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Why would the information so another hubbers can contact us through HP disappear?

In the past a fellow Hubber could send me a "personal" email through the HP system... If I chose to respond they that Hubber had access to my personal email address, otherwise they did not. For some unknown reason the line of information on the right side of my home page has disappeared, meaning no one can contact me individually. Why would it disappear? How do I fix it? Who do I contact to resolve this? Thank you.

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ThoughtSandwiches says

4 years ago
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    Theresa Ast (phdast7) 4 years ago

    Thank you Thomas for fixing the problem (that was only in my mind). I am so glad this little mental glitch on my part is just between you and me. :)

    Seriously, thanks for helping. I appreciate it.


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Sparklea says

4 years ago
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