Bill Cosby Guilty Harvey Weinstein Arrested And Mr. Trump?

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  1. JAKE Earthshine profile image78
    JAKE Earthshineposted 15 months ago

    ABOVE: Trump Accusers that we know of: Is Mr. Trump above he law or will these women get their day in court to prove these horrific accusations?

    1. Castlepaloma profile image74
      Castlepalomaposted 15 months agoin reply to this

      Trump is a victim, formed as a bi- product out of an American bio Corperationism lab.

      He now has a license to steal, murder and rape.

      1. JAKE Earthshine profile image78
        JAKE Earthshineposted 15 months agoin reply to this

        Well Castlepaloma, that's only true if the people and a Russian controlled republican congress give him that license: I seriously doubt real Americans who are still the overwhelming majority, are ready to give one disturbed megalomaniac 71 year old that explicit permit:

        Midterms are coming fast, we'll see how devastating it turns out to be for Mr. Trump's republican accomplices in congress:

        1. wilderness profile image96
          wildernessposted 15 months agoin reply to this

          Wow!  We've gone from false claims of collaboration with (now) President Trump to Russia controlling over half of congress!  Good investigative can we have the evidence supporting that statement?

          1. JAKE Earthshine profile image78
            JAKE Earthshineposted 15 months agoin reply to this

            Evidence that Russia controls the corrupt Anti-American republican side of congress? Sure, Mr. Trump still has the key to the white house, that's direct prima facie evidence, the best you can get:

        2. Castlepaloma profile image74
          Castlepalomaposted 15 months agoin reply to this

          Can't find stats of Russians in the American Congress. Since America and Russia are predominate white and own 90℅ of the world's nuclear weapons. They are bonded by fear.

          Since Trump is 1000℅ behind Israel That is great news for fake Jews: The largest percentage of Jewish members in recorded history, at 8%; in Congress..Jews make up just 2% of the U.S. population Protestant and Catholics, too, are overrepresented. A whopping 91% as members of Congress identify as Christian. Is America a Judith Christian nation or what?

          The group most notably underrepresented in Congress is the religiously unaffiliated. Such individuals make up 23% of the general public but just 0.2% of Congress. There are no Jewish Republicans in Congress.

      2. Randy Godwin profile image93
        Randy Godwinposted 15 months agoin reply to this

        C'mon CP, tell us what you really think about Spanky!  He seems to thoughts from many people for some reason. tongue

        1. Castlepaloma profile image74
          Castlepalomaposted 15 months agoin reply to this

          Funny, how some think I am unintelligent for not sheepishly following an extreme right or left delusion of freedom..America has become one of the most unfree countries in the world. Where is the brave for the truth?.

          Let say, I won't claim superiority onesideness left or right.. Just because mercenary for the wealthy like Trump,  tells us so.

          I think it's more intelligent to be balance. Kill me now, if my  extremes love, for all, is wrong. Trump needs a lot of love, for his illness.

  2. Wesman Todd Shaw profile image96
    Wesman Todd Shawposted 15 months ago

    The message I'm getting here is that for persons who lean left, facts simply do not matter. Allegations are what matter. Due Process? Just like under Stalin, due process matters none to leftists.

    I guess we are just dealing with a group of persons with far lesser intelligence capability. That's the sort which leans left these days. An example can be found at the top of the page.

    Then there is Spanky the Clown of house Godwin....

    1. PrettyPanther profile image84
      PrettyPantherposted 15 months agoin reply to this

      To be fair, you must say the same thing "for persons who lean right."  These forums are full of posts saying Hillary is guilty of getting people killed in Benghazi, murdering her enemies, and violating security regulations.  She's never been found guilty of any of them and has been subject to due process through many investigations, including FBI investigations.

      So, are these persons also of "far lesser intelligence capabilities"?  Using your own criteria, you would say they are.  I look forward to your next post taking these people (who generally lean politically to the right) to task for demonstrating "facts simply do not matter. Allegations are what matters. Due Process? Just like under Stalin, due process matters none to right."

      I'm sure I'll be seeing many such posts of yours, since an unbiased observer would evaluate individuals based solely on their own posts and not attribute their personal characteristics to an entire swath of people based on their political leanings unless, of course, they do it both ways.  And you are an unbiased observer, right?

    2. Live to Learn profile image81
      Live to Learnposted 15 months agoin reply to this

      LOL. I like that one. But, seriously. The majority who lean left can't be blamed for the actions of trolls who spend no time in civil discourse. Just as those who lean right can't be blamed for over the top statements made by some.

