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I'm writing a story that is about 5 - 10,000 words

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    Rabbit2020posted 2 years ago


    I'm new to hub pages and would like some advice.  I'm writing a story that is about 5 - 10,000 words

    Please would you be kind enough to explain to me as to what would be the most financial viable option to pursue.  I have seen some Hubs in Parts or should this wriiten as an e-book.?

    Help would be much appreciated.

    Kind Regards.

    Rabbit2020 aka James

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      Rabbit2020posted 2 years ago in reply to this

      Thanks for the reply.................well, to give you an idea its called............................

      Grey Lady Down The Art of Seduction by Lucy Pendleton

      You might have 50 Shades of Grey, well, that is a bit amateurish in comparison.

      The book contains ''No Swearing, foul language, or inuendo, but using classical literary prose and, like Coca Cola is The Real Thing

      What are your thoughts?

  2. relache profile image88
    relacheposted 2 years ago

    The most financially-viable option is whatever works best for your material.  Which none of us has the faintest idea what it is.

  3. Amy Naylor profile image88
    Amy Naylorposted 2 years ago

    At 10,000 words you're probably better off writing an e-book. They can be quite successful. But again, as relache says, we can't make that decision for you/

    1. Jayne Lancer profile image90
      Jayne Lancerposted 2 years ago in reply to this

      I agree. And if the OP's 'story' is fiction, it's not going to be search engine friendly--I gather fiction, poetry etc. never is.