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  • All About WWE

    All About WWE

    5 years ago

    WWE World Heavyweight Championship for 2015 is Sheamus cashing in "Money in the bag" after Roman Reigns won the title.

  • Urban Suburban or Rural Living

    Urban Suburban or Rural Living

    7 years ago

    Looking at life in the country, a few questions to consider before setting up farming, whether it's a lifestyle farm or a big farm.

  • Waitangi Day New Zealand's National Day

    Waitangi Day New Zealand's National Day

    5 years ago

    It was the 175th celebrations of Waitangi Day in 2015. New Zealand National Day on the 6th February 2015. Memories of that very important day that all kiwi's share together. We love our country.

  • Random Sentence Writing Challenge - by Elsie Hagley

    Random Sentence Writing Challenge - by Elsie Hagley

    7 years ago

    My first story from a random sentence selected from a popular phase by Woody Allen.

  • Winter Memories of Snow in New Zealand

    Winter Memories of Snow in New Zealand

    6 years ago

    This is a fun challenge about winter memories, so I'm sharing my experiences about winter, snow and dairy farming under Mount Egmont/Taranaki New Zealand.

  • Lipogram - Word Play with Nursery Rhymes

    Lipogram - Word Play with Nursery Rhymes

    7 years ago

    Lipogram refers to any text composed of words which lack a particular letter. It may be prose of poetry which I used the letter "O" for all of these nursery rhymes. Word play is good for the brain.

  • It's Taken Years to Get This Old: A Lighthearted Look at the Senior Moments

    It's Taken Years to Get This Old: A Lighthearted Look at the Senior Moments

    7 years ago

    It's true we can all have what they call Senior Moments, this book is taken a light hearted look at them, best way to cope with them is to laugh and remember you don't need to be elderly to have them.

  • 7

    Kenny Rogers - American Music Idol.

    7 years ago

    Kenny Rogers a perfect male country superstar, I love listening to his songs and having many tapes, I still listen to them especially the ones he sings with Dolly Parton, those two sing well together.

  • Fairy Tales of Days Gone By

    Fairy Tales of Days Gone By

    5 years ago

    Favorite Fairytales from my childhood in the 1940's, most are from the "Brothers Grimm's" collection that I received as a Christmas present when I was eight years old.

  • 20th Century Sweets

    20th Century Sweets

    7 years ago

    These recipes for sweets are from the twentieth century, so if you are looking for a pudding from your grandparents days you may find it here. Happy sweets time. Enjoy.

  • Bob Dylan Singer - Song Writer

    Bob Dylan Singer - Song Writer

    7 years ago

    Bob Dylan has been around singing popular music and culture for more than five decades. Still reforming around the world and has achieved many accomplishments in his life. Great singer-song writer.

  • Popular Females Singers  2016 - 2017

    Popular Females Singers 2016 - 2017

    7 years ago

    Popular female singer for 2015 was an ever changing roller coaster on the internet. New singers rising to stardom all the time. 2016 is here now, I wonder who will make the top females singers.

  • English Breakfast

    English Breakfast

    7 years ago

    Have you ever cooked a full English Breakfast for brunch? Great weekend meal especially after having a late night on saturday, a real pick me up. Check out how to cook Bubble and Squeak it's very nice

  • Barbecues and Christmas Holidays

    Barbecues and Christmas Holidays

    7 years ago

    It's not too late for barbecue and salads, with the modern grills you can use inside you can have one anytime of the year, summer approaching in the southern hemisphere, barbecues are high on the list

  • Is Cheese good for you?

    Is Cheese good for you?

    7 years ago

    Enjoy cheese all the year round. There are so many tasty cheeses these days there is sure to be one that pleases you, cheese is good for you, especially with a nice wine.

  • Earth day - help save the world

    Earth day - help save the world

    7 years ago

    April 22nd is Earth Day. So much can be done to make the future for our children healthy. In this article I'm covering all subjects about water, saving water, recycling water and pollution of water.

  • Jelly Bean Day - April 22

    Jelly Bean Day - April 22

    7 years ago

    It's great to have a special day for Jelly Beans, a sweet that has been around for more than a century, let's enjoy them. Yummy.

