What's the relationship between HubPages and Harpweek?

  1. RonElFran profile image96
    RonElFranposted 12 months ago

    While doing some civil war-era research, I ran across pages with urls like the following:

    http hmm/14thamendment.harpweek.com/HubPages/CommentaryPage.asp?Commentary=03Passage

    There are a bunch of these pages on the web with HubPages in the url (Google harpweek hubpages). However, HubPages is not mentioned in the text or anywhere on the page.

    Harpweek provides libraries access to their database of digitized text and images of Harper's Weekly, 1857-1912. I'm just curious to know what the relationship is with HubPages.

    1. SheilaMilne profile image89
      SheilaMilneposted 12 months ago in reply to this

      I think they just happen to have called one of their directories "hubpages"

  2. justholidays profile image79
    justholidaysposted 12 months ago

    Certainly one of the many site scrapers.