Can someone explain the huge flux in a Hub score? Why one day is it a 64 and the next a 77?

Can someone explain the flux in a hubs ratings? One day an idled hub of mine is at a 64, the next a 77, yet it is still idled? This happens with all my hubs and the ones that are getting traffic seem to fall, then rise when traffic drops off. I understand a little change here and there, but 64 to 77 seems steep to me.

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Sapper says

3 years ago
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  • Jmiller17 3 years ago

    i don;t worry about my hubber score at all, but id like my hub score to stay consistent. i am trying to keep it above 80 so i can get exclusive titles, but when my hub that was 85, suddenly goes to 72, even tho it has 2 red triangles, its really hard