  • Body Shapers - Foundation Undergarments

    Body Shapers - Foundation Undergarments

    7 years ago

    Ladies body shapers work like magic, making you feel like a princess, a foundation garments lift up the bust, trims the tummy, hips thigh and buttocks, a must in any up town girls wardrobe for looks.

  • New Zealand Native Plants

    New Zealand Native Plants

    7 years ago

    New Zealand native plants are a sight to admire the green foliage is so powerful among the flowers in the garden. Silver fern towering above the shrubs keeping the roots cool in the hot sun. Powerful

  • St Patricks Day - Recipes

    St Patricks Day - Recipes

    7 years ago

    Ideas for St Patrick's Day meals, I have a recipe here for a green salad, cupcakes, also green lamingtons. Have fun Enjoy!

  • Christchurch New Zealand Earthquakes

    Christchurch New Zealand Earthquakes

    7 years ago

    Christchurch NZ earthquakes are still raw in many peoples hearts, many still don't have their homes restore from that fateful day February 22 - 2011. This article is in memory of those that lose lives

  • New Zealand National Birds

    New Zealand National Birds

    7 years ago

    New Zealand Birds, many of these species cannot be found anywhere else in the world. like the Kokaho, Saddleback and the very rare Bush Wren

  • National Bird Day

    National Bird Day

    7 years ago

    Help birds to survive, without our help some species of birds will not survive. Every day should be a day to protect our birds, not just special days. Protect and cherish our birds.

  • Helpful Information for Cats Owners

    Helpful Information for Cats Owners

    7 years ago

    Are you a cat lover? I have a few ideas that may help you with your first cat, as I have been a cat lover all my life and learnt many things about cats that may be helpful to you.

  • Easy Sweet Pastry Pies

    Easy Sweet Pastry Pies

    7 years ago

    Fruit Pastry Pies are not hard to make, worst, bit is the pastry. This article there is some helpful advice that will get you going. It's the same as anything the more you make the better you will be.

  • How to make a Savory Pastry Pie

    How to make a Savory Pastry Pie

    7 years ago

    How to make Savory Pastry Pie gives you tips, takes you through the process of making the pastry, lining the pastry in a dish and recipes for preparing the filling for a savory pie, bacon and egg pie.

  • South Island - New Zealand

    South Island - New Zealand

    7 years ago

    South Island New Zealand a beautiful country. Have a look at the scenery I have added in this article and I'm sure you will agree. Looking forward to going and exploring it myself in the coming months

  • New Zealand Bush in Taranaki

    New Zealand Bush in Taranaki

    5 years ago

    Interested in some of the beauty in the out-backs in New Zealand here I have added some photos to give you a idea, beautiful bush walks a place beyond bliss.

  • Thanksgiving Recipes

    Thanksgiving Recipes

    5 years ago

    Thanksgiving is about celebrating the harvest that will take you through a harsh winter until the new season blooms, bringing the next year's harvest.

  • Halloween And Witchcraft

    Halloween And Witchcraft

    3 years ago

    All about Halloween and Witchcraft a few facts that you may not know. Happy Halloween.

  • Autumn Food Preserving

    Autumn Food Preserving

    5 years ago

    Harvesting Fruits, Vegetables, Meat for the long winter by home preserving, dehydrating, freezing are only a few of the ideas in this article to help you get those foods saved after the summer growth

  • Beautiful Butterflies

    Beautiful Butterflies

    7 years ago

    Butterflies are one of natures beauty, sad their life is short. Here is few facts about a insect that's slowing disappearing, I feel the cause is the wasp as I have seen them eating the caterpillars.

  • 10

    Ghosts And Haunts In Aotearoa

    5 years ago

    Exploring the paranormal in New Zealand. Top ten haunted places. Also a true story that actually happened to me, a unusual rock that led to a nightmare.

  • Food Additives and Detoxification

    Food Additives and Detoxification

    7 years ago

    Food Additives and Detoxification is that for you? It is better to know your food additives especially were children are involved. This article gives advice that will help you with your food choices

  • Tips for a new dad

    Tips for a new dad

    7 years ago

    Helpful advise for a new dad. My advise, just love you child and partner and every thing else with fall into place. Happy Parents Happy Baby.

