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Can't we upgrade the search here on HubPages?

I work hard on my hubs and I continue to add new content so it really frustrates me when a key work in the Hubpages search returns a hubber with a score of 69. How can a struggling writer survive here? If we cannot get our search here on HubPages rewarding those who add new content, how can Google find us? In all fairness I know the hubber has the key term in their moniker but I have several hubs with that key term and my hubs are no where to be found. Do you have the same problem or am I alone in this trauma?

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Amelia Griggs (easylearningweb) says

2 years ago
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    Kelly Kline Burnett (GmaGoldie) 2 years ago

    I have completed some of those steps. I must work on the Facebook page on each topic. Thank you for helping.