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Are you successful with eBay capsule and why do you think you are successful?

I've read where some people are dropping the eBay capsule because the payouts are poor. I don't think I've reached the full potential of eBay capsules and I am trying to promote them more to see if there is any difference in income. IF you are successful with eBay can you coach us all a little bit?

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dailytop10 says

3 years ago
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    JanMaklak 3 years ago

    I'm at 53 hubs and have not dependably made anything 7-14 cents and it's hit and miss.

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Thomas Swan says

3 years ago
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mcxniftycalls says

3 years ago
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    Sally Gulbrandsen (sallybea) 3 years ago

    I have clicks but no sales. I wonder if someone could kindly tell me what happens to an advert placed on your site when the listing ends or the item is sold. Are the ads automatically updated to another item. Please could someone explain!