  • Feeding Children That Are Fussy Eaters

    Feeding Children That Are Fussy Eaters

    6 years ago

    Children will eat what they want, they are healthy really, a little of the food everyone is saying "No" to giving to children really doesn't hurt them, just eat it in moderation.

  • Healthy Food - Eggs

    Healthy Food - Eggs

    7 years ago

    Eggs are a healthy food for most of us. Some will disagree but like anything eaten in moderation you will be healthy and live a long life.

  • Healthy Seafood Recipes

    Healthy Seafood Recipes

    7 years ago

    Collection of fish recipe that are sure to please. You can use them with a barbecue and salads. Fish is a healthy food that has many benefits in your diet for healthy living.

  • Domestic Rabbits

    Domestic Rabbits

    7 years ago

    Domestic rabbits are pets, they need looking after and feed with the right food to be healthy or they will die. They aren't like cats too much handling can kill them. Hope you find this article useful

  • How to help children keep their rooms tidy

    How to help children keep their rooms tidy

    8 years ago

    It's never too soon to teach children to tidy up after playing with their toys, also put dirty clothes in the laundry after changing.

  • Slow Cooker - Crock Pot Recipes

    Slow Cooker - Crock Pot Recipes

    7 years ago

    Recipes for cooking in a Slow Cooker or Crock Pot, I tested them all, the Crock Pot Macaroni Cheese is my favorite. Slow cookers are economical to cook meals, prepare and cook while doing the shopping

  • Healthy Living  -  Sleeping Well

    Healthy Living - Sleeping Well

    7 years ago

    Healthy Living is Sleeping Well. Sometimes it easier said than done. In this article I have some helpful advice which I hope will make living your life a breeze. Happy living and enjoy!

  • Pregnancy - Helpful Information

    Pregnancy - Helpful Information

    7 years ago

    The old wives test is all about the old fashion way of guessing what the sex of your unborn baby is. Those days are over now, but you still might like to try the old way before you find out.

  • 15

    The Green Issues

    8 years ago

    The green issue is a problem world-wide. Here are a few tips and ideas on how we can make the world a better place for the future generations.

  • 42

    My Phobia Fear of Heavy Rain

    3 years ago

    Phobias of fear for rain or floods are very real if you suffer from this. I 'm sharing this article why I'm so afraid of heavy rain, now I know it was a trauma I had in my life that cause the fear.

  • Stress Management

    Stress Management

    7 years ago

    There are many ways to manage stress most of us can cope with it. Occasionally life does get us down, in this article I cover ways to avoid stress, some helpful advice I have discovered over the years

  • Farming - Through The Years

    Farming - Through The Years

    6 years ago

    Farming in New Zealand, considered the land of milk and honey, it wasn't always like that farming is hard work 365 days a year. This article give you a view of farming starting in 19-20 century.

  • Rat Phobia

    Rat Phobia

    5 years ago

    Rats - What are you thought's about rats? Would you or have you a rat for a pet? I would like very much for you to comment about this subject. Thanks.

  • 4

    The Topp Twins

    8 years ago

    Topp Twins are New Zealanders and they are top entertainers, I enjoy the yodeling, they make it seem so easy, wish I could do it, listen to the video below and have a go, I think you will enjoy it.

  • Growing Vegetables and Fruit

    Growing Vegetables and Fruit

    6 years ago

    Home grown Fruit and Vegetables are very easy to produce, this article is full of helpful ideas if you need help, getting the soil ready and feeding are very important for a successful garden.

  • Grandmothers Recipes

    Grandmothers Recipes

    7 years ago

    Recipes from my Grandmother, even a child could make those loaves, they are good in school lunches. Thanks you Grandma, my children loved you, and enjoyed your recipes, you will never be forgotten.

  • Helping Children to Enjoy Vegetables

    Helping Children to Enjoy Vegetables

    5 years ago

    Getting children to eat vegetables has been going on for hundreds of years. In this article I have added tips and helpful advise on ways of teaching them that vegetables are healthy, it does work.


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