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How to use google analytics to monitor each hub in my hubpage?

I have set up google analytics and get the date about visits on my page. But how to find out the data on each hub? I have been trying to searh on line, the research results seemed to tell me to also use webmaster tool to get more detailed report. I did, but nothing came out. I saw some people said they get code for each hub? Is it the best way and how to do that? Thank you.

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NeilsHotDeals says

4 years ago
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    Burgeon 4 years ago

    It works!! Thank you, NeilsHotDeals!I will look forward to your hub! When I was exploring google analytics,I got messages telling me I need to enable webmaster tool to be able to use some functions. It would be great if you can also include that part

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Brandon Martin says

4 years ago
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