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How do you direct traffic to your hubs?

Do you use Facebook, twitter, external blogging sites for backlinks etc... I'm getting myself into online writing more seriously now, and I'd love to hear some of the suggestions from the Hubpages community! I plan to post links on my facebook, post a couple of times a day on twitter, and become active around the Hubpages community and hope that some of you like me! I'm thinking about setting up an external blog as well, but it will detract time from my Hubpages account.

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Wesley Meacham says

4 years ago
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Angela Michelle (angela_michelle) says

4 years ago
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    *Cough cough, tumbleweed* (Gary Holdaway) 4 years ago

    Thanks for answering, I do use them for personal use, alot of people on my facebook have friended me for writing :)