx but that the association process is not yet complete. You should have received instructions for completing the process by email from Google. that listed Id { 665562xxxxxxxxx } isn't correct. What should I do?

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Teresa Schultz says

4 years ago
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    securityonline 4 years ago

    First of all thank you for the comment. Hub pages is saying my id is 665562..... but my actual id starts with 77451........ I only have one adsense account. Yes you're correct. I will ask for help.

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Akarime31 says

4 years ago
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