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    Amid a Stoner's Night Dream

    11 years ago

    Names have been altered to shield the guilty. Not that many need shielding as there’s just the three of us. Me, Bottom, and Puck. My name’s on the story so abjuration is pointless. As such, just two names are being altered: Bottom and Puck’s....

  • To Kill a Mockingly Bird

    To Kill a Mockingly Bird

    11 years ago

    The Microsoft Word program opens as quickly as the aging computer allows. With fits and starts, an hourglass begins to twirl before changing its’ course and starts to swirl. The flash of a corporate icon reminds me which program was activated...

  • Fear and Loathing on the Paper Route

    Fear and Loathing on the Paper Route

    11 years ago

    The evening had started out inauspiciously enough. I had just started reading Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas when my roommate, Erika, had come into the room. “We were just outside Barstow when the drugs began to take...

  • The Wonderful Wizard of Reno...Part 9

    The Wonderful Wizard of Reno...Part 9

    11 years ago

    The Late Arriving Reader notices that the Lobby is empty. A small table hosts a single light and a small sign which reads... “Please click HERE if you are joining the tale now...this will put you at the beginning of the Story...” I Hope you...

  • The Wonderful Wizard of Reno...Part 8

    The Wonderful Wizard of Reno...Part 8

    11 years ago

    “Psst, Psst? Hey Mack? You have tickets to this show?” The voice arrests the forward movement of the excited reader who is about to enter the theater... “Why yes I do. Thank you.” They respond promptly. “And you’re joining the story...

  • The Wonderful Wizard of Reno...Part 7

    The Wonderful Wizard of Reno...Part 7

    11 years ago

    Would you enter the freeway from an off-ramp? Of course not...You would be going against traffic and you would look Drunk as the "F" word. I’m not a lawyer...I’m not sure...But you don’t want that. I am the Author of this fanciful Tale and I...

  • The Wonderful Wizard of Reno...Part 6

    The Wonderful Wizard of Reno...Part 6

    12 years ago

    The reader who begins the story here will be very disappointed in their comprehension scores. Please note...This is Part 6...Part 1 would be a better place to start this fanciful Tale of the Wonderful Wizard of Reno... Please Click HERE to enter...

  • The Wonderful Wizard of Reno...Part 5

    The Wonderful Wizard of Reno...Part 5

    11 years ago

    I should like to begin by thanking everyone for reading, commenting, enjoying, and contributing to this literary pursuit. As I mentioned...Your shoes and car keys will be returned following the conclusion of this tale. Towards that end...numerous...

  • The Wonderful Wizard of Reno...Part 4

    The Wonderful Wizard of Reno...Part 4

    11 years ago

    As this particular piece of literary ‘fatty meat’ is being offered in a multi part serving...Beginning this particular story here will, undoubtedly lead to heartburn and Indigestion. Who wants that? My recommendation would be to start with...

  • The Wonderful Wizard of Reno...Part 3

    The Wonderful Wizard of Reno...Part 3

    11 years ago

    Four out of Five Dentists agree...Starting here Will Lead to Tooth Decay and Insanity. They also agree that the Fifth Dentist...Is Just an Asshole... Click HERE to Begin the Tale at the Beginning... I Hope you Enjoy.

  • The Wonderful Wizard of Reno...Part 2

    The Wonderful Wizard of Reno...Part 2

    11 years ago

    This would, most certainly, be an ill-advised place to enter this particular story. Pure mental pandemonium will ensue... Might I suggest beginning the Tale at the Start of the Story? ...This can be accomplished by clicking HERE. I Hope you...

  • The Wonderful Wizard Of Reno

    The Wonderful Wizard Of Reno

    11 years ago

    I have a confession...You have been lured here under false pretenses. expected a long story. Oh...don’t is. It is also unfinished with an, as yet, un-formulated ending. (No...I mean like I don’t have a clue...). ...

  • Train, Rain, and Pain

    Train, Rain, and Pain

    11 years ago

    Recent business reverses force me to reappraise my writing career. My ill-advised attempts to ‘corner’ the Internet has led to the ownership of twenty-three copies of The Game of Monopoly, near insolvency, and an embarrassing criminal...

