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Would you rather have a question answered followed by a short explanation or a bunch of advice?

I am hoping this question is easily understood. I have written and posted a number of questions on Hubpages, some questions and supporting information is better on some questions than others. On most questions instead of getting a straight answer with a short explanation, I get advice whether I want it or not. While I accept most advice I am given, there are times where I am just looking for a simple yes or no with a brief reason why the respondent has made their choice. The only things worse than advice are people who try to make you look bad and/or embarrass you with rudeness and sarcasm

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Jewels says

4 years ago
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  • Website Examiner 4 years ago

    This is an open community, and Questions are not intended for simply conducting polls. Discussion is part of what this feature is about. Someone who does not appreciate the answers can just stop asking so many questions.

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P. Thorpe Christiansen (duffsmom) says

4 years ago
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Levertis Steele says

3 years ago
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Rosyel Sawali says

4 years ago
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