    3. JAKE Earthshine profile image78
      JAKE Earthshineposted 15 months agoin reply to this

      I'm not sure who Wesman is, but boy he's always getting things upside down: What he doesn't seem to understand is the fact that the suspect in question, Mr. Trump has recited at least 3,000 lies since his phony inauguration in which at least one Russian close to Vladimir Putin made a donation and if not for lying or yapping or twittering about non factual, imaginary things like his latest hallucination about 'spies in his campaign', he'd have no reason to even wake up at 10 or 11:00am: … d=50100024

      Progressives live by the facts and that's a fact: As for 'due process', that's what his accusers are calling for, they should have their day in court to prove their horrific accusations and Mr. Trump can retain an attorney, if there's any left who will actually take his case probably pro bono, and defend himself:

      I'd advise him to refrain from retaining 'Batty' Rudy Giuliani though, every time he puts his batty face on the television, he ends up lighting Donald's head on fire like the other day when he tried to explain Trump's impeachment: On second thought, being with the overwhelming majority of Trump obstructionists:

      He's gonna need a pretty good attorney though, at least one of the cases got the green light from a judge to proceed: Summer Zervos:


      Evidence gathering in Zervos defamation case against Trump can proceed

      Analyst: Trump should worry about Zervos case

      New York (CNN)A New York appeals court has denied a motion by President Donald Trump's attorney to stay the Summer Zervos defamation case pending appeal, meaning the gathering of evidence known as "discovery" can move forward as both parties await a ruling on the appeal.

      "Zervos, a former "Apprentice" contestant, filed a lawsuit against Trump in January 2017 in which she alleged that Trump defamed her in 2016 after she said he sexually assaulted her in 2007."

  3. JAKE Earthshine profile image78
    JAKE Earthshineposted 15 months ago

    WoW: Preliminary report: The special master in the massive criminal case against Michael Cohen and by proxy, Mr. Trump, apparently has not yet completed her task of investigating the mountain of evidence confiscated by the FBI raid on Cohen's properties, but It looks like from preliminary reports, approximately 1 million pieces of said evidence was released to the government by the special master: WoW:

    Still waiting for the story to hit GOOGLE Search for confirmation:

  4. JAKE Earthshine profile image78
    JAKE Earthshineposted 15 months ago

    Breaking BIG: Summer Zervos defamation legal action against Mr. Trump: Latest developments:

    "Lawyers for President Donald Trump and a former "Apprentice" contestant who sued the president for saying her sexual misconduct claims were lies are due in court in New York.

    Tuesday's court date is the first since a Manhattan judge turned down Trump's bid to dismiss Summer Zervos' defamation lawsuit or delay it until after his presidency. The case is proceeding, while his lawyers appeal that decision." … t-55650598

  5. JAKE Earthshine profile image78
    JAKE Earthshineposted 15 months ago

    Breaking BIG ******* : Anpther humiliating defeat for Mr. Trump as his accusers continue to move forward on the fast track toward justice:

    "Judge says Trump can be deposed in Summer Zervos defamation case"

    "A judge ruled on Tuesday that President Donald Trump can be deposed in connection with a lawsuit brought by Summer Zervos, a former contestant on “The Apprentice” who accused Donald Trump of sexually assaulting her in 2007 and is now suing the president for defamation."

    "Judge Jennifer Schecter of the New York State Supreme Court set out a discovery schedule for the case, despite Trump attorney Marc Kasowitz’s attempts to delay the matter pending appeals." … d=55668097

  6. JAKE Earthshine profile image78
    JAKE Earthshineposted 15 months ago

    Developing NOW ******** : Breaking BIG ******** :3rd time is apparently not a charm for Donald: Mr. Trump fails again to obstruct Summer Zervos' defamation law suit pending against him: Reports indicate a deadline has been set for Mr. Trump to be deposed:

    When it seems like you spend most of your day sleeping in, watching cable news, crying on fox channel or tweeting your life away, apparently you should have plenty of spare time to sit for a deposition:

    "President Trump has been ordered to sit for a deposition in a defamation lawsuit against Summer Zervos. Veuer's Sam Berman has the full story. Buzz60"

    "New York’s highest court ruled Thursday that a defamation lawsuit brought against President Trump by a former "Apprentice" contestant may continue, raising the specter of the president being deposed in the case.

    Summer Zervos, a former contestant on the president’s reality TV show, sued Trump days before his inauguration last year. She accused him of groping her and then defaming her during the 2016 presidential election." … 702235002/


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