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  1. Golfwellnet profile image84
    Golfwellnetposted 14 months ago

    I edited a Hub but it's not featured. It has a higher score than some of my other hubs that are featured.
    Not sure why that is?

    1. Marisa Wright profile image93
      Marisa Wrightposted 14 months ago in reply to this

      Take a look at WHY it's not featured and tell us. Then we can help.

    2. tsmog profile image85
      tsmogposted 14 months ago in reply to this

      I recently have had this same dilemma. The score was higher than any initial score I have had in the past and was not featured. Is it a conundrum of humor or is it a conundrum of confusing and difficult? So, in essence my empathy is extended. Can you post a link to it for the experienced greater than I to peek at?

      First. IMHO, is to be familiar and understand the QAP process for ‘New Hubs’ published.

      A Human Outsource MTurk readers rate a Hub based on Substance, Organization, and Grammar. That is subjective based upon objective guidelines. Those guidelines follow below.

      A bot crawl technique based on the wizardry of programming uses an algorithm to assess Hubs. It is a concrete measurement solely objective. That algorithm is very thorough, can be tweaked by programming, and is very sly metaphorically. Notation: That process occurs through programed intervals and may be constant.

      So, what to do with a conundrum now observed may be a trend with New Hubs.

      1 Look at the score

      2 Compare it with HubPages Rating Scale

      3 Notate that a common cause for not featured for New Hubs is spammy elements. Seen at the Rating Scale Guide is that is no longer listed for a rating at 8, which is the new aim for Niche sites as announced by HP Blog.

      4 Review how HP 'Defines Spammy Elements'

      5 Review what a Stellar Hub is.

      6 Give your attention to the recommended word count at 1,150 while observing this quote, “Filler text, fluff, personal conjecture, and pointless rambling does not cut the mustard here."

      7 Remember and consider that the MTurk process knows those objectives above when subjectively assessing a Hub.

      8 Remember to have Fun, Fun, Fun . . . as best as can be . . .

  2. firstcookbooklady profile image83
    firstcookbookladyposted 14 months ago

    In golf, is it better to get a hole in one or one in the hole?

    1. Golfwellnet profile image84
      Golfwellnetposted 14 months ago in reply to this

      Haha! A semantics issue. No matter how you say it when you are at the tee on a par three short golf hole and you try to get your golf ball in the hole in three shots to make a par, if perchance you hit the ball and it goes into a 4.5" diameter hole, you are thrilled beyond expectations as most golfers don't do this in a life time.
      Thanks for your comment cookbooklady!
      Team at <snipped>