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Why is it...

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    Beth37posted 3 years ago

    Hubpages has to take my earning privileges off the hubs that actually get traffic? Wouldn't it be nice if they took the earnings off the hubs that didn't make any money?

    Also, while Im thinking about it... how can ppl see my traffic? (Or lack there of.) Ive never looked at anyones traffic.

  2. Writer Fox profile image80
    Writer Foxposted 3 years ago

    I don't understand this. How did Hubpages take away your "earning privileges" and what are "earning privileges" anyway?

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      Beth37posted 3 years ago in reply to this

      I have 2 hubs, Cellular Attraction and Deluged. Neither of them are eligible for earnings. HP's has issues with aspects of the articles. sad

      1. wilderness profile image94
        wildernessposted 3 years ago in reply to this

        If HP has issues, it is almost a certainty that the reason is that Adsense has issues.  HP bends over backwards to protect the adsense account of everyone on here.  Thank goodness; other sites have had the account yanked from every writer because of the content from only a few.

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          Beth37posted 3 years ago in reply to this

          Well... ok then.