Could you explain this to me?

  1. lbrummer profile image90
    lbrummerposted 16 months ago

    While checking the Google ranking for my hub about "best crafts for seniors,"  I notice that the URL shown is this:

    Best Crafts For Seniors - HubPages › Arts and Design › Crafts & Handiwork
    Oct 3, 2015 - The best crafts for seniors are those that are simple to understand and without tiny pieces. Ways to help make crafts for seniors fun and fast are: ...

    Why is it still under squidoo?

    1. relache profile image86
      relacheposted 16 months ago in reply to this

      When I searched for "best crafts for seniors" just now, it looks like the highest ranking page for that search is on Pinterest, which is still pointing at the Hub's original location on Squidoo.