  • Don Quixote vs. Don Knotts

    Don Quixote vs. Don Knotts

    11 years ago

    Real-life, wanna-be, hack, short-story writer, Thomas, is passed out on his bed in a disheveled pile upon an even more disheveled mound of laundry. He appears, in very real danger of drowning, in a puddle of drool, of his own making. ...

  • The Ghost of William Hurt

    The Ghost of William Hurt

    11 years ago

    The title is misleading. For one thing, there is a pretty good chance that William Hurt is alive...thus negating the need for any ghost. Randomly killing famous people off in casual conversations, based on innuendo and rumor, is something I do. ...

  • 'O...(So It's)...Canada...

    'O...(So It's)...Canada...

    11 years ago

    The answers to the puzzle arrived on my mental doorstep in staggered formations and out of sequence. A clue here...glimmer there...finally...the thesis arrived, fashionably late...and all was revealed. My thought process crystallized. Disbelief was...

  • 91

    Mrs. Leonard was a Bitch

    11 years ago

    I’m attempting to solve one of the greatest mysteries of the universe and I sit here befuddled and perplexed. Like the obscure rise and fall of Hub scores...occasionally...perplexed would surge and the rankings would be reversed. Mostly...

  • Crunching and Punching

    Crunching and Punching

    11 years ago

    There was unrest in the forest... Natural resources were disappearing. This scarcity alone guarantees turmoil as uncertain markets contract in an uncertain economy. National financial institutions are occupied as everyday citizenry demand...

  • P...andas, E...lephants, T...igers, and A...nimals.

    P...andas, E...lephants, T...igers, and A...nimals.

    11 years ago

    I normally like to ease my reader into whatever adventure I have planned for them. It’s only right. It’s the difference between the $3.00 tour and the $5.00 tour. I use it to hide the fact that the only actual difference between the two...

  • Cooking with ThoughtSandwiches

    Cooking with ThoughtSandwiches

    12 years ago

    I’m a guy. I’ve got my signature impress the ladies. That’s been so long since I’ve signature dish...fillet and breaded Puffer fish in a light clam sauce...might be a little dangerous to prepare...

  • 71

    "The Hacker's In the Dell..."

    11 years ago

    There are certain things that occur to a person as they wake up. A way of ordering the day, really. The need to pee. The need for coffee. The dentist appointment that afternoon. It is also a time for reflection... Like every morning, I was...

  • The Probing 'A' Question

    The Probing 'A' Question

    12 years ago

    I have a sixth-sense thing going on. An internal antenna that warns of catastrophe. It’s almost eerie. In fact, it would be eerie if this feeling occurred just prior to a catastrophe…normally it kicks in about fifteen-minutes into the ordeal. I...

  • The Breakup

    The Breakup

    12 years ago

    This hasn't been my longest relationship. Neither has it been my shortest. That’s the nature of relationships, I suppose. They end…with the ending rarely being as nice as the beginnings. The butterflies of excitement that flutter into your...

  • Orphans?  They're My Problem?

    Orphans? They're My Problem?

    12 years ago

    I don’t have any children. Least wise…none that I am aware of. It should be noted that I do not periodically conduct paternity surveys to find potential spawn issue…nor…should this be considered an invitation for others to deliver this...

  • A Writer's Hero Journey...Part 6

    A Writer's Hero Journey...Part 6

    11 years ago

    After leaving the lake we find ourselves at an intersection of hallways. Our journey’s winding down and the most important consideration is getting Faye on her way to Burning Man. We’re headed down one of those halls, which has illuminated neon...

  • A Writer's Hero Journey...Part 5

    A Writer's Hero Journey...Part 5

    11 years ago

    Something had gone terribly wrong in the Forum postings. I can sense Creative Voice battling his own demons as I focus on what had gone awry. He’d successfully cleared out the political forums before moving deeper into the abyss… I can see him...

  • A Writer's Hero Journey...Part 4

    A Writer's Hero Journey...Part 4

    11 years ago

    Once I stop imagining Faye and I sweating up the clauses and cavorting between the commas…I’m able to focus. “Well, if we are going to handle the demons that are stopping me from writing, we will either need reinforcements or we will have to...

  • A Writer's Hero Journey...Part 3

    A Writer's Hero Journey...Part 3

    11 years ago

    The huge dark shadow continues to move towards us. Creative Voice backs away fearfully as I bravely move forward to shield Faye from any possible danger. Internal CD Player listlessly plays Barry Manilow’s ‘Copacabana’. Barry Manilow...

