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Am I allowed to publish someones name and address on hubpages?

I am about to do a hub about a particular topic which affects a lot of people in the UK. It's about companies scamming people in short... I have credit checked one of the main antagonists and have the directors address as a result as well as the companies detailed accounts. What am I allowed to publish in my hub? And what are my rights with regards to defamation of the company? I know the hub will get loads of google traffic once its done, the company are also infamous for finding things like this and trying to shut them down, as well as leaving derogatory comments about the authors...

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Joan Whetzel (joanwz) says

4 years ago
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msorensson says

4 years ago
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Dr.S.P.PADMA PRASAD (prasadjain) says

4 years ago
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    Matthew Kirk 4 years ago

    I have personal experience including emails, as well as a whole load of other internet based testimonials.

    I can see that they have an international D rating as a credit rating - can I publish this at least?