Putting Your Head Above the Parapet

  1. Richard-H profile image85
    Richard-Hposted 16 months ago

    Just recently I asked for help with one of my Hubs which had been unfeatured due to "spammy elements".

    Perhaps it's just coincidence (probably not!) but, ever since, HubPages moderators have been taking an extremely unhealthy interest in the quality of some of my other Hubs.

    A shame really. It was one of the very, very few times that I have posted in the Forums and I don't think I'll be asking for help again.

    1. Elsie Hagley profile image80
      Elsie Hagleyposted 16 months ago in reply to this

      Sorry to hear that you don't like asking for help in the forum, there are some very helpful members, which do their best to help us.
      You are not the only one being check out for spammy hubs, I think everyone is, it's all about improving our hubs so Hubpages can or maybe get more traffic from Google.
      Have a nice day.

  2. Millionaire Tips profile image88
    Millionaire Tipsposted 16 months ago

    My guess is that you are connecting two things that don't have much relevance to each other.

    Since one of your hubs got moderated for spammy elements, it is possible that the moderators chose to look at your other hubs also. It is also possible that whatever caused your one hub to get moderated, caused the others do so as well.

    While it is possible that a Hubber reported your hubs, I think that is has a low probability, since most Hubbers who read that forum are more interested in helping and providing advice. Personally, I think that if you post in that forum, it means that you are willing to take advice and take help, and should be given the time and opportunity to use it.