  • A Writer's Hero Journey...Part 2

    A Writer's Hero Journey...Part 2

    11 years ago

    I’m in my Hubsville office which I’d appropriated a few weeks back. The space was not without its limitations…chiefly…a lingering smell of past culinary atrocities. Additionally, the ceiling is covered by a Combat Air Patrol comprised of...

  • A Writer's Hero Journey...Part 1

    A Writer's Hero Journey...Part 1

    11 years ago

    This offering pays homage to a number of different ideas and motifs. It represents (My version) of the Joseph Conrad Hero’s Journey. As such…It’s weird…and in six parts. I have posted it within the Literature category. To all those who hold...

  • The Betty Situation

    The Betty Situation

    11 years ago

    I was in a foul mood.7:00 A.M.--in my office--on a Sunday. Normally that would not bother me…this time it was a problem because I had to be here too. A few hubs back I had played light, loose, and fancy with the conventions of commas and the...

  • Hire Yourself!  Freelance Writing.

    Hire Yourself! Freelance Writing.

    12 years ago

    I was nervous. Who wouldn’t be? I was dressed OK. My typical flip-flops and t-shirt had been replaced with my “fancy” sandals and my lucky “button down” Hawaiian shirt (the one that still has all its’ buttons…hence…the luck). ...

  • Confession of a Hubber...LOL

    Confession of a Hubber...LOL

    11 years ago

    So, fellow Hubbers…Having prepared some more Thought (Sandwiches), I offer them for your consumption… I have settled in nicely to or, at least, what my mind has conceived of, as In matters of technology, I tend...

  • Palin's Army

    Palin's Army

    11 years ago

    I viewed my chances of winning at a little less then equal going into the bout. Maybe I had about a 42-percent chance of taking home the purse? Fact is, I didn't know. I’m not really good with percentages. While I’m not out of shape, by any...

  • 54

    "I Don't Like Leaving Meat in a Car." A Search for Controversy.

    12 years ago

    The Lake Tahoe trip had ended. It was also the ending of another beautiful summer weekend in Northern Nevada. Hot? Oh, certainly. I don’t complain though. I would never think to spit into the eyes of the Sun God and imply he was working too hard....

  • The Importance of Following Hubbers...For the Newbies

    The Importance of Following Hubbers...For the Newbies

    12 years ago

    Damn. I was already arriving late to the (maybe) biggest party of my life but that wasn’t my primary worry. My biggest concern was that I didn’t have an invitation to the event or any idea about what the dress code might entail. After driving...

  • Gaming with Avalon Hill

    Gaming with Avalon Hill

    12 years ago

    Adult games played on a board? Regrettably, no, I am not speaking of an interesting combination of planking and porn; however, the visual has now afforded me at least three new hub ideas. Four if I am able to somehow factor in this (even newer)...

  • The Perfect Neighborhood...A Short Story...Part 2

    The Perfect Neighborhood...A Short Story...Part 2

    12 years ago

    Having moved past the house with the hippies, Angus McGriffin remained alert for further signs of urban decay. His eyes sweep back and forth taking everything in; the sharp gaze like a pitchfork stabbing into random bales of hay. A torn, stained,...

  • The Perfect Neighborhood...A Short Story...Part 1

    The Perfect Neighborhood...A Short Story...Part 1

    12 years ago

    Enshrined within the Declaration of Independence, are the words “Pursuit of Life, Liberty, and Happiness.” An earlier draft of Thomas Jefferson’s famous document actually read, “Pursuit of Life, Liberty, and Property.” To our third...

  • Saving Shelter Dogs

    Saving Shelter Dogs

    12 years ago

    I had found a new friend while desperately searching for an old one who had somehow slipped through an untended gate. My roommates and I like to think that “Burnsy” has found a happy temporary-forever home (until we find him again!) This all...

  • The Polling Place...A Short Story...

    The Polling Place...A Short Story...

    11 years ago

    The old man’s eyebrows were daunting. Use of the plural, of course, was more for convention than an actual accounting as he appeared to have only the one monster brow which, in the fashion of old men, looked more like a feather duster